How to grow and care for Actinidia: advice for gardeners

How to grow and care for the gooseberry.

Woody perennial deciduous vine, which is called the Gooseberry, native to Southeast Asia. It is grown, because the fruit is a natural concentrate of vitamin C. the Actinidia Cultivation should start with the criteria that it needs on the site. This vine prefers to grow at higher elevations, slopes, and soil for her fertile and globalgranary, with a high content of humus. It will be good to grow Actinidia on acidic soils, but the clay to fit it did not fit.


Planting is best in April, not yet started, the movement of juice. If Actinidia planted in the fall, it is necessary to cover the seedlings with a layer of foliage not less than 10-15 cm For seedlings it is necessary to prepare a hole or trench with a depth of 40-60 cm inter-row spacing when planting is preferable 4m, and the distance between the bushes 2.5-3 m. If the vine is planted for decorative purposes, the distance is reduced to 1 m. Pruning before transplanting is not performed, the plants are planted at the level of the root collar. Before planting, open the popcorn and ASAP again covered with soil. After planting be sure to water the plants and cover from direct sun.

Planted and transplanted vines until the age of 4 years, one area for the harmonious development requires at least 4 plants, one was male. If vines are planted in clay soil, they need drainage. In addition to watering immediately after planting, which is 5-7 liters for each Bush, then Actinidia needs regular watering to the depth where the root system lies. Poured from a watering can or a hose with a diffuser to eroded soil and formed moisture in the air. If the weather is especially dry, young vines sprayed with water morning and evening.

Before planting vines in the soil is desirable to add 8-10 kg of organic fertilizer to each Bush. Also mineral fertilizers are applied in spring and autumn, using ammonium nitrate, double superphosphate and potassium salt. Made fertilizer for digging in the root zone to a depth of 15-20 cm.

Before planting vines in the soil, it is desirable to make organic fertilizer to each Bush.

If Actinidia grown in vertical culture, on wooden or concrete poles poles are being installed or trellis up to 2 m, pulling between poles 3-4 rows of wire. Orient the trellis from the East to the West, and the plants are planted from the South. Form a vine on a trellis in the form of a comb, the fan, the shoots start to braid the support, once reached 0.5 m in the Fall, after leaf, Actinidia cut. If you trim the plant in spring, during movement and swelling of the kidneys, it will lead to a prolonged period of juice and to the depletion of plants. Autumn cut and very young plants, at a height of 30-40 cm, that helps plants to better gostitsa.


To create Actinidia comb crown, choose a year after planting two best developed of the escape and direct them in opposite directions along the trellis, tying up to the bottom wire. All other shoots are removed, and the following spring located horizontally from the branches grow vertical shoots. Choose 3-4, 2-3 on each of the two main branches, the choice of focus on strength and symmetry of the arrangement. At the place of growth of the selected shoots tied up to 2 and 3 rows of wire, and the extra shoots are again removed.

To form a fan-shaped crown of the vine, all the shoots are distributed in the plane of the support, main branches after 2-3 years are replaced with new. If attendee you want to give Bush form, you need two select 3-4 strong escape and shorten them up to 30-40 cm, all other shoots are removed at the base. The years to shorten shoots by one third of the length, cut thickening crown branches.

When Actinidia reaches the age of 7-10 years, it completely cut to the ground to replace the old boughs. published


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