47 products that contain less than 100 calories

Nutritionists around the world suggest eat fractional, to stay healthy and have a toned figure. Such a system involves dividing the daily ration into 5-6 equal portions every 2-3 hours. Between meals, usually there are snacks. They should not be very nutritious and useful. We offer you a detailed list of 50 products that contain less than 100 calories and are perfect for a delicious and nutritious snack during the day. 1 Cup blueberries

Blueberries can be fresh or frozen. This berry is very useful for vision and for overall health. The caloric value of a snack — 85 calories. 20 grams hard cheese Hard cheese is also great as a healthy and nutritious snack. It is a source of calcium. Caloric value is 90 calories. 1 large egg Eggs are well absorbed by the body and is a rich source of vitamins of group B. In one large boiled egg — 80 to 85 calories. 1 medium Apple with the peel I don't know what to eat during the day? Apple's get cracking. It is a rich source of iron and other vitamins. In one medium fruit contains about 70 calories. Half baked potatoes

The potato contains a lot of valuable amino acids. In addition, this snack is not only healthy, but delicious. Only 85 calories. 13 almond nuts Nuts are tasty and healthy. Almond has a beneficial effect on the brain and is a rich source of vitamin E. Calorie — 90 calories. 1 oatmeal cookies are Very tasty and healthy! 1 piece contains only 65 calories. Sometimes you can treat yourself by diluting such a delicious dessert and coffee or tea.

1 Cup of broccoli To broccoli, you can safely add 3 tablespoons of the sauce from natural yoghurt. This cabbage is very good for the digestive system and very low in calories: just 80 calories.

2 teaspoons olive oil, Curative and healing properties of olive oil known since ancient times. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. In 2 teaspoons of olive oil contains 80 calories. 3 tablespoons of hummus Adherents of proper nutrition have long paid attention to this healthy snack out of mashed chickpeas. It is a healthy alternative to animal protein, which in its composition contains 80 calories. 1/3 Cup quinoa Quinoa — superfood of the XXI century. This is a real storehouse of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, and are also a valuable source of vegetable protein. This snack is 75 calories. 1 sugar-free gum to Chew sugarless gum after a meal or snack will cost you 5 calories. 2 medium kiwi fruit In kiwi fruit not only contains almost all known vitamins, but also fiber, dietary fiber, organic acids. Tasty and healthy. Only 95 calories.

2 dried figs

Dried fruit retains all the beneficial properties of fresh fruit. This is the record holder for fiber. It quickly gives a feeling of satiety and improves digestive system. The calorie content is 75 calories. 100 grams low-fat yogurt with fruit Yogurt with fruit is, perhaps, the most delicious snack that you can think of. Of course, we are talking about real yogurt, not about the product with additives. Only 85 calories. 200 milliliters of vegetable soup Vegetable soups rightfully belong to the category of diet. One contains approximately 50 calories. Delicious, hearty and healthy. 1 piece corn bread 1 slice of this bread contains a large amount of fiber, vitamins b and E, minerals. A calorie is 65 calories. 150 milliliters of pomegranate juice Pomegranate is useful for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system. In addition, this fruit improves the condition of the teeth, improves mood and protects from cancer. Calories — 90 calories.

1 small sweet potato Sweet potato is also called Yam. He is a gentle source of fiber, making the sweet potato is recommended for use even for people with disorders of the digestive system. Only 55 calories. 250 milliliters of vodka and soda If you were at the party, take into consideration the item. In half a glass of vodka and soda contains 95 calories. 20 grams of dark chocolate Dark chocolate helps keep the heart muscle toned, treats respiratory disease and stimulates mental activity. This snack has a pronounced invigorating effect, because dark chocolate contains lots of caffeine. Calories — 95 calories. 25 pistachio Pistachio is a very useful nuts. In addition to vitamins and minerals, they contain nutrients that help reduce cholesterol in the blood. 25 pieces contains 85 calories.

