Justice in the Venezuelan. Rob the robbers

When you read about how compacted the Transfiguration professor, canceled the city in Cambodia or melted in the kitchen pots to carry out the plan Mao became impossible to imagine that such madness could occur today. Not that you do not believe in their reality, they just seem to be something long since passed, monstrous errors of a series of witch hunts, racial theory or treatment of lefties. Once mankind believed in this vicious nonsense, but progress can not be stopped, and now this can only buy into a tiny handful of misfits.

And suddenly it turns out that if the gas chambers about humanity something definitely learned that in the case of the Cultural Revolution - absolutely clean sheet, still experimenting and experimenting. Today, in 2013, the entire nation - not the poorest and most backward - could easily plunge into this self-destructive madness. November 10 by order of the President of the Venezuelan army occupied the shops and at gunpoint forced to sell all their owners for 10 percent of the price in order to hasten the country's general prosperity and justice.

From the army - people

The world community was so used to the eccentricities leaders of Venezuela, which is not noticed as the country began to make a qualitative leap from the left socialist populism in the abyss. The late Chavez could spend nationalization (with compensation to former owners), to regulate prices and set a fixed exchange rate, but private property in Venezuela was still and even to a certain extent respected. And now it just cancels Maduro. Historical moment demanded Chavez heir bold, unconventional solutions, and he rose to the occasion.

Tortured inflation and deficit Venezuelan President Maduro came into despair and decided to deal with all in one fell swoop. He just took it and ordered troops to seize several retail chains selling appliances. That is, in stores and warehouses of private companies presidential commissioners came with guns and said that those - "parasitic bourgeoisie" and cashing in on the Venezuelan people. President amicable asked them not to raise prices, but they did not listen. Are to blame, did not meet the president's confidence. Now repent later: government troops to stay nearby shops, will ensure that the bourgeoisie no longer speculating, and sold its workers home appliances where three or four, and where and ten times cheaper.

Maduro calls these measures "fighting inflation". The other day, the Venezuelan Central Bank reported that in just one October prices have risen by 5 per cent, and for the year is expected to grow 54 percent in general. Good presidential heart that has become particularly sensitive because ambulances municipal elections could not stand such news, and Maduro decided to fix this mess in the extent of their intellectual abilities bus driver. If prices are rising too fast, it is necessary to forbid them to grow, and even better - to reduce the order to make up for the inflation of past years. And if you do not obey, then it is given and the army and the police to listen to what they ordered the president. And now pleased Maduro earnestly requests the central bank in the calculation of the annual inflation rate is required to account for this decline in prices for appliances that resourceful Venezuelan president managed to organize with the help of the army. After this just should have 54 percent less.

Honored toaster
In Venezuela, is going on a hellish inferno. The people, as opposed to the savage President, is well aware that with such a robbery rates can be reduced only once, because the second time no goods in the shops will be gone. Venezuelans have abandoned everything and spend all day in endless queues to captured army shop with appliances: marked, make lists, conduct a roll call. What is happening is controlled armed detachments of the National Guard: that no unauthorized robbery - the only one that is sanctioned by the state in the form of discounts on all goods from 60 to 90 percent. Here's how it looks in a provincial shopping centers. But the image of the capital Caracas.

In the raging anarchy authorities tried to make a little bit of order: sell no more than five products in one hand, and all five should be different. Excitement is growing, because the goods quickly running out. The first buyers could grab yourself on the cheap refrigerator or a wide-screen TV, and now have to dismantle the last small things that remain. Many stood in line, leave disappointed - they say that they do not have time for those conditioned hoped for. I had to take a toaster. Their frustration is understandable - after a fight inflation next time there will be air conditioning in the free market has only after the collapse of the regime.

But most of all hurt the losers, who managed to buy household appliances for a few days before the attack presidential largesse. Poor souls, too, stand in line, shaking checks and require them to reimburse overpaid. Or at least exchange recently purchased a new home appliances at a reduced rate.

Fortunately, the owners and managers trapped networks do not see how a few days destroyed businesses that they have created over the years. They're all in prisons. Against them were charged, which can be presented to any Venezuelan businessman - in speculation and artificially high prices. "Artificially high prices" in Venezuela is a situation where the importer because of bureaucracy and corruption can not get currency at the official exchange rate undervaluation and is forced to buy it on the black market is five times more expensive. Accordingly, the prices of imported goods from private owners obtained higher than in state stores. But these products they have, and in state stores - no, although there is also cheap. Now in the field of home appliances all standardized: the lowest price, and empty shelves.

Nuremberg gave
So coincidentally, that Maduro ordered the legalization tosternogo marauding right in the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht. This, of course, adds today's events in Venezuela, a lot of interesting colors, and the question arises of itself: but if Maduro spoke the same language and took the same decision in respect of not social groups, and ethnic or religious? Whatever happened to him now? But if you let go of all his speeches and orders of the word "bourgeoisie" and replace it with "the Jews" or is there a "Muslim" or "Caucasians", "blacks", "Copts", as if it all looked?

It is clear as now the world media would just popped about Venezuelan genocide, the UN Security Council would not at odds with endless meetings about a possible military intervention in Venezuela, and the Maduro would sit on the ears hung with international sanctions, and no decent state leader he would hands are not filed. Where is everyone today? Yes nowhere. Because after the Nuremberg trials forbidden to destroy only ethnic or religious groups, and socio-economic - it please as many.

Unlike Nazism, communism, despite all his past achievements, not convicted, and is considered quite a humane and acceptable ideology. With ideas out there all right - simply had not been lucky with specific performers. Therefore, in the XXI century Venezuelan regime may years through dozens of controlled media to grind the people absolutely hate social animal. Every day to tell them that their compatriots here these with your business, - an evil and terrible bourgeoisie, who deserves nothing but destruction. One may hit this bourgeoisie rights, already reaching to outright robbery.

Venezuelan bourgeoisie has not yet sent to concentration camps and gas chambers for improper social origins. And while capturing retailers none of their owners or managers were not killed. But Kristallnacht murders also were relatively few. Mode was more important to destroy the last taboo, finally convince people that they are right, so that it is possible, that their anger is valid, and the enemies have earned it such treatment. And it turns out well: stand in line for Freestuff hairdryer Venezuelans willing to talk to journalists, which just laws made by the President Maduro and how long they have earned the right to the refrigerator for 10 percent of the price.

Of course, this madness can not last long. Especially Maduro himself accelerates the interchange. He has promised to carry out similar actions in five strategic sectors of trade: cars, clothes, shoes, toys and hardware. Soon will be selected and give nothing, and the regime will collapse safely because Venezuela at hand there is no Soviet Union with generous gifts, as it once was in Cuba. Will begin a long analysis of the ruins, a particularly difficult because of the long-term habits for freebies.

But humanity still learn nothing. Even in the most successful countries, there are certainly a proprietary humanists with bleeding hearts, ready to thoughtfully reflect on the merits of the collapsed regime in Venezuela. Like, there were, of course, its shortcomings, but his achievements in the social sphere can not be denied. These remarkable social achievements, which lasted as long as several years, then collapsed, burying people for whom intended.

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