Prunes - the benefits and harms

Prunes – one of the most useful dried fruits. In addition, he has excellent taste, he has plus wonderful healing properties. It consists of only the vitamins and minerals, making it a godsend in the world of food. There are pectins, and cellulose, and malic acid, and vitamins such as A, PP, C, В1и B2, and minerals iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium.

And the best part is that in dried form, it loses all its useful properties and substances, they all remain in its composition and plus give a great energy value. So, what is the use of prunes? First, it is very useful for gastro-intestinal diseases, especially constipation. It acts as a laxative. Every time before we make chemicals and medicines, check whether you can achieve the same effect by using natural remedies. For example, a good recipe against constipation is this: eat 5-6 berries per day.

Prunes in addition is diuretic and cholagogue, and is therefore a great way to clean the body, and sometimes this method helps to lose weight, although in most cases the prunes used in diets for weight gain. By itself, it is very high in calories: 100 grams contains 231 calories. It consists of no more than 50% from carbs. Prunes can be harmful to people with diabetes and obesity, for obvious reasons!

It is not advisable to use young mothers, because infants prunes can cause stomach upset. But it is only natural prunes, not treated with chemical additives. We reviewed the prunes — the benefits and harms of it on the human body, naturally, use more! If you decide to prepare the prunes on their own, you should remember one important thing – prunes – collected ripe sweet ripened and dried plum. If you take it off it immature, you feel the lack of sugar, and in addition will not gain the necessary vitamin and minerals.

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