Soledar salt mines

The author tells about the salt mines, which are located in Soledar - a town at the confluence of the river Wet Roach. Those. Taranco not some sort, but the normal fresh roach.
Salt mines in which we go down on the express elevator, located 300 meters under the ground, and once there, we pretty ofigeem when we get into the great hall, the height above the 9-storey building, where in December 2003 set a record, which is included in the record books Guinness as the first hot-air balloon ballooning underground ... (everything is over Lafayette, then - see under the cut).

We drive to the Soledar from Kharkov, from the window constantly visible pylons patriotically painted in the colors of Ukrainian flag. I do not pay attention to this in other areas, but even in the Kharkiv provincial bus stops at the yellow-painted Blakytny kolir. Respect!

Entering the Soledar! Pay attention to the colors :)

Enjoy exquisite views of this glamorous city:

We approach the mine, and what we see there ?? She, too, had painted yellow-Blakytny kolir! Well if there is a thread somewhere in Poltava, but mine is not even in the Kharkiv and Donetsk region! Double Respect them!

That's on top of this thing - it's the drive of the elevator:

When the elevator descends or ascends - the wheel turns:

Elevator, in general, not lift, it looks like a cage, going down into the cave:

Later, we come out, and we see here that:

In the only figure meets, is not made of salt, the rest will continue to be only of salt:

The floor, walls and ceiling - all made of salt. And it is delicious, Sabaki, I licked the walls constantly :)

Guide to the jacket with the inscription. By the way, really cool guy, I forgot his name, but respect him enormously. It can be seen that dude really fun on their mines, and does not just want to bring down the stupid loot with suckers travelers:

There he is in the white helmet:

The route of the tour is spent mines mine №1-3, located deep in the Podbryantsevskogo formation. Walls, ceilings, floors, figure - all that salt. We go to the bottom of an ancient sea:

The temperature in the mine is constantly kept at 16 degrees:

The mine where we are, of course, is no longer valid, but there are a number of actions which are sent every day to sell 60 tons of whether either 60 wagons of salt. In general dofigischa.

Everyone has seen these bags in stores? They do it here:

Very much salt is exported. Here in these packages it sells in Armenia:

Another export packages for various countries:

One of the installations explains a particularly blunt where did the name of the town Soledar:

This processor, which drilled shaft in which we find ourselves. I asked the guide how things health of those who work in the mine? After all, here in the mines is very steep speleosanatory and even a short stay in the salt mines a very positive effect on health (I even saw myself). But he said that when a processor runs, the arm's length from the salt dust can not see anything, it eats away at the lungs and causes a bunch of diseases, because miners do not live long. Another thing is just to be in the mine without any processor. Quite the opposite effect.

In the mines, even there is a huge salt church, we were not allowed to because there is now operating the most terrible harvester, fretting light, but showed "shrines", ie the provincial branch of the Church:

And then ... we're going to play football!

In a huge underground hall, the height is higher than the 9-storey building, is a football field (remember that we are at a depth of 300 meters underground). But the field - this is garbage, there are constantly held various steep concerts since acoustics of this room - the best in the world. La Scala and the company rests. I am not kidding.

On the field of play, "the Nigerian national team." "The national team of Ukraine," burst onto the field and began to play against Nigeria and soon became successful. Good Blog compassion on the national team of Nigeria and moved to her side. During the game, a good blog has scored 2 goals against the national team of Ukraine equalized. It is true then the referee said that I had scored goals against the rules, and therefore they are not considered. I think we, Nigerians condemned. I'm waiting for an official response from UEFA.

This is a huge underground hall with salt on the floor, which is similar to the sand on the beach:

Really huge:

They say that when the new year is put the Christmas tree, it is many, many months, as the new, all because of the atmosphere in the caves of antiseptic:

Any decorations. Here, by the way, there is a cafe. But it is not useful to us as a good blog carried with them ... cognac!

Come back! Along the way we meet the installation, showing how colored light shaft wall on a sunny day because of the refraction of light in salt strata:

But the entrance to speleosanatory:

And finally a few more photos from the mines:



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