Arc — pen which improves handwriting of people with Parkinson's disease

Parkinson's disease to date suffering 1 person out of 500. One of the problems faced by these people is tremor and deterioration of fine motor skills of hands, which their handwriting becomes smaller and smaller. This phenomenon even got its own name — "micrographia". Over time, the handwriting of a sick person it becomes impossible to make out without a magnifying glass or other magnifying devices. It is for these people developed the pen Arc.

Unique handle designed to compensate for the hand tremor of a person with Parkinson's disease with the help of vibrations, and that in turn could be more comfortable to write text, not transforming it over time from a full-sized letters in one continuous thin line. The first trials on patients suffering from Parkinson's disease, showed excellent results. In 86% of cases, the handwriting became more uniform, sure, but the size of the letters has not diminished after just a few words after the beginning of the sentence.

After that, the Arc handle has a new ergonomic design. Her body now lay comfortably in the hand compared to the awkward first prototypes. People can freely change the frequency of the Arc by clicking the appropriate button on it, thereby adjusting the gadget under your tremor. Also, the handle got wireless charging to save users from having to plug in additional wires.

Handle Arc was developed jointly by the students of the Royal College of art and Imperial College London. Surprising is the fact that after the subjects turned off the Arc and picked up a normal pen, the effect is stable handwriting continued to act on them up to 10 minutes. Handle Arc is still a prototype. Students right now are looking for sponsors in order to run your gadget into production, so don't be surprised if soon you will see the handle Arc on one of the portals like Kickstarter.published



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