Macrobiotic diet will help to get rid of the desire to eat junk food

Macrobiotic diet

Civilization. Modern society. All that changes the modern world is without a doubt done with good intentions and to ease the life of every person.

But, unfortunately, such a life often at odds with a healthy lifestyle and a kind of balance. And we all know where that can lead ... leads. For those who wish to be healthy, to restore or maintain the beauty of your body, to balance physical and spiritual, comes to the aid of macrobiotic diet.

Macrobiotic diet is part of macrobiotics, as a special kind of ancient Eastern philosophy, which consists of a power system of exercise and spiritual development.

The macrobiotic diet is largely vegetarian, and consists of a large number of dietary fiber and contains a small amount of fat.

Its main principles are based on the idea of different energetic orientation of the products — the Yin and the Yang. Foods with Yin orientation (spicy, sour and sweet) is able to increase the size of the human body, at the time, as Yang foods (salty and bitter) betray the man of harmony.

Therefore, the objective of macrobiotic diet is to balance the energy consumption of mixed foods to get rid of the desire to eat "unhealthy" and harmful food.


The basic principles of macrobiotic diet

  • A smooth transition to a new way of eating. All suffer drastic changes, and the human body is no exception. To redevelop slowly and the first results will have some time to patiently wait, but they will be exactly.
  • Individual approach to diet. Macrobiotically belief system requires a special approach to everyone who uses this diet takes into account age and other characteristics of the organism. So, the elderly are advised to reduce the amount of salt intake, as well as to exclude animal fats and generally fatty foods. In diet men the emphasis is on the diversity and abundance of spices and deep fried. And for women, on the contrary: less fried, smaller portions, more salads and light food.
  • Seasonal and climatic satisfaction. The food used in macrobiotically diet should match the season. That is to say that it should be as fresh and natural. From spring to winter, gradually increasing the amount of salt intake and duration of frying. To use diet menu should be those recommended products that grow in climatic conditions where you live.
  • Fresh food. This refers not only to the already mentioned seasonal products, but also what to cook every day should be, not to make "food preparations" for a week or a few days. In this case you need to cook in the fire (gas stove or open fire), and the less cooked foods the better.

Menu macrobiotically diet

Most importantly, what is the main idea of this diet is the use of natural products, "gifts" of land and sea. No semis, cans and fastfudov. At the same time, small portions of food should be chewed about fifty times.

1. The largest share of the daily diet (50-60 %) of whole grains: buckwheat, rice, barley, wheat, oats, corn, millet.

2. About 20% should be fresh, seasonal and local vegetables that can be eaten as raw and in cooked forms.

3. 10 % consumed per day should be fruit (fresh, dried, cooked) and roasted seeds and nuts.

4. About 8 % etoupe, mostly vegetable, with a possible addition of fish.

5.Legumes and seaweed make up 7 % of the daily menu in the macrobiotic diet. To cook them together or separately.

6.Animal food (eggs, dairy products, butter, cheese), and fish and small marine animals — another 5% in the diet list.

7. Condiments constitute a separate element of the diet. Allowed to use sea salt, soy sauce, horseradish, mustard, parsley, onion, unrefined oil. Sugar is replaced by natural sweeteners — with dried fruit and fresh fruit.

8. Drinking regime, unlike many diets, is not based on substantial fluid intake, as it is believed that the amount of water supplied man with food. Nevertheless, it is recommended to drink exclusively water, weak black tea and drinks with chicory.


The advantages of macrobiotic food
  • A large amount of fiber contained in products recommended for use within the macrobiotic diet has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract.
  • The high content in the products of phytoestrogens and minimal fats contribute to the regulation of female hormone levels, reduces premenstrual syndrome, slows the onset of menopause. It also reduces the risk of developing endometriosis or breast cancer.
  • The diet lowers cholesterol in the blood.

Cons of the macrobiotic diet

  • According to experts, this diet is characterized by excessive limitations and the lack of certain nutrients, e.g. protein, iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B12.
  • Diet restrictions are not able to provide all the physiological needs of a young body and the body of the people intensively involved in sports.
  • Possible imbalance of minerals in the body and allergic reactions to the main elements of the diet are grains, which can disrupt the digestive system.
Whatever the first impression when meeting with a macrobiotic diet, did not develop the person, before you begin to implement its core principles and go to the suggested diet, be sure to consult a doctor is an ideal figure is not spoiled health.published

Author: Tatiana Zadorozhnaya

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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