Macrobiotic diet in cataract, conjunctivitis and glaucoma

Modern medicine distinguishes eye diseases in a separate section of medical knowledge — ophthalmology, and closely connects their appearance with the aging process. From the perspective of macrobiotic diets, unbalanced diet is the main cause of all eye illnesses, and proper nutrition can reduce or even eliminate the need for glasses, contact lenses, surgery.

Eye diseases include fairly simple problems like "barley," and more serious diseases such as cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration and other diseases that can lead, in particular, to complete blindness.

The symptoms accompanying diseases of organs of vision:

— The strain eyes

— "Blurring" of vision

— Redness of the eyes

— Irritation

— Colored or clear patches, spots in field of vision

— Loss of focus

— Loss of the ability to distinguish colors, especially red and green

— The deterioration of vision at dusk and in the dark

The pain

In traditional Oriental medicine, the eyes relate to the liver of man, as through them you can hold one line — "Meridian". Disorder of liver function, which, in particular, responsible for the detoxification of the blood, reflected in the eyes. Therefore, to keep eye health, you should avoid food and drinks that overload the liver (and to a lesser extent, but those that affect our spleen, which is responsible for the entire left half of the body, including the left eye).

Avoid saturated food category Ian — products of animal origin, salty cheeses, as well as fried and baked foods that can negatively affect the eyes, leading to serious diseases. As well as food, saturated Yin — processed and refined grains, milk and milk products, sugar, sweets, fruits, juices, stimulants (coffee), spices, alcohol, which can adversely affect the functioning of the eye.

Types of eye diseases:

Cataract. This disease is associated with the clouding of the lens of the eye inhibits the flow of light. Developing, it can lead to blindness.

The usual treatment for cataract is surgical intervention. But the disease can occur again and again, if the power is not changing. Mainly to the emergence and development of cataracts causes a prolonged and excessive consumption of Yin foods such as dairy products, fruits, juices (especially citrus), sugar, sweets, alcohol, some drugs.

Another type of cataract can develop due to the accumulation of fats and cholesterol in the excessive consumption of meat, cheese, butter, other food of animal origin. There may be simultaneous development of these two types of the same disease.

To prevent disease or to cure it — avoid heavy meals and stick to the diet, which would have balanced the intake of like Yin and Yang products.

As external therapy apply to closed eyes hot towel pre-soaked in ginger water and pressed(a few minutes). Repeat the procedure 5-6 times a day. Also RUB fresh ginger around the eye (but not too close) to stimulate blood circulation. Soaked in ginger water the towel can also be applied on the back of the neck and the area of the big toe. The liver Meridian passes through both places, namely liver dysfunction underlies diseases of the eye.

Moistened with a drop or two of sesame oil gauze can be used as a compress applied to the eyes before going to bed to speed up the excretion of the Yin factors in the case, if the disease was caused by them. In most cases, you can recover from cataract for three or four months of such therapy and to avoid surgery.

Conjunctivitis. It is an inflammation of the connective membrane of the eye caused by bacterial or viral infection, can also result from allergic reactions to dust, cigarette smoke, and other irritants. Symptoms may include burning, irritation, the secretion of thick, sticky mucus, increased lacrimation, redness. Common symptoms give a sharp predominance of Yin in the body, the man received from milk, dairy products, too much juice, fruit, raw food, oils, stimulants, and alcohol. You can get rid of this disease for a few days, eating according to a balanced macrobiotic diet. For the temporary relief of the unpleasant symptoms you can apply a compress of the tea bunch.

A retinal detachment. In healthy, natural as light focused on the retina, creating an image of the object, which is then in the nerve endings is transmitted to the brain. Retina is a sensitive membrane with many nerve endings, and is attached to the back wall of the eyeball. If it starts to separate and flake off, the light can no longer focus on its surface, which could result in complete blindness.

Western medicine treats the disease surgically. Often eliminated the symptoms of the disease reappear after a few years, the retina begins to pull away. From the point of view of macrobiotics — the cause of delamination is excessive consumption of Yin foods, such as vegetable oils, fruits, juices, sugar, raw vegetables, alcohol. Eliminate excessive consumption of these foods, follow a balanced macrobiotic diet, especially try to use dark sesame oil in the process of cooking instead of the traditional corn and other oils, as long as your condition is much improved.

Glaucoma. The disease develops when the eyeball accumulates too much fluid, which puts pressure on the whole eye and the optic nerve, increasing intraocular pressure and exerting influence on the retina. The development of the disease may become blind.

Modern medicine treats glaucoma by removing excess fluid from the eye, however, there are cases when it accumulates there again in a few weeks or months. To the development of glaucoma results prolonged excessive consumption of Yin foods such as milk, dairy products, fruits, juices, sugar and sweets, stimulants, alcohol. You should also avoid excessive fluid consumption (both directly and when used in the cooking process of various dishes).

