12 low-calorie Breakfast that are worth a try

According to popular expression from all three main meals namely Breakfast, you need to eat, but the lunch is to share with friends, dinner, and even better to give to the enemy. Nutritionists do not tire of repeating about the important role played by competent breakfasts in the process of weight loss. Morning meals composed of "slow" carbohydrates, optimum amounts of protein and healthy fats in a certain proportion, not only save you from unnecessary snacking tea-sweets before lunch, but also stimulate the metabolism, thus speeding up the breakdown of fat.

We have prepared 12 options for delicious and healthy start to the day. All these dishes will help to diversify the menu and will contribute to the process of losing weight due to the special ingredients.

1. Pancakes with almond paste and berries Experts came to the conclusion that almond paste is not only delicious protein Supplement but also a great opportunity to control the level of blood sugar. This can guarantee the absence of acute attacks of hunger arising from the jumps of sugar level Calorie Breakfast 333 calories. Ingredients:
  • Pancakes made from whole wheat муки1 PCs.
  • Almond паста1 tbsp
  • Fresh or frozen ягоды0,75 glass
Method of preparation:

Heat the pancakes, garnish with pasta and berries.

2. Barley porridge with nuts and maple syrup In one study, barley groats, part of the porridge, able to satisfy hunger better than whole wheat flakes. Use this advantage wisely and varied Arsenal of morning cereals! Calories: 345 calories. Ingredients:
  • Cooked barley каша0,75 cups
  • Skim молоко0,5 cups
  • Halves walnut pieces орехов10
  • Maple сироп0,5 tbsp.
Method of preparation:

Mix all ingredients, serve hot porridge.

3. Tropical yogurt with spicy toast Is contained in mango polyphenols are able to activate proteins responsible for the metabolic rate. A faster metabolism means rapid fat burning! Calorie-Breakfast-394 calories. Ingredients:
  • Natural йогурт150 ml.
  • Coconut экстракт0,25 tsp.
  • Dried pieces манго6 PCs.
  • Cinnamon roll and slice изюмом2
Method of preparation:

Stir in coconut extract and slices of mango to yogurt. Sliced buns, fry in the toaster and serve with yogurt.

4. Pancakes with blueberries and ricotta Increasing the protein content at Breakfast! This is easily achieved by using egg whites, almonds and ricotta, which we have included in this dish. Calorie Breakfast: 427 calories. Ingredients:
  • Мука0 whole wheat,5 cups
  • Egg белок2 PCs.
  • Vegetable масло2 tbsp
  • Sour молоко0,5 cups
  • Soldatka
  • Cheese рикотта1 tbsp
  • Blueberries fresh or замороженная0,25 glass
  • Crushed миндаль1 tbsp
  • Spechio, to taste
Method of preparation:

Mix the first 5 ingredients. The half portion of oil heat in a frying pan and fry the pancakes. Stuff them with a mixture of ricotta, crushed nuts, berries and spices.

5. Toast with orange, pomegranate and ricotta Scientists believe that pomegranates ways to boost the speed of fat burning, speed up metabolism and weight loss is not the reason to add the pomegranate seeds in curd?

Calories: 291 calories. Ingredients:
  • Ricotta low жирности0,25 glass
  • Мед2 tbsp
  • Тост1 whole wheat slice
  • Апельсин1 PCs.
  • Grain граната1 tbsp
  • Butternut origdate
Method of preparation:

Mix ricotta with honey and spread on toast. Put on top of slices of orange, pomegranate seeds and sprinkle lightly with nutmeg.

6. Burrito with beans And although the name of the dish sounds like something is very caloric and heavy, thanks to the clever selection of ingredients, this Breakfast will provide energy and give a feeling of fullness with just 300 calories. Calorie Breakfast 300 calories. Ingredients:
  • Egg белки2 PCs.
  • Cheese with lower жирностью0,25 glass
  • Whole wheat тортилья2 PCs.
  • Canned бобы0,25 glass
  • Salso sauce to taste
Method of preparation:

Prepare protein scrambled eggs, mix with cheese, beans and salsa. Wrap in a tortilla, heat in a pan and serve burritos hot.

