How the genetic code affects the character and destiny

At all times people were interested in their future, so they often turned to fortune-tellers and soothsayers. Influential people with power, especially worried about what they fate so they could keep personal prophets. In more ancient times, for example, the Greeks, even the gods themselves depended on the fate and obey the goddesses of fate. In modern times the fate has been doing science and scientists, there are many exciting discoveries that help us understand its nature and future.

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Science has found that do,there is a certain scenario of fate, based on the genetic code of man depends on what his temperament is, and what he will have abilities.

The genetic code is formed by our parents and contains qualities and capabilities. But their presence does not always mean their implementation – they can be developed under favorable conditions or not develop at all.

Abilities implemented to the maximum number of psychologically healthy people who are constantly trying to evolve spiritually and physically. They are always learning and are achieving new stages of development. People suffering from various neurotic disorders, find many excuses and reasons why they can't succeed, blame it on fate and life.

If temperament is a physiological characteristic and depends on the gene set, then the character is in the process of education with the help and participation of parents. While the child is still dependent, in his life play a great role mom and dad and how they behave. Education plays a very important role, it is like a sculptor creates from the basis of already ready product.

Two children raised in the same household, will differ in character and behavior, because they have different genetic makeup and temperament, so in the end, brothers and sisters can be very similar. Nature is a system of persistent, almost constant individual personality traits that reflect her attitude and behavior concerning themselves, people and work. The character has several main qualities – integrity, activity, hardness, resistance and plasticity.

Quantitative parameter

Integrity is the absence of contradictions in the attitude of the people, themselves, the world around them and work. Integrity is reflected in the balance sheet, the aggregate of all of the traits and interests of the individual, in the compatibility relations to different aspects of life. I believe that most of the characters are holistic, in the sense that the external behavior of a person reflects his inner system of relations.

This means that if a person is behaving hypocritically, and inside it has a sharp contradiction of its content. So women often fail to choose their partners, being psychologically unprepared and not knowing what compliments and declarations of love of their elected representatives.

You need to listen carefully and weigh every word. If a man tells a girl that more beautiful than her no one that she is kinder and better all – means you are a womanizer. It is with whom to compare, and he may get involved soon another, and each next will be also the most beautiful.

If a young man says that he sees the meaning of life without his beloved, without it he would be lost, quite lost, it most likely is an alcoholic or one who in the future will be. It is extremely important to know these behavioral moments, the wider you will have the horizons, the less the probability of occurrence of accidents personal stories in your life.

Activity expressed in the ability to counteract adverse circumstances and the amount of that energy that goes to fight with obstacles. Depending on the activity, the characters are strong and weak. Strength of character depends on sociogen – personality complex. People with a weak character can also meet the requirements dictated by the sociogram, because the implementation activity depends on the nature. And if the direction of the activity is matched with the destiny, that person have enough energy.

Hardness is manifested in the persistence and perseverance of man in the process of achieving goals and defending his opinions. Sometimes excessive firmness may become obstinacy. Sustainability defines the immutability of our nature, despite the changing world and our position in society. Nature is a fairly stable characteristic, so to change it extremely difficult. Individuals that have unstable character, most likely generally have a lot of psychological problems, and one of them is instability.

Plasticity – ability to adapt to changing world, the ability to change and adapt to unusual reality in stressful situations. Even if radical changes in nature unchanged, this suggests a rigidity.

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The parameters of quantitative

Famous psychologist in Bern, given the huge variety of qualities of character, have identified three basic parameter which can determine the nature of the relationship with yourself is "I", relationships with loved ones is "You", relationships with all people in General – "They"are.

Bern suggested that these qualities are inherent in human parents in childhood, can have a positive meaning or negative, and determine in the future his behavior and way of life, called "the script". Often people do not understand why they have to go through such events and not associate them with my childhood. The system of Bern, I added a fourth option – "Work".

If the child the person went well and he received a good education, all the parameters are positive, with the sign "plus". But if the education of the parents made mistakes, accordingly, some or all the parameters acquire a minus sign, thus can form a complex sociogen, which will greatly affect the behavior and fate of man.

The individual is harmonious and healthy personality the "I" with "+». It means that his proper upbringing, he appreciates himself and is aware of successful. Don't confuse position with self esteem. Position almost not conscious of them formed under the influence of parents in childhood, its focus is quite difficult to change.

Self-esteem can depend on the situation. If you have too high demands on themselves and the events, it means that self-esteem is low. No success will not satisfy man, he will want even better, always see the deficiencies and disadvantages.

At the position of "You" with "+» relationships with loved ones and other people prosperous, happy, and bring joy. People are always ready to help their loved ones, support them, he considers them successful people. If the predominant "-" in the parameter "You", it means the attitude of the person initially hostile and conflict regarding loved ones. Often, these personality different poignant humor, criticality relative to everything and everyone, fault-finding and discontent. To build a relationship with these people, they have to constantly give.

When communicating they often choose the role of Pursuer, but there are Saviors. In this role lies not prominent at first glance aggression. For example, it managers, and covers all the important issues and challenges, thereby hindering the growth of their colleagues.

When the option "Video" is set to "+» — people love to communicate with people, meet and make new friends. In people he sees a lot of positive, interesting and worthy. If "They" with "-", the person first notices people's flaws, and then their dignity. He is extremely shy, difficult to communicate and reluctantly go on contact and to make new friends.

When "Labor" the individual "+» he enjoys the process of work, prefers to solve complex problems for self-development and professional growth, it is a pleasure to find creative solutions to issues. The material component for it is not so important, but it achieves high performance and success.

If "Labour" has a " - " sign, then the person has a clear focus on material benefit. Money, not the development he is concerned first and foremost in any job. So he is constantly chasing large amounts and a better life, in the pursuit of forgetting to live in the here and now.

If one of the options there is "-", a positive value of the other is doubly amplified, for example, if the "You" with "-", a positive value of "I" can be too hypertrophy.

Now it is clear that a person can be harmonious, healthy and prosperous only with all positive values. Only such a person will be correctly and adequately perceive themselves, their victories and defeats, their families and their disadvantages and advantages. Will successfully connect with people to expand the circle of acquaintances, to succeed at work and really loved, to experience life meltdown with the wisdom and tranquility.

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There are such people and they are many. And to such individuals became more and more young parents should raise their children more closely without disturbing them to grow and explore the world. To support but not to interfere, not to dictate the rules and not break the psyche of children.

After all, the tree nobody bothers to grow and it grows strong and healthy, and children need a little help, but don't try to impose your life plan. The child himself knows what he wants and what he is interested in, and best of all not to interfere in his choice, because it is his destiny.published  


Author: Michael Litvak




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