A Turkish company has developed a real transformers-Autobots

Robots transformers have become mainstream long before the screens in 2007, about them came the first film. For several decades the most popular item in toy stores are they transformed into cars and other mechanisms for anthropomorphic robots. Some of these toys are high-tech — they can push the button to turn into a vehicle, dinosaur or airplane. Especially advanced are the electronic components and remote control system.

Enthusiasts for the love of robots turned their cars into something similar to level. But such projects are technically difficult to implement, so they are few. Now the Turkish company Letvision decided to correct this defect. Her specialty is to create real cars that can drive on roads, and that by clicking on the button turning into robots Letrons.

This is not a concept the company has demonstrated working prototypes of robots-transformers. One of them is based on the platform of the car 2013 BMW. The authors of the idea of taking a real car and modify it, transforming into a robotic system. Model cars can be virtually any. Perhaps some limit is, but while the authors of the project did not report about it.

There is, however, one problem. The fact that to manage such a car only remotely. Inside the cabin is simply no room. And the cabin is not as such. All the internal space is occupied by electronics and hydraulics. In the near future, the developers plan to solve the problem with the dimensions of the electro-hydraulic system of the robot. In this case, to control the robot in the folded state can a person in the cabin.

According to the company, the robots will be able to move independently after completion. Model transformers (four of them) can and should be improved, according to developers. But you need to carry out additional work, for which funds are required. On the manufacturer's website indicated that the idea of creating a "Petronov" was the result of discussing the need to run some unique and futuristic project. Time from idea to implementation was not so much in just 8 months.

The team Letrons now composed of 12 engineers and 4 technicians. The mechanical part of the models created in the company head office in Ankara, the software writes a remote command.

Features Letron
Each robot can rotate the head 120 degrees due to the presence in the "neck" servo. "Neck" and the main functional part of the robot is connected to a special actuator with a force of 1000 N. Under the Executive device (also called an actuator) in automatic control theory understand the device transmits the impact from the control unit to the control object.

Fingers, hands, wrists transformers are movable thanks to the hidden servos.

The process of converting a car into a robot with the inverse transformation is possible thanks to the powerful hydraulic system in 35000 N, which is divided into several subsidiary systems. The engine system with a torque of 400 Nm takes little space.

The transformer is controlled remotely via a wireless system. The speed of data transmission over Wi-Fi channel is 54 Mbps (802.11 a). The robot is equipped with a video camera, which transmits video in real time to the operator. The system has sensors that allows the robot to respond to sound. On the "belly" of the robot, the developers have placed a display. With it, the transformer can chat with people showing, not for information. Front and rear are placed the sensors of the security system. If the computer detects the presence of obstacles, the robot stops. The energy transformer receives from the battery an inverter to 4 kW.

Now the company has revealed 4 patterns of robots based on different cars. The video is only one of the models, all the rest shown in the photo.

If you are thinking about buying, you will have to wait for: Turkish transformers temporarily not for sale. But if the project receives sufficient funding (the developers does not explain what does "sufficient funding"), the project can be commercial, and robots will begin to do for sale.

In principle, it is possible that all of this duck, and the Turks just decided to draw attention to their company or to themselves themselves. This version is also impossible to completely dismiss.

On its website, the developers claim that the company supports the Ministry of industry and trade of Turkey. It is also reported that the company has repeatedly received awards and grants as the company Letvision recognized successful. Levision has partnered on several projects with INTEL and Microsoft.

Source: geektimes.ru/post/280848/


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