Countries with the most expensive products

In recent years, food prices around the world began to grow rapidly. And if in some countries you can quite reasonably eat on the street for 1 dollar, then, unfortunately, it is not the norm and there are in parallel places, where the products are very expensive. Here are a list of 10 countries with high food prices.


It is necessary to note that expensive is not everything, more often we are talking about some products.
This is a very popular destination for tourism, especially Barcelona and Madrid. Visitors to these major tourist centers always get paid more because of the high demand. However, in other areas of the country, local residents can eat during the day, bought a baguette and a bottle of sangria for only$ 2. But there are certain foods that are much more expensive here than in other countries. For example, a loaf of bread can cost around 6.25$, or a kilogram of white rice, which is sold for$ 7. These are the highest prices for these product groups among the economically developed countries.


Most of the major products here are quite expensive. For example, the price of chicken is$ 12 per kilogram, and beef in Paris is 22$. Local residents spend a minimum of 336$ a month on food, which is higher than the costs residents of the United States 267$ per month.



For many travelers, Belgium is a much more attractive European country in comparison with Britain, Italy or Spain because it is located in the center and much less populated. Fast food in Belgium is more expensive and a side of fries will cost you about 4$. Local residents spend an average of$ 60 a week in groceries, mostly because of beef$ 12 and$ 4 for a dozen eggs. It should be noted that gasoline cost almost 2 Euros, a trip to the market is another considerable item of the budget.



In the UK life is not cheap, but in London the price of food is much higher than the national average. So, we have to pay almost$ 2.50 a pound of potatoes and 5.28$ for a dozen eggs. Well, chicken – not a luxury in this country. However, many English people earn enough to anything does not deny.



Petrol in Kuwait is just funny money, an average of about 20 cents per liter. But don't think that coming here you will be able to save much. The food and the food here is very expensive. Bunch of lettuce, for example, sold$ 4.50. Eggs, meat and other products will also be not cheap.



Depending on the part of Canada in which you reside, prices for some food products may rise just to insane levels. There are some arguments “for” living in the cold Northern parts of Canada is a huge, spacious, nature and air. But the downside will be the prices: cabbage$ 28 and chicken$ 14 per kilogram. Of course, in other parts of the country prices are much more affordable, with a liter of milk for$ 1, but the outrageously high prices faraway land of make average cost of products across the country is very high.



Germany experienced a flood in 2013, which forced food prices to soar. The poor harvest this year have raised food prices by 5% compared to the level they were a year ago. Particularly worth mentioning is the chicken, rice, bread and some drinks.



The people of Taiwan pay quite a lot of money for beef sold on average for 11.50$ and a liter of milk, which cost more than 2$. It is not surprising that the most common food among the locals – chicken ($4 per kg), potatoes (2.00$ per kilogram) and rice (2.00$).


South Africa

Prices for food commodities were in South Africa so high, what even has caused unrest among local residents. It is very difficult for the government to justify food expenses, which have risen by 49% in just five years. The bread has risen by 69% during this period, while meat has increased by 40%. South Africa is really in a terrible situation because the wage worker is negligible, and very soon you may need the intervention of the UN.



Moscow is in the list as a separate item, as it is a city where prices for some products may differ by several orders of magnitude from those in Russia on average. However, there is a large Megamarket where you can buy products is quite beneficial in this case, nor in denying themselves nothing. But if you decide to go to a restaurant, then get ready to shell out a very decent amount.



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