Low-fat products and minus

The stores we increasingly find products light – fat milk, yogurt, cheese, and mayonnaise. Every year the range of products expanding, but easier and healthier we become.

It would seem light products have some advantages: less fat, calories below. That's why they choose the people who are watching the level of cholesterol in the blood and sitting on a diet. But at the same time, dietitians to get involved in low fat products is not advised. Our diet should be balanced, and these products are a dietary paradox.


What traps await us?

1 a trap. Indeed, the fat in them compared to other products, much less, but how much sugar! Manufacturers are forced to add carbs, otherwise it will be quite tasteless.

2 trap. It is believed that a lightweight product you can eat 2 times more than usual. Nothing of the sort. For example:

40 grams of cheese 17% fat = 108 calories

20 grams cheese 45% fat = 72 kcal

That is 2 slices of cheese 17% fat calories 1.5 times more than in 1 regular slice of cheese.

Milk, sour cream, yogurt – only these products does not cause concerns. They really are good for losing weight. Just remember that after a snack 0 cottage cheese or yogurt, no full saturation, and we still want to eat. Therefore, eating these foods throughout the day necessarily adds to their complex carbohydrates: bread, wholemeal bread etc. If you will provide the body throughout the day, some carbs, it will start to translate carbohydrates into fat. And to put them in reserve. And it is possible that they are products light. With such products will completely break down fat metabolism. The body, especially women, need fat. But it is better to use vegetable fats. Then the balance will be met. Take and polyunsaturated fatty acids – they are very useful for the body. They are in avocados, nuts, seeds, vegetable oil.


So combine the products of different fat content to avoid metabolism and to obtain all the necessary vitamins.

We should also touch on the subject of low calorie cakes and pastries. Usually on holiday we buy a cake and try to choose labeled "low Calorie". But if you look carefully and compare with conventional low-calorie cakes, we will see a very small difference in calories. For example, a regular Sour cream cake – 282 kcal / 100 grams, and low-calorie yogurt – 273 calories / 100 grams, with enough calories to count honey cake, and 328 kcal / 100 grams, which is only 55 kcal / 100 grams more than low-calorie. From different manufacturers have different recipes and calorie.

Therefore it is impossible to lose weight, eating low calorie, low fat product and eating cake, you need to remember to measure and use.


Many television programs have experimented, giving the party have low-calorie foods for one month to see how many pounds they will lose weight in the course of the experiment. And what was it? In all cases, the participants gained weight. The reason was that by eating low-calorie and fat-free products people were not eaten and intercepted another bite, and many, believing that low-fat foods you can eat more – corny overeat your daily calorie consumption and gain weight.

Summing up the above, it may be advisable to pay attention to the composition of products and buy and eat the products with normal fat content within reasonable limits and stay slim and healthy! And look for healthy recipes and cook for yourself. Then, you'll know exactly what to eat.


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