20 facts that prove that Bruce Lee possessed a phenomenal abilities

Thanks to him, Hollywood first learned about kung fu. And yet he is a martial arts instructor, philosopher, film director and founder of the Jeet Kune Do! And all this is about one person - the brilliant Bruce Lee, who, unfortunately, died just 32 goda.I Website has as many as two dozen facts proving that Bruce Lee was not an ordinary man, and had a truly phenomenal abilities!

Bruce Lee - martial arts instructor, philosopher, film director and founder of the Jeet Kune Do

1.. Slow sёmka

Bruce Lee honed his movement speed so he could catch the rice grains in the air, using only chopsticks. He was so fast that the speed of shooting his film specifically slowed down, so that the audience could see his movement.

2. Focus with monetoy

Bruce Lee could snatch a coin lying on Human open hand and replace it with another coin before people notice his movements and compress a fist. He never ceased to experiment with their training, to achieve the best results.

3. "Game of Death"

Bruce Lee starred in the film "Game of Death" ... after his death. The film has scenes shot at his funeral, with Bruce in his grave. Since the actor died before the completion of filming some scenes made with the help of mounting and stand-ins.

4. Not zli menya

Bruce Lee hit a partner so hard that he broke his arm, which he defended himself against the blow. It happened, when Lee cut his hand a bottle of an error made by Bob Wall. So he struck him with the other hand and in the next scene a little misjudged force. In fact, Wall I expected impact, but did not think he would be so strong.

5. 11 sekund

In 1962, Bruce Lee had to make 15 strokes and send his opponent in a knockout in a fight that lasted 11 seconds. Also, fans of Bruce Lee still trying to repeat his famous hit "with one inch».

6. 50 push-ups on one ruke

Bruce Lee could perform 50 push-ups on one hand, resting on the floor is only the thumb and forefinger. Also, he could catch up to 50 times on two fingers of one hand. Many of today's athletes are trying to master the technique of push-ups Lie.

7. Champion Gonkonga

Bruce Lee became the champion of Hong Kong on the dance cha-cha-cha in 1958. Legendary Bruce was only 18 years old.

8. Injury pozvonochnika

Bruce Lee was able to overcome a serious spinal injury. As a result of a failed exercise in his fourth vertebra was damaged. This meant the end of a career for any athlete, and doctors said that Bruce will have to learn to walk again within six months, and all my life to avoid stress. But Lee proved the doctors that they were wrong in its verdict. He developed his own treatment, and soon left the hospital to become even stronger and faster than before.

9. Nawal Jackie Chanu

One day he accidentally beat Jackie Chan. In the movie "Enter the Dragon" Jackie received a severe blow with his staff in the face of Bruce, but turned the whole incident as a joke and just enjoyed the opportunity to meet and hug their idol.

10. Bank Coca-Cola

Moreover, while the banks were made of much thicker sheet metal.

11. Boards beat skuchno

But he said that "the board to beat the boring, because they do not resist" and preferred sparring with people.

12. Broken grusha

During a workout with Cockburn Bruce Lee broke a punching bag weighing 68 kg. James Coburn was one of the stars of the screen, where Lee taught martial arts.

13. Bruce stronger Chaka

Chuck does not like to talk about it, but once he said that his friend Bruce Lee could easily defeat him in battle.

14. Idols kumira

Bruce Lee was a fan of the Great Gama, the only undefeated fighter in the world. Career Great Gama lasted for 50 years.

15. Bruce - mirotvorets

The Bosnian Mostar put a statue of Bruce Lee, because he liked all ethnic groups of the population living in this city. Later, the statue was destroyed by vandals.

16. Lee studied boksa technique

Bruce Lee was a great admirer of Muhammad Ali and constantly watched the recording of his fights. Lee studied Boxer movement in the smallest details.

17. Equagesic

Bruce Lee died of an allergic reaction to pain medication. He died at the age of 32 from an allergic reaction to the drug Equagesic.

18. 0, 05 sekundy

The speed of Bruce Lee was officially registered: a reaction shot from a distance of 1 meter takes about five hundredths of a second (0, 05 seconds). There is a fight scene where he threw 50 opponents in a few seconds.

19. On a quarter nemets

His mother Grace Ho was half German and a Catholic.

20. Yip Man and Bryus

Yip Man - the man who taught Bruce Lee's martial arts, has opened his own school to earn money for opium. Bruce Lee has promised to his teacher that he would retain the technique of kung fu only for the Chinese people and will never show it to the foreigners, but did not keep his promise.

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