Soledar salt mines

The author tells about the salt mines, which are located in Soledar - a town at the confluence of the river Wet Roach. Those. Taranco not some sort, but the normal fresh roach.
Salt mines in which we go down on the express elevator, located 300 meters under the ground, and once there, we pretty ofigeem when we get into the great hall, the height above the 9-storey building, where in December 2003 set a record, which is included in the record books Guinness as the first hot-air balloon ballooning underground ... (everything is over Lafayette, then - see under the cut).

We drive to the Soledar from Kharkov, from the window constantly visible pylons patriotically painted in the colors of Ukrainian flag. I do not pay attention to this in other areas, but even in the Kharkiv provincial bus stops at the yellow-painted Blakytny kolir. Respect!

Entering the Soledar! Pay attention to the colors :)

Enjoy exquisite views of this glamorous city:

We approach the mine, and what we see there ?? She, too, had painted yellow-Blakytny kolir! Well if there is a thread somewhere in Poltava, but mine is not even in the Kharkiv and Donetsk region! Double Respect them!


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