Ten facts about Bruce Lee

1. The family gave Bruce a girl's name: "small miracle»

Parents are not called him Bruce. They prefer to call it Sai Background - a small miracle. Female name which parents have chosen deliberately, in the belief that evil spirits do not like to have boys in the family (their first born - a boy died in infancy). Therefore, they believed that if you give Bruce a girl's name, then be able to fool the demons and save his life.

In fact, the name Bruce gave him a nurse at Jackson Street Hospital in San Francisco, where he was born (at the time of Bruce's father was traveling as part of a theater troupe). The nurse thought that if you give your child an English name, it will help to avoid difficulties in obtaining US birth certificate (birth Bruce was an American and had never had any other nationality).

2. Bruce Lee was Part German

Bruce was not a full-blooded Chinese: it flowed and German blood (his grandfather on his mother was half German). 3. Bruce Lee never lost a battle

In fact, he lost the fight only once in his life: when he was 13 years old. It was this defeat and led him to the study of martial arts with Master Chun (Wing Chun) named Yip Man (Yip Man). After other students learned that Bruce was not a full-blooded Chinese, they demanded that he ceased to practice with them. Teacher had to deal with it individually.

4. Bruce Lee poorly studied

Education is not interested in Bruce. After graduating from primary school, Bruce entered the College of La Salle College - High School for English-speaking boys in Kowloon, Hong Kong. In school, he always gets into any trouble and was expelled for bad behavior.

Even after his parents moved to another school, Bruce went on to get involved in a street fight.

5. Bruce Lee and danced beautifully boxed

Bruce studied dance as hard as the martial arts, he danced well, and in 1958 at the age of 18 won the championship of Hong Kong cha-cha-cha! Bruce also great boxed: in the same year he won the championship boxing - of course, a knockout!

6. Bruce Lee studied philosophy

Bruce was not a mindless sack of muscles. He attended the University of Washington, where he studied philosophy, namely the philosophical principles of martial arts. As you might guess, Bruce earned a college that taught martial arts. Later, he dropped out and opened his own martial arts school.

7. If you want to fight with Bruce Lee? Tap foot on the ground!

After Bruce became famous, many thought they could beat him - they came to him, pounding feet on the ground (symbolizing the call), and rushed to the attack! Well ... maybe not so literally, but the popularity of Bruce definitely attracted various loonies, who tried to prove that they are better.

Once, during the filming of "Dragon Island", one statistician began to taunt Bruce and challenged him to a fight. Everything happened as follows:

"The guy was good. Not just a street hooligan. He was strong and fast moving, trying to knock Bruce brains. But Bruce methodically disassembled it into parts ».

"Bruce was moving so well that the guy could not even touch him ... Suddenly Bruce grabbed his ass slammed into the wall and unleashed a hail of blows on him: the knee to the chest and a direct hand in his face, like a hammer».

Bruce is not sacked extras - it was in his nature. He taught him a lesson and shown what you need to improve!

8. Bruce Lee was a strong

In 1964, Bruce was invited to the championship in karate in Long Beach, California. There he showed his famous "blow Inch" - a stunning strike force, which is applied from a distance of inches, and throws the opponent back!

Bob Baker in Stockholm, which hit Bruce, said: "I said to Bruce not to do. When he hit me, I had to stay home and not go to work because the pain in my chest was unbearable ».

... And fast!

Many films featuring martial arts specifically accelerated to fighting looked more quickly, but not Bruce Lee movies. He moved so fast that the normal shooting speed - 24 frames per second, not enough to capture all his movements, so he had to shoot at 32 frames per second, and then slow down the film so that the audience could all see.

9. Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris, who will win?

That fight scene of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris of the "Return of the Dragon." See how fast moving Bruce. Although, obviously, that did not work Inch kick to Chuck because vegetation inch on his chest, which is easily softened to blow!

And the most striking fact:

10. The body of Bruce Lee starred in his latest film!

Bruce died suddenly during the filming of "Game of Death". And what makes the studio? They rewrite the script so that the hero Bruce simulate his own death to hide from the mafia and using real shooting with Bruce's funeral, including close-ups open coffin, which show his embalmed face. All this is inserted into the film!


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