Good breakfast

Good breakfast - not to a hearty breakfast. Good breakfast is the right breakfast.

Everything depends on the individual characteristics of your body. Surely, you do not just wake up with a feeling ravenous hunger, dreaming of a good piece of fried pork, a plate of pasta with parmesan cheese, or scrambled eggs from seven to eight eggs.

In fact, not hunger makes us early in the morning go for a refrigerator. Rather, the instinctive desire to escape and to protect themselves from the problems of the coming day. Immoderate appetite in the morning - just a manifestation of our psyche. As a result, we suffer from heaviness in the stomach, digestive disorders, loss of strength, in a word, all the classic symptoms of overeating.

Fleeing to work or lectures at the institute, you think to refuel for the day. This is not entirely true, because rested for the night the body digests food in half the time than, say, in the evening. Furthermore, this process requires energy, which is finite globe and that the body is forced to select from other areas of your body, such as the brain. But limiting breakfast cup of strong coffee and a cigarette, too, not too much, to put it mildly, well.

If you have knowledge worker, in other words, spend the whole day in the office at the computer, you need 3,000 calories. If your job can be assessed as a mechanized physical or physical work of moderate severity (driver, barman or waiter, messenger, etc.), You will need 3,500 to 4,500 calories per day. And finally, if every day you are engaged in heavy physical labor, the day you have potreblint 4500 5000 calories.

For breakfast, it is recommended to allocate 25% of the 30 daily diet. This food should be diverse, tasty and useful. The ideal breakfast should contain 1/3 of the daily requirement of protein, ½ vitamin standards, about a third of all minerals, introduced into the body per day, slightly more than two-thirds of the carbohydrates, and finally, less than 1/5 fat.

Even better, if you break breakfast for two stages.

Thus, the former. Not reinventing the wheel, cook one of the traditional breakfast, practiced all over the world.

French: A large cup of weak coffee with milk and two croissant with jam, for example, ham and greens.

English: indispensable oatmeal (which, incidentally, can be very tasty when boiled it in water with aromatic herbs and sweet two lumps of sugar), soft-boiled egg and strong freshly brewed tea.

US: orange juice, toast, cereal or cereal with skim milk, a sandwich with peanut butter.

French the most delicious breakfast, English - the most useful, the US - the fastest.

Whichever option you choose, you can safely add the yogurt, fresh tomatoes and other light food, rich in carbohydrates and vitamins necessary for the brain and give you strength.

Do not try in the morning to indulge their inclinations gourmet. Yes, breakfast should be delicious, but if you still eat it yourself, try to earn it. Gymnastics or jogging, douche - and you're happy to eat the hated oatmeal, which, incidentally, improves the digestion and helps the skin become clean and supple.

Lunch - a meal to be an hour or two or three after the first. A glass of juice or fresh apple, wheat bread and a piece of cheese will give you the opportunity to work quietly until dinner without thinking about food and not holding back the hungry rumbling in the stomach. Put in a bag bag of food, you may well be able to have a snack at the office, between lectures and even in public transport.

Finally. It is advisable to remember that morning - it's the start of your day, and you have no right to fail.


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