1/3 Cup red beans

Legumes are a valuable source of various vitamins and minerals. Especially a lot of beans fiber, which gives a feeling of satiety, protects against cancer and promotes the excretion of toxins. Calories — 85 calories. 150 grams of mango, This snack will appeal to the sweet tooth. Sorbet is refreshing and pleasing to the taste buds. The caloric value of this dessert is not that big. Only 96 calories. 3 teaspoons of jam a Few teaspoons of jam will cheer up and will help you to survive until lunch. The caloric value of a snack is 75 calories. 60 grams of grilled salmon Salmon can be cooked not only on the grill and in the steamer. Fish contains a large amount of valuable polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, which are very important for the body. Calories — 99 calories.

3 tablespoons granola Cereals have a positive effect on the digestive system. They are, as a rule, a unique combination of simple and complex carbohydrates that gives the body the feeling of fullness and pleases the taste buds. Only 85 calories. 2 tablespoons of dried peanut Peanut is a very useful product. It is especially rich in antioxidants that strengthen immunity and have a rejuvenating effect on human cells. Calories — 80 calories. 2.5 teaspoons of mayonnaise For reference, mayonnaise is very high in calories and not very useful product, which contains in its composition as many calories as really healthy and nutritious snack. So, a few teaspoons contains 85 calories. 2 cups steamed spinach with spicy sauce Spinach stimulates the pancreas and intestines. It is well absorbed by the body and contains in its composition the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals. This snack has a membership of 75 calories. 9 large olives Regular consumption of this Mediterranean snacks reduces the risk of cancer, heart attack, diseases of the cardiovascular system. Calories — 95 calories.

2 cups chopped watermelon

Watermelon on 90% consists of water and cleans the body. This striped berry removes waste and toxins which has a positive effect on the health of the whole organism. A total of 90 calories. 2 cups of popcorn Popcorn can also be a good snack during the day. Choose a product without additives and dyes. Calories — 95 calories. 2 teaspoons walnut oil Walnut oil is a delicious product. He could brighten up any tea party and charge a good mood until the next meal. Only 65 calories. 1 Cup of salsa salsa is an essential ingredient of most Mexican cuisine. Among the ingredients: chopped tomatoes, chilli, lemon juice and herbs. Calories — 70 calories. 1 Cup mashed pumpkin This orange beauty is a hearty, tasty and healthy product. Pumpkin — a source of vitamins and minerals. 1 Cup mashed potatoes there are 85 calories.

120 milliliters dry white wine White wine is a noble drink. Its regular use reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, increases immunity and improves memory. One glass contains from 95 to 100 calories. 1/3 Cup guacamole from avocado is Another delicious and spicy Mexican sauce is guacamole. The main ingredient of the sauce is nutritious avocado. Calories — 90 calories. 1 Cup of raspberries Raspberries can be fresh or frozen. Its useful properties when frozen it doesn't lose. Berry reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in blood and strengthens blood vessels. Only 65 calories. 1 Cup of tomato juice Tomato juice is considered the most useful. In its composition contains a large amount of vitamins that makes it a truly valuable product. In a glass of tomato juice has 50 calories. 1 Cup of green tea To a snack consisting of a Cup of green tea, can add a spoonful of honey. The latter has a truly unique properties. Med important to eat raw, will not adding, as under the influence of high temperature, the whole usefulness is lost. Calories — 65 calories.


1 medium orange Orange is a storehouse of vitamin C, which strengthens immunity, protects against colds and improves mood. Calories — 60 calories. 30 grams of raisins Raisins are useful for strengthening the cardiovascular system, enhance immunity, normalize the nervous system. It is also a rich source of iron. Only 85 calories. 1 large cucumber Cucumber largely consists of water. This makes it an indispensable product in the diet losing weight. Regular consumption of cucumbers improves the digestibility of animal proteins. Calories — 15 calories. Incomplete a handful of sunflower seeds sunflower Seeds represent a good option of snack. Convenient and tasty. Calories — 90 calories. 50 grams of sauerkraut with butter and sugar In the cold season sauerkraut is rightly converted into the useful product. It is almost record the content in its composition vitamin C. Calories — 60 calories. published

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