8 foods that can not eat when losing weight

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1. High carbohydrate foods When you eat crackers, sugary cereal, muffins or cakes, your body converts carbohydrates into sugar, which goes straight into your blood. Receiving such a dose, the body produces more insulin to reduce blood sugar levels. So after a while you again feel an urgent desire to eat more carbohydrates. Thus formed a kind of vicious circle. The more sugar you consume, the more you want it. That is why you should eliminate foods that contain large amounts of sugar.

However, this does not mean that carbohydrates should be completely excluded from the diet. Choose snacks that contain not only carbohydrates, and healthy fats, and protein, which are digested longer and not give you quick to get hungry and to consume extra calories. The role of a snack is to maintain metabolism dieting with fractional power. Try cereal instead of snacking on a handful of nuts or a diet of bread with peanut butter or low fat cheese.

2. Frozen foods to extend shelf life and preserve freshness, many manufacturers of frozen foods enrich them with sodium, which is a natural preservative. Sodium tends to retain water that leads to swelling of the body. Accordingly, this slows down the metabolism in the body and separates you from the desired result.

In addition, freezing compresses food. It turns out that in tiny portions — a huge number of calories. If a large portion brings the feeling of saturation, a small portion of the frozen food will not bring you satisfaction, despite the high calorie content.

For these reasons, you should avoid frozen foods. Better increase the portion of using low-calorie food.

3. Snacks high in fiber of Course, our body needs fat — it promotes normal functioning of the digestive system and gives the feeling of satiety, even if you stick to a low calorie diet. But there is another, negative side to it: one with a snack high in fiber can cover daily demand. So try not to eat snacks with fiber more than 25 grams.

The process of assimilation of fiber takes some time — in fact, the whole day. So do not stuff your stomach with it too — it will only add to the problems with digestion. In order to snack, try to use natural products-sources of fiber is fresh fruits and vegetables.

4. Low-fat products As research has shown, most people try to eat low-fat food — not more than 30% fat, because they want to consume less fat. But by reducing the fat content deteriorates the taste of the product, so many manufacturers to improve the taste add sugar.

5. Juice to get 1 glass of orange juice, you will need at least 6 oranges. So when you drink 1 glass of orange juice, consume a number of calories equal to 6 oranges but without the fiber that gives the feeling of satiety. Juice is very rich in calories and this is the high sugar content in your blood.

On the other hand, fructose is a natural sugar source that gives the fruit and juice sweetness and taste, tricking your body. Using juices, you are feeling of fullness, eating more, and gaining this weight.

6. Synthetic sugary drinks Say goodbye to diet soda and other sweet beverages, which allegedly do not contain calories! These drinks only increase the craving for further consumption and almost lead to addiction. In addition, many are mistaken about carbonated beverages, which eliminate the feeling of hunger. Drink plain water or water with lemon is much more useful and really contributes to weight loss.

7. Snacks in large packages such as the popular corn sticks — it would seem that the temperature of only a few dozen grams. But pay attention to how much they calories! And rest assured, if you start, I will eat the whole box. According to a study conducted by Cornell University, people eat 22% more than usual when eating from large packages. The same applies to food discounts: buying promotional items at discount prices, you will certainly eat them more than if bought at normal or high price. Want to avoid becoming a victim of this phenomenon? Then carefully measure your portions and not eat directly from the package.

8. Alcohol No nutritionist will advise you to drink alcoholic beverages to lose weight. There are a variety of drinks and cocktails that contain more or less calories, but in any case, it is "empty" calories that do not give you any nutrients, except for the excess sugar in the blood. Also under the influence of alcohol weakens your will and, most likely, you will prefer pizza instead of salad. Moreover, the body treats alcohol as a toxin, so in the first place, your liver is busy detoxing, and then processing the fats. So if you do decide to engage them, then limit the consumption of drink and visit noisy parties. published

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