World-renowned doctor Leo Bokeria: Breakfast — give to the enemy!

Famous Soviet and Russian cardiologist, inventor, Professor, academician of RAS and RAMS, chief cardiac surgeon of the Ministry of health Leo Bokeria in an interview with turned the idea of traditional diets. According to the doctor, established the idea of the diet is incorrect.

Here is what he said:

"Eat Breakfast yourself, this is absolute nonsense, I mean a full Breakfast. Because you woke up, the body begins to come to a working state, you sit down to the table, eat a plate of meat, flour, washed down with a large glass of something. Then dress up, go to work – and then some of you an employee? Purely physiologically. I very long time ago, when began the Soviet-American cooperation, I noticed that a very large surgeons, they in the morning at best, drinking a small Cup of coffee. All! At noon is what they called lunch is some sandwich. And in the evening he comes home, eats normally, then goes into a pool, bathes, reads something... So Breakfast – give to the enemy in the afternoon to have a snack in the evening (but not deep night) – normally eat and then exercise. In my experience, in countries where people live long – they live well"

Version of the famous Russian doctor confirmed by recent studies scholar David lewicki from Cornell University. He found that if to not have Breakfast several times a week, you can quickly lose weight. His theory he confirmed by experiment, the purpose of which was to determine the amount of food eaten per day.

Half of the participants ate Breakfast regularly, the second group did not receive Breakfast. The group, having missed Breakfast, I wanted then got stronger, but as it turned out, the volume of meals per day has not increased and by the end of the day was on 408 fewer calories than the first group of participants.

According to the scientist, such a strategy of power, in spite of hunger, does not cause the desire to eat more during the day and therefore does not lead to excess calories. Irregular Breakfast can be considered as another system for weight control.

"I realize that skipping Breakfast is contrary to the common belief that Breakfast is an important component for weight control, but the new data do not support this view. Naturally, all this applies to healthy people. If a person has diabetes or hypoglycemia, he needs to eat Breakfast to maintain glucose levels," Levitsky said.

But with the expression of Russian surgeon and scientist do not agree the Western experts of the world health organization, who, summing up the results of numerous studies, assure the whole world: if a person who had not eaten in the morning, starting Breakfast, then his weight is normal and those extra pounds slowly disappearing. That is, the morning Breakfast triggers the proper metabolic processes, and accelerates metabolism. Yes, overly rich fatty Breakfast may be deposited on the sides. But normal caloric and low volume — ever. And here is the advice of nutritionists, which is not worth it!


Delicious but not a healthy product, it is not quite what it should be in the first place – meat, But in excess of harmful components. Such as netrin potassium is preservative, causing cancer of the esophagus. And this is a direct result of such fillers sausage.

Quick-cooking cereals

In order to reduce the time of cooking, cereals undergo a special treatment in which carbohydrates are converted into starch which is quickly absorbed by the body. To improve the taste, add condiments, and significant quantities of sugar. So it's more a dessert than a good healthy Breakfast.

A quick Breakfast

This kind of "pill" which is obtained by extrusion — mixing of different products in a single homogeneous mass with subsequent separation of the balls of a certain size. There must include: flour, oil, sugar, starch. The nutritional value of this product is questionable.

Dried fruits

Our favourite dried fruits of industrial production are processed with sulfuric acid and alkali. Plus, they are soaked in sugar syrup. That can be useful in such a product? Likely harmful than beneficial products.


Similarly with the so-called "quick" Breakfast. Cereals undergo a special treatment, which results in the change of grain, namely, slowly digested carbohydrates are converted into sugar fast, this and similar products – lots of sugar and empty calories.

Curd cheese

In these cheeses, there are a lot of things, but least of all is cottage cheese. Here are sugar, fats, preservatives, synthetic flavorings. Again, this does not apply to a healthy Breakfast. Maybe it's a dessert.

Packaged juices

Between freshly squeezed juice and packaged juice, there is a huge difference. Fresh juice is "live" not more than 15 minutes. Packaged juice is rich in sugar and preservatives, no pulp it fruit, and what we take for the flesh is cake or sugar beet pectin. Remember that large intake of sugar lead to the deposition of subcutaneous fat. After this meal you will quickly want to eat again.

Bananas and other fruits

When we talk about the usefulness of fruit, we primarily mean fruit grown in close proximity. Fruit of the ocean (bananas, etc.) are subject to special treatment gases, and other chemicals for long-term storage, transportation and ripening.

Processed cheese

Any additional heat treatment is unnecessary, especially cheeses. After their melting, they lose their value, becoming just a mass of fat. In addition to making these cheeses takes the cheese can not be sold by the piece, i.e. waste. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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