How does the law of attraction of people and events in our lives

Despite the fact that the law of attraction, materialisme our thoughts, is widely known about him is often overlooked. Why is this happening and how to make it serve to their advantage? You will learn about it in this article.


Known interesting fact. For a long time when working on something, albeit unsuccessfully, begin to happen strange things. At a certain point by themselves, meet the right people, literally piled on the head of necessary books, articles, notes, and other information.

It is impossible to say exactly when this will happen, but it happens always and with every person. Mysterious force of unknown nature magnetizer space, attract and create circumstances. So the law of attraction. Intuitively he knows or guesses everyone, but not all get to put it to the service. Most often we come to the conclusion that the only person surroudings us in the next life, the deadlock, that's who we see in the mirror.

The paradox is that about the existence of this law we with amazing regularity forget. Yes! That's right – forget completely, as something insignificant and unimportant. And even if we repeat ourselves a hundred times a day that "thought is material" and hung on the walls plaques with this inscription, it will still be something to distract us.


What are the reasons that cause us to forget about the law of attraction?


1. Trouble.

Small, large, casual, expected, or often falls down on us like snow on the head. Even if we were inspired by the magic of their lives after seeing the movie "the Secret", it will not give us peace of mind. The latter can easily be disturbed by unpleasant call from work or your own child, staged another tantrum. We immediately switch to, starting to get angry, offended, raise your voice, forgetting that a mental radio station is still working, sending truth into the ether now, not the positive pulses.


2. Expectations from yourself and others.

"Wow, didn't expect that from you!.." we say and thereby divide the world into two parts: one, pleasant, our expectations come true, and in another, not very pleasant, no. And once we're in the latter, all the good disappears in a jiffy. Others appear to be inconsiderate, lazy, rude, and even hostile, because they let themselves to go beyond who we are for them mentally painted. Starting negative expectation, we are literally forcing others to turn to us with hard-hitting, shady side.


3. Environment.

It's a "good" friends, acquaintances, relatives and even relatives, who once again have another heart-to-heart and lovingly say "Yes throw you out of my head it! Once the fate of such, then there is nothing to be done..." And we gratefully accept the Council, returning to a "normal" existence and cease to emit a "wrong" thoughts of a better life. And we were not aware that such "discarding out of my head" turns into a real loss of opportunities that were just starting to be attracted to us according to the same law.


4. A fleeting desire is intention.

When we see on the table in front of him a glass of water, you are going to drink, then just extend the hand and take it. No doubt about it. No back thoughts. We just do it all. So our intention, which is "on the short leg" with the law of attraction. But if this process interferes with our conscious part, full of different short-term desires and other "important" information, then everything becomes much more complicated. We suddenly realize that the table is not a simple glass, and the sample is made from a rare crystal that are measured not in tens of thousands of dollars. Yes filled is not easy, and instantly healing and rejuvenating water, which exists in nature in only one place on the planet. After these thoughts, the intention is simply to take a glass and drink the water from it will face greater obstacles. And they all will be attracted to us act of the same name.


5. Internal conflict.

In the preceding paragraph has been disclosed an example of what can be called the internal conflict. In addition to the inconsistency of the desires and intentions of the conflict may be between logic and intuition, mind and body, past and future. The last is not that other, as parental demands and prohibitions from the past, questioning the goals that we want to achieve in the future. When we send contradictory signals to the world, the result will be unpredictable, or even no, because we have within us the protesting part, suggestive of interference.

Try to collect all of the above together.


It turns out that to make the law of attraction to serve their advantage is not so simple. There are a number of factors, both external and internal, that induce serious interference to the metaphysical process of materialization of thoughts.


How to resist?


The only way out. If we want to control our thoughts here we can help only our conscious part, which is to "load" the additional controlling functions. Namely, periodically asking himself questions. Then get answers, of course. Go through the same five items described above.

1. Trouble.

  • If this is a real nuisance to you so upset?
  • What is bad has saved me this unpleasant event?
  • If I can do the next time to take a break and respond more gently on this?

2. Expectations from yourself and others.

  • That, in my opinion, such a serious violated another with his behavior?
  • Will I always be myself (myself) adhere to this principle?
  • What's more important besides in our relationship?

3. Environment.

  • Is there a rational link those doubts, which want to sow in me others?
  • What are they trying me this way save?
  • The criticism of others is acceptable, and what is not?

4. A fleeting desire is intention.

  • Is it true I need what I want?
  • Nothing will happen if I don't get what you want?
  • What significance really should take my desire?

5. Internal conflict.

  • What's inside of me resists getting what they want?
  • Why can't I get what I want?
  • What arguments "for" I can give you for each identified objection? published

Author: Dmitry Ostrouchov


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P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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