10 evidence that good returns


About the law of exchange positive energy with the world somehow heard everything. Now, when moral fortitude is particularly important for us, such rules of life is becoming more important.

"As you sow, so shall you reap" – said our ancestors, the basics of Hinduism applies the concept of "karma", which also operates a causal relationship of actions and results. Positive psychology recommends you to get rid of bad thoughts and attract a positive your mood.

With so many repetitions of the same thoughts necessarily convinced that this is rational. That's just to apply this rule in practice, we are not particularly in a hurry.


There are at least some logical reason to think that the happiness of our life is secured by our own efforts. First, it is unlikely to take care of you will be able to other people, though, because they need to get a life. It is about personal responsibility for what is going on with you, because custody is more likely from childhood.

With regard to relations, here the choice is ours, even when we seek a common language with a completely different person. Aggression and excessive rigidity is a sign of insecurity and disadvantage, and not a way to build something good.

The conventional wisdom is confirmed by the research – those who used to thank, to be gentle and friendly to people, feel more happy. We know this in ourselves, when we choose gifts to your friends, comfort of the child or find owners for homeless dogs.

On the other hand, we do not wish to be too kind, because this image is often described by the qualities of a simpleton, naive and stupid person. Its use, he receives nothing for himself, understands people and is on the Board of the good life.

We decided to understand the issue and offer you the 10 principles, using which it is possible to bring about good in your life, finding it within yourself.

1. The effect of good parenting Most of us decent human manners instilled from infancy, but the way it was done, has often led to sad results. If politeness and courtesy for you – a fake way of communication where it is impossible to be relaxed, you are unlikely to get a good reaction. If it is from the heart, people will tell you the same.

2. Mutual aid Rather simple principle. Helping others, can you ask him about the impact. But that's not all. A hidden benefit is that shared activity brings, you find friends, you no longer fear difficulties and to experience the tension. It is known that children in helping classmates learn better than those who work only for themselves.

3. Nice things About your family we know the mass of individual things – preferences in food, routine, activities. Who of us can boast that remembers not only your birthday? The feeling that you're taken care of – one of the most valuable and causes a whole range of positive emotions in response.

4. Forgiveness to Feel the benefits of what you forgive others, you can imagine how much easier if will forgive you. We were suspended from their mistakes, so as not to feel guilty, but we also make and much nicer with those who do not pay attention to it.

5. Kindness just In General to be good is better than evil. Anger is stress, energy expenditure and internal conflict. Kindness is the pulse of a healthy person. Even if you get nothing in return, you realize their need and get their own kindness. For yourself.

6. The law of legality, We know that being good is right. No matter how the rights of people showing anger, he is perceived still as an unpleasant character. Doing good, we feel good coming and legal.

7. The health acts of kindness make us healthier. The rush of positive feelings dilates blood vessels and increases the level of lymphocytes – cells of the immune system of the body. The production of endorphins – hormones of joy – reduces pain and soothes.

8. Way to communicate Anger closes and produces indifference, but it is can not be called useful, rather the way to take temporary refuge. Man needs to communicate, helpful and good people to gather a much greater range than people not really open world.

9. Security is In fact good in itself proof that the world and life is ready to accept us that they have no threats and dangers. Performing a good deed, we again remind ourselves about it. Because evil is the result of the totality of the circumstances, it is not directed at us as the target, if we don't invent this idea.

10. Well as stream the legend of black and white strips based on this principle. Energetically joining in the atmosphere of kindness, we attract it more and more, gradually creating a positive platform of life. The main thing is not to stray to unpleasant things, to keep a positive feeling as long as possible. published


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