Facts about Bruce Lee

It has been exactly 40 years since the sudden death of the "Dragon", the famous actor and director, and unparalleled martial arts master Bruce Lee. July 20, 1973 the famous actor died of aspirin, which caused swelling of the brain. Although ... in fact versions of the reasons for his death much more. But, because the point is not in them, and the invaluable contribution that Bruce managed to do in such a short lifespan. It not only shook the cinema true art of combat and naturalistic scenes of fights, but as much as possible populyaziroval martial arts and a healthy lifestyle, as such. As incredible perfectionist, he developed his own style of Kung Fu - Jeet Kune-Do, which brought elements of boxing, fitness and philosophical doctrine, and opened his own martial arts school. One can only guess how much more time to make this a truly unique personality ... Offer in memory of the great wizard to remember the most amazing facts about him and his life.

1. Bruce born November 27, 1940 in San Francisco in the year of the Dragon and at the hour of the Dragon on the Chinese calendar.

2. In the 3 months he has already starred in his first film - "Golden Gate Girl" (in the role of a girl-child).

3. As a child, was a frail and sickly boy.

4. His real name - Li Yong Fang, or "Little Phoenix", which is a woman's name - he gave the boy to protect against evil spirits.

5. Bruce studied dance since childhood, and studied them as hard as martial arts. As a result, the youth danced well, and at age 18 won the championship even Hong Kong cha-cha-cha.

6. Bruce Lee said in four languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese.

7. He lost the fight once in a lifetime, when he was 13 years old. This, as it turned out later, the only defeat and pushed the teenager to study martial arts.

8. He studied at the University of Washington, where he studied philosophy.

9. As a rule, all films featuring martial arts specifically accelerated to look more spectacular fights, but not Bruce Lee movies. On the contrary, he was moving so fast that the normal speed of shooting - 24 frames per second, not enough. And in order to capture all his movements, had to shoot at 32 frames per second, and after slow film that viewers could see everything well.

10. His own style "Jeet Kune Do." Bruce develop and refine until his death.

11. In 1964, Bruce Lee was invited to Karate Championships in Long Beach, California. It was there that he made his famous "One-inch knockout" - a crushing blow with a super short distance.

12. Bruce could do push-ups on two fingers of one hand, and to catch up on a little finger.

13. He was so clever that he could throw and catch a grain of rice, chopsticks.

14. Bruce Power has developed its own system, and paid great attention to obscheatleticheskoy training and employment in the gym. He developed his great body, and after publishing his training methods and exercises that have gained immense popularity.

15. Bruce also devoted much time filming his films, trying to bring every movement in the frame to perfection.

16. Even when Bruce did not train, he often performed various exercises in everyday life - throughout the day, such as when watching TV. He was a fan of exercise abdominal muscles.

17. Favorite blow Bruce was hit in the head with his legs, which he did repeatedly demonstrated in the movies.

18. Bruce few seconds could hold a 32-pound weight on the outstretched arm forward.

19. Arnold Schwarzenegger Bruce Lee believed physique standard complete absence of fat in the body.

20. Bruce could break through the fingers closed jar of cola (and then cans were made of steel and were much thicker than today than aluminum)

21. Bruce was a caring father.

22. And a wonderful family man.


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