A person's character by the handwriting

There is a science called "graphology". Graphology - domain knowledge of handwriting and its methods of research in terms of it affecting mental state and personality traits of writing.

For example, male and female handwriting is different to many factors: the slope, on the uniformity in the image on the pressure of the corners, and many others.

Size handwriting says about sociability. So, those who have a large hand, can easily find a common language with different people and have a lot of friends - they are extroverts. Owners of small handwriting most closed and secretive. If the letters are rounded, their author - man kind and sympathetic. Angular letters - a sign of selfishness.

Those who displays handwriting and calligraphy from whom he - disciplined people, but not independent in making various decisions. If a person is calm - his handwriting is legible more than people expressive, whose handwriting is difficult to read. More illegible handwriting is careless people and nervousness.

If the letters in the words of a well-connected - it says good logical thinking, and if they are separated from each other, then the person is more developed intuition. Those with stronger writing goes to the left - very amorous, their feelings are above reason. Those who go to the right hand - put mind over the senses.

The most ideal graphology considers direct handwriting, without tilting to the left or to the right. Such handwriting says about balance emotions and mind, that all of man in harmony - both with themselves and with the outside world.

More'll write a bit about the signature. Loops and squiggles say about a man cunning. Impulsive people cross out his signature, and enterprising - stress. Those people who are confident and bold, write a simple signature. Handwriting may vary depending on the situation, mood and other factors.


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