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All those involved in the assessment and selection of personnel, a well-known psychological phenomenon of mask of behavior: for the interview stage and for the first time in a new place people try to meet external expectations and norms, but after some time to relax. Suddenly diligent man becomes lazy, starts to be irresponsible or even quarrelsomeness and intrigue. Where it comes from? In fact, all these qualities were inherent in man initially, just in a new environment he disguised socially correct behavior.

The advantage of graphical analysis is that at the stage of selection, you can look under the mask and to determine not only the temperament, character traits and personality type, but also its content: motivation, level of development, needs, moral foundations, an attitude to money and time. The method of graphical analysis is widely used in Western companies, particularly in France, where 80% of companies use the services of graphologists when searching for employees.

Why evaluate handwriting it is best to use handwriting analysis in assessing candidates for top managerial positions or positions where you need to dispose of material resources, as well as in the selection of crisis managers and managers in the sales Department. This method of analysis is suitable for the formation of new branches of large corporations or if the applicant lives in another city. Only need handwriting samples sent by Express mail or e-mail in a scanned form;

Sometimes graphological analysis can be useful in working with clients and partners. In my practice there was a case where the Bank issuing the credit for doing their own business handwriting evaluated the potential of entrepreneurship and the psychological maturity of prospective customers. So the Bank wanted to minimize the risks of loan default and give the money to those who do have the abilities to conduct independent business.

Handwriting analysis can help in the formation of business teams. Most effective entrepreneur need helpers that will complement his weaknesses — for this selected colleagues, having the opposite features of thinking and perception.

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Why not analyze any written text , There are General rules of submission of handwriting for graphological analysis, which will allow to avoid mistakes in interpretation.

You must write on a clean sheet of A4 paper with a ballpoint pen.The text is written arbitrarily, but cannot be written off, to quote the poems and write the dictation. The amount written must be at least a half-sheet. We should end sign, write to gender, age, and specify the writing hand. The text should include the phrase "Write a handwriting sample for graphological analysis" (ethics of graphologists to analyse the handwriting only in the case when the person is aware of the purpose for which he writes). You need to write sitting at a Desk in a comfortable position, and the sheet of paper is to enclose another 2-3 clean sheet to minimize the effect of handwriting on a hard surface of the table. You need to write in their native language. How to interpret the results of the Graphological analysis has the same principles as the production of medical or psychiatric diagnosis. Every human quality is reflected in handwriting using a syndrome — a set of attributes. It is important to consider the severity of each symptom and the combination with other features.

For example, the efficiency is expressed in handwriting at least three indicators: the evenness of the lines, strong pressure, good control (letters should not fall apart). If any of these characteristics is missing then the degree of efficiency already below. The absence of all three signs says devirginate this quality. Organization is manifested in handwriting using a combination of the following signs: letter fluency, uniformity of style, good arrangement of text on a sheet of paper, that is, evenness of rows, the separation of text into paragraphs, compliance with the spacing intervals and margins — left, right, top, bottom.

When handwriting analysis graphologist looks at all its features: push, incline, pace, strokes, lines, all kinds of spacing between letters, words, lines. The special place occupies the analysis of unrecorded space — white spots on the paper can also tell a lot about a person. For example, sometimes between words, you can see long distances, which are arranged in a row vertically one above the other: there is an impression that the text is split into two or more parts. This phenomenon in handwriting shows the presence of psychological trauma.

Syndromic approach to graphology the only true: graphologist needs to know the sets of characteristics grouped in syndromes be able to detect and assess the degree of manifestation. Prismatology approach in which individual symptom means as a whole, is false, despite its popularity. If you read somewhere or heard that "lines up" means optimism or confidence, and "line down" — the pessimism, don't believe these claims: this is guessing, not a scientific analysis. Graphology need to learn as any other subject: a full course of study is 1.5 years with continued practice. If you or your contact person at HR do not have such experience, it is better to consult an expert: the validity of the method have professional graphologists is 95%.

What can you learn from a professional graphologists using handwriting to determine the full psychological portrait of a man. The employer should pay attention to such qualities as flexibility, learning, activity, carefulness, determination, initiative, stress resistance, sociability. It is also possible to identify organizational, leadership or coaching skills, to know the degree of loyalty of the applicant, to determine the style of activity and level of self-esteem.

A special place in the handwriting analysis is the study of the degree of reliability. As a rule, valuation specialists staff determined the figure intuitively. Some get information from previous work or recommendations, but they are not always true — in the same place of work can very well characterize a person simply out of a desire to help him or to take revenge on competitors, recommending that they "headache". Handwriting allows you to elaborate personality: in assessing the degree of reliability takes into account all possible psychological risks in accordance with the tasks that have to deal with the applicant. In the end, is determined by the degree of reliability with a breakdown of those areas and tasks where the person can not cope. published


Author: Larisa Drygval, graphologist, candidate of psychological Sciences, the representative of the Israeli Institute of graphic analysis of Inessa Goldberg in Moscow and Yaroslavl, the head of the Center for the study of handwriting

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