The force of attraction

To desire their full effect, you need to get rid of fear. Suppose that you have already coped with this task, or at least started to move in the right direction, so now I want to draw your attention to another important aspect, namely, the problem of leaks of thinking.

No, I don't mean the inability to keep their own secrets, is of course also important, but to our point. Those leaks, which will be discussed below, are due to the habit of paying attention to random things and get distracted by any random reason.

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To get something, you need to mind something fell in love and thought only of him, not paying attention to anything else. E. You need to fall in love with the thing you want to have as if you met a girl with whom you dream to get married.

I'm not saying that you should become a maniac on this stuff and lose interest in everything else in the world, this will not work, because the mind needs to recover and change. I mean that you should be so "stuck" on the desired that all else became secondary.

Love may be pleasant to others, to fulfil their obligations and enjoy life, being in a good mood, but all his thoughts and actions are geared to Woo his beloved and to equip the house, where she will be well.

See what I mean? Got to love it, to love sincerely. This is not flirting "at a time", not a game in the love that is here today and gone tomorrow. No, this is good old-fashioned love, when a young man can't sleep until I walk around the house girl, just to make sure that will not go away. That's what it is!

Striving for success men and women ought to be filled with passion toward their goal. Luck jealous — that's why we're talking about her in the feminine. It requires full dedication and if he starts to flirt with other beautiful seductress, quickly turns back to him. If the person stops to catch every moment good luck and takes an interest in something else, he will lose.

The power of Thought works the better, the better it is concentrated. That's why you need to dedicate your desired best and sincere thoughts.

The man truly loves his job, thinks only of him, just as the lover thinks only about how to please your favorite. As a result, in his mind, born one hundred one plan, many of these plans can bring undoubted benefit.

Don't forget that on a subconscious level, your mind is almost always focused on the main passion or desire. He captures the events, plans and when you need them, throws them to you to consciousness, and you are ready to shout "hurrah!" like received valuable aid from outside.

But if you let the Power of Thought to dissipate, the subconscious will not know how to please you. As a result, you will be cut off from this source of help and support. In addition, you will not receive a result from the conscious concentration of thought upon the detailed design plans.

So the person whose consciousness is filled with many interests, cannot develop a Force of Attraction exhibited by those who have one main passion. Such a person fails to attract people, things and circumstances that contribute to the implementation of its plans. And he also can't get into the flow of attraction of those who could and would have been glad to help him because of the consonance of their interests.

In my own experience I noticed that if I, for some extraneous reason, ever deviate from his main route, very soon my income started to fall, and works gradually brought to a halt. Many will say this, they say, because I didn't do something would have done if I'd thought about the case. Yes, it is, but I noted a similar result when no action from me was required, — all was already done, the seed planted, and had to wait for the harvest.

But once I started thinking in the right direction, the seed sprouted. I don't mean that sent strong mental waves to influence people — not at all. Just a correct way of thinking literally breathed life into my business.

About any chance there can be no question — this sort of thing has happened to me several times, moreover, discussing this issue with many people, I was convinced that our experience coincides. So don't let thoughts flow out. Let your Desire fresh and active. And yet, let him work without interference from conflicting desires.

Reinforce your luck — love what you want to achieve and imagine that you already gained what you want, without losing interest in it. Follow given you chances and that is your main passion was strong, alive. And avoid the "polygamy" thoughts — love no more one of his thoughts at once.

Some scientists claim that the basis of all life — a phenomenon which can be called "love." From the point of view of these scientists is "love" plants to water causes it to grow roots until, until they find the object of love. Similarly, the love of a flower to the sun causes him to reach for the light.


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Our Desire is a manifestation of this Universal Life Love. In other words, I don't just introduce a new figure of speech saying that you need to love what you want to.

Only a strong love will give you strength to bear the brunt of the problem facing you. The greater Desire you have for something, the stronger your love for the object of Desire you feel and the stronger you attract what you want.

So like in each period of time only one object.published


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