Salt Mines Soledar

Soledar salt mines - one of the purest and oldest salt deposits in the world and the largest in salt production in Europe. Today we will go to one of these mines and learn if they are. Brief historical background
In 1880, near the village in the Donbas Bryantsevka was discovered a large underground salt mine. In the next year was put into operation the first mine began commercial production of rock salt. This event marked the beginning of the enterprise actually "Artyomsol" and the development of the current Soledar. Its present name in honor of the company received FA Artem. Now SE "Artyomsol" - the largest enterprise for production and sale of salt in Central and Eastern Europe: the products are delivered to 22 countries.
The company is capable of producing more than 7 million. Tons of salt per year. In Soviet times, "Artyomsol" makes up 40% of the all-union production of rock salt.
Extraction of salt Artiomovskiy deposit occurs at depths of 200-300 m. For more than a hundred years to produce a system workings length of about 300 km, has produced more than 250 million. Tons of salt, the void volume exceeded 110 million cubic meters. m. Despite the large amount of excavation, currently developed only 3% salt, which is available in the field. So Soledar salt reserves will suffice for a long time.
In one of the waste is placed underground workings department speleosanatorium "Salt Symphony", which is the treatment of respiratory diseases. At the same time there may heals up to 100 people. Here are conducted guided tours and there is even an underground museum salt industry. Tourist site takes a couple of kilometers from the force.

On arrival at the destination we were met by one of the many headgears that are scattered Donbas, and the inscription "GP Artemsol" over the entrance.
Tragically, despite the uniqueness and attractiveness of this industrial tourism object, get into it yourself is not as easy as we would like. Although all phones, password and appearance have long been published on the Internet. Firstly, to record on a trip you need to pass a quest. Priority is given to large groups. If you want to go alone, then about availability can be learned only the day before, because you have to join a foreign group. Inconvenient. But when writing a large group at once, there are many problems. Recorded in advance is necessary because Weekend usually all busy for a month or two in advance. This will also need to advance in full prepayment is required. Secondly, the infrastructure around Soledar poorly developed. Public transport, for example, from Donetsk goes relatively rare, and travel takes time. In general, one can see that the tour here - it's a kind of spin-off activities, which is supported in the lowest possible condition, but is not actively developing. On the other hand, due to the fact that the subject is poorly developed for tourism and is not promoted and licked as the same Polish Wieliczka, here you can see salt mines authentic, untouched marketing and tourism business.

From the first steps is felt that there is still a going concern and not a developed tourist attraction :)

But down in the mine just will not work :) First you need to sign for safety.

Now, finally, you can go down.


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