Geneticist Bruce Lipton: the Power of thought changes the human genetic code

American geneticist Bruce Lipton says that with the help of the true faith by force of thought the person is really able to get rid of any disease. And no mystery in this: research Lipton showed that directed mental influence can change... genetic code of an organism.

For many years Bruce Lipton majored in genetic engineering, successfully defended his doctoral thesis, was the author of several studies, which brought him fame in academic circles. In his own words, all this time, Lipton, and many geneticists and biochemists, believe that a person is a biorobot, whose life is controlled by the program written in its genes. Genes from this point of view determines almost everything: the features of appearance, ability and temperament, the predisposition to certain diseases and, ultimately, life expectancy. No one can change your personal genetic code, which means that by and large we can only accept the fact that nature.

The turning point in the life and views of Dr. Lipton began ongoing at the end of 1980-ies of experiments to study behaviors of cell membranes. Before, it was considered that the genes located in the nucleus of the cell, determine that it should pass through this membrane, and what is not. However, the experiments of Lipton clearly showed that various external influences on the cell may affect the behavior of genes, and even change their structure.It only remained to see if we can make such changes using mental processes, or, more simply, the power of thought.

? In fact, I have not invented anything new? says Dr. Lipton. – For centuries, doctors well-known placebo effect – when a patient is offer a neutral substance, arguing that it is a wonder drug. In the end, the substance really has a healing effect. But, oddly enough, truly scientific explanation of this phenomenon is still not there. My discovery was enabled to give such an explanation: with faith in the healing power of the medicine man changes going on in its organism processes, including at the molecular level. He can "turn off" some genes, make "engage" others and even change our genetic code. After this, I was thinking about the various cases of miraculous healing. Doctors are always waved. But really, even if we had only one such case, he had to get doctors to question its nature. And suggest that if this is successful one, then maybe this will do and more.

Of course, academic science has taken these views Bruce Lipton hostility. However, he continued his research, which has consistently argued that without medication it is possible to influence on the genetic system of the body.

Including, by the way, and with the help of a specially selected diet. So, for one of his experiments Lipton led the yellow breed mice with congenital genetic defects, and condemns their offspring excessive weight and short life. Then using a special diet, he has ensured that these mice began to produce offspring, it is not like parents? normal color, thin, and living as much as the rest of their relatives.

All agree, this smacks of Lysenkoism, and because of negative attitude of academic scientists to the ideas of Lipton was easy to predict. Nevertheless, he continued his experiments and proved that the same effects on genes can be achieved by, for example, exposure to strong psychic, or by certain physical exercises. New scientific field that studies the influence of external factors on the genetic code, called "epigenetics".

Still, the main impact that can change our health, Lipton believes it is the power of thought, what is happening around, and within us.

? This is also nothing new,? said Lipton. – Has long been known that two people can have the same genetic predisposition to cancer, but one is sick and another doesn't. Why? Yes, because they lived in different ways: one is more likely to experience stress than the other; they had different self-esteem and sense of self engendered, respectively, and different way of thinking. Today I can say that we are able to manage our biological nature; we may by thought, beliefs and aspirations influence our genes. The great difference between man and other creatures on Earth consists precisely in the fact that he can change his body to heal himself from fatal diseases and even get rid of hereditary diseases, giving to this mental installation of the body. We do not have to be victims of our genetic code and life circumstances. Believe that you can heal, and you will be healed of any disease. Believe that you can lose 50 pounds, and you will lose weight!

At first glance, everything is simple. But only at first glance...

If only it were that simple, most people could easily solve any health problems with the help of reciting simple mantras like "I can be healed of this disease" "I believe that my body is able to heal"...

But none of this happens, and, as explained by Lipton, may not occur if the mental setup only penetrate the sphere of consciousness, which determines only 5% of our mental activity, without affecting the remaining 95%? the subconscious. Simply put, only a few of those who believed in the possibility of self-healing forces of your brain, actually do believe in it – and therefore succeed. Most on a subconscious level deny such a possibility. More precisely: their very subconscious, which is, in fact, on an automatic level and controls all the processes in our body, rejected such a possibility. It is (again, at the level of automaticity) is usually guided by the principle that the probability that we will be something positive, much less than the future course of events in the worst case scenario.

According to Lipton it this way our subconscious starts to be adjusted in the period of early childhood from birth to six years, when the most insignificant event, accidentally or deliberately said the words of adults, of punishment, of injury form "the experience of the subconscious" and in the end – the identity of the person. Moreover, the very nature of our psyche is arranged so that all the bad things that happen to us, is deposited in the subconscious much easier than the memory of pleasant and joyful events. As a result, "the experience of the subconscious" in the vast majority of people on 70% consists of "negative" and only 30%? from "positive". Thus, to really achieve self-healing must, at least, to change the ratio to the opposite. The only way to break the barrier set by the subconscious in the way of the invasion forces our thoughts in cellular processes and the genetic code.

According to Lipton, the work of many psychics is precisely in breaking this barrier. But he suggests that a similar effect can be achieved with hypnosis, and other methods. However, most of these methods is still waiting to be discovered. Or just recognition.

After what happened to Lipton about a quarter of a century ago, the ideological revolution, the scientist continued his research in the field of genetics, but also became one of the active organizers of various international forums with the aim of building bridges between traditional and alternative medicine. They organized congresses and seminars of well-known psychologists, doctors, biophysicists and biochemists sitting next to all sorts of folk healers, psychics and even those who call themselves magicians or sorcerers. The latter usually show the audience the possibilities, and the scientists arrange brainstorming for the attempted scientific explanations. But at the same time think through future experiments that would help to identify and explain the mechanism of hidden reserves of the body.

It is in this symbiosis of esotericism and modern treatment methods with the main bearing on the ability of the psyche of the patient, or, if you will, of magic and of science, see Bruce Lipton's the basic way of further development of medicine. And he is right or not, time will tell. published



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