7. Sandwich with cheese, and guacamole, This quick to prepare Breakfast that is easy to take with you to the office, not only "Packed" healthy ingredients, but also has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system – thank you for this useful fats avocado. Calorie Breakfast: 360 calories. Ingredients:
  • Яйцо1 PCs.
  • Salt, to taste Perico
  • Сыр1 slice
  • The bun отрубями1 PCs.
  • Гуакамоле1 tbsp
Method of preparation:

Fry the egg, mix with cheese. Halve the bun, brush the guacamole and place the filling.

8. Berry smoothies According to research, the use of bananas as a component of Breakfast not only nourishes beneficial potassium, but also improves mood. Now regularly add banana slices to your morning smoothie and enjoy the beginning of the day! Calorie Breakfast 225 calories. Ingredients:
  • Банан1 PCs.
  • Milk reduced жирности0,5 cups
  • Frozen голубика0,25 glass
  • Frozen клубника0,25 glass
  • Peanut паста1 tsp.
  • Мед0,5 tsp.
Method of preparation:

Combine all ingredients in a blender. Serve in a tall glass

9. Protein Frittata with feta, spinach and mushrooms Pomegranate juice is rich in natural sugars and antioxidants — a great ammunition nutrients for Breakfast! Energizes, preserves youthfulness, reduces cholesterol and stimulates the immune system. Calorie Breakfast: 362 calories. Ingredients:
  • Egg белки2 PCs.
  • Яйцо1 PCs.
  • Шпинат0 fresh,5 Cup
  • Шампиньоны0 fresh,5 Cup
  • Cheese фета40 g
  • Fresh chinsapo taste
  • Slice of bread with отрубями1 PCs.
  • Pomegranate сок50 ml
  • Вода150 ml
Method of preparation:

Whip the whites with the egg. In a pan, fry the slices of mushrooms and chopped spinach. Reduce heat and pour egg mixture. Cook for 3 minutes, sprinkle with grated feta and cilantro. Serve along with pomegranate juice, diluted with water.

10. Rolls with strawberries and peanut butter is Great news for fans of peanut butter: according to a recent study, the use of the paste in the composition of the meal helps protect it from attacks of hunger for 12 hours. It's worth a try! Calorie Breakfast: 434 calories. Ingredients:
  • Whole wheat тортилья1 PCs.
  • Peanut паста2 tbsp
  • Клубника0,5 cups
  • Milk reduced жирности1 glass
Method of preparation:

Tortilla spread with peanut butter, put on top of strawberry slices. Roll into a roll, cut diagonally and serve with milk.

11. Pancake with blueberries and peanut Peanut butter — a secret ingredient in these fluffy pancakes. It not only will help to prevent bouts of hunger before lunch, but charging them with magnesium, vitamin E and zinc, mineral, normalizing metabolism. Calorie-Breakfast-345 calories. Ingredients:
  • Prepared панкейк1 PCs.
  • Peanut паста2 tbsp
  • Fresh or frozen голубика1 tbsp
  • Crushed walnut орехи1 tbsp
Method of preparation:

Heat the pancake in a pan without oil. Coat the pasta, sprinkle with berries and crushed nuts.

12. Cocktail "Cherry bomb" That could be better for Breakfast than vitamin charge of berries and fruits? Coconut water adds minerals this refreshing cocktail, and protein powder will complement the composition of protein, helpful for losing weight. Calorie Breakfast: 285 calories. Ingredients:
  • Frozen вишня0,75 cups
  • Cleaned киви1 PCs.
  • Orange сок0,25 glass
  • Coconut вода0,5 cups
  • Agave nectar or мед0,75 tbsp.
  • Лед3 cube
  • Protein Poroshenko request
Method of preparation: Whisk the ingredients in a blender and enjoy a refreshing drink. published by P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©


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