Degeneration of the macula. The disease affects approximately 13 million Americans and is a major cause of vision loss in this country. Symptoms include vagueness, ambiguity, and blurred vision in the dark and dusk, and when reading, the white "dots" in the field of vision, loss of focus. The macula is the small Central part of the retina, its dysfunction begins with loss of concentration and focus. In the "dry form" of macular disease lower the formation of small clots of yellow. In the "wet form" — the clots of blood which falls on the retina, causing the appearance of white or clear "plaques", the effect of image blur. Medicine considers this disease is irreversible in full. The use of large, strongly enhancing the image of glasses and lenses, and larger text to read — here are the main recommendations in "dry form". Laser surgery is used in "wet form".

From the point of view of macrobiotics, degeneration of the macula refers to the disorders category, Yin and caused by a shortage Jan. "Dry form" it says a little more presence of Yang coming from animal food, combined also with Yin coming from dairy products, juices, tropical fruits. "Wet" includes a smaller number in the body of the Yin factors. Both these forms can be controlled and treated taking a balanced macrobiotic diet. Diet No. 1 is recommended for those whose disease is associated with a predominance of Yin, diet No. 3 — for those who have the body discovered is too strong a combination of both (Yin and Yang) of factors simultaneously.

Pigmentation of the retina. This disease is associated with a gradual deterioration of the retina that can cause blindness. Symptoms can appear already in early childhood, for example, in the form of a deterioration in peripheral vision. The disease is considered irreversible, so the people who have discovered it, I try not to have children to avoid transmitting it to them.

From the macrobiotic point of view, special effects is what feeds the mother of the future child during the pregnancy process. In addition, the child's diet at the early stages of its growth and development, as well as in youth, have a significant impact on the character and pace of vision loss in the future. Junk food will accelerate the pigmentation of the retina and the decline of visual acuity (especially chicken meat, eggs). While a balanced diet based on whole grains and vegetables, can help to control the level of vision, not removing, however, the need to wear glasses and contact lenses. In this case, the most suitable macrobiotic diet No. 3.

"Barley". Barley is an inflammation on the edge of the eye. It usually appears either in a corner or in the middle of the eye contour, above or below, accompanied by a sharp redness and appearance of convexity. To the disease causes fatty foods, cooked with generous use of oils, food rich in fats (animal and vegetable source), too much fluid intake of sugar and sweets, tropical fruits, spices, and alcohol. Avoid all the above products, follow a macrobiotic diet and apply a compress of the tea bunch. The vast majority of cases, the disease will disappear within a few days. Avoid extreme Yin and Yang, follow a balanced diet No. 3.



  • Eat whole grains, make them the basis of his diet, including regular consumption of brown rice. They will clean the liver, and therefore, eyes.
  • Avoid animal products!
  • Avoid processed grains, sugars, spices, fruits, a large amount of vegetable oil, tropical fruit and other Yin foods and beverages that can weaken the vision.
  • Avoid eating foods and foods grown with the use of chemicals. Every day try to eat greens, orange and yellow vegetables, eat broccoli, pumpkin, carrots, peas, Brussels sprouts.

  • Avoid foods that are artificially enriched in beta-carotene, including genetically modified varieties of rice, and all sorts of vitamin supplements.
  • Consume salt in moderation.
  • Do not drink too much or too little water.
  • Every day try to eat sea vegetables.
  • Reduce the total amount of food consumed and chew your food carefully.
  • Don't eat late at night and before going to bed — it puts extra load on the liver, and through it the whole Meridian on which are the eyes.

Eye exercises will help to keep them in the right form. The simplest way close your eyes, put them on the palm of your hand, and then alternately looking up, down, left and right. Then rotate the eyes clockwise, then against. Each movement should be repeated at least 30 times before you move to another.

Gentle massage the back of the neck and lateral surfaces of the head will help to relieve eye strain and to improve the work of organs of vision.

Home remedies

Sesame oil is very beneficial for the eyes. Heat it a small amount and pass it through cheesecloth. This clarified butter can be stored in the jar. Drip it with a pipette(1-2 drops) directly into the eye until, until you feel improvement.

Raw rice is traditionally used for the treatment of eye diseases, including inflammation, redness, glaucoma, cataracts. Eat it every day for 4-5 days. The energy of a rice grain will help to cope with the disease.

Miso roasted is excellent for the treatment of eye diseases such as myopia, glaucoma, retinal detachment. One teaspoon should be mixed with rice or vegetables.

Tea made from sesame seeds will improve the eyesight. Drink it 2-3 times a day (not filtering after brewing).

A compress of tea Bancha — an excellent remedy for many eye diseases, including barley and eye fatigue. Apply it three times a day for 10-15 minutes.

The following drink is useful for the liver and, consequently, to the eye. Mix 1 part dried shiitake mushrooms, 1 part soybeans or mung beans, 1 piece of green sprouts of daikon, 1 part of buckwheat. Add 4-5 times more water, cook for 25-30 minutes to get tea. Drink 1-2 cups every day for 3 weeks and then drink a day for another 3 weeks.

Attention! Most of the diseases described in this Chapter can be cured by using macrobiotic methods. However, if the symptoms worsen or experience more serious cause for concern, immediately contact your doctor. Diet and eye exercises can accompany and classical type of treatment. published


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