Custom painting by artist Kyu-Hak Lee


In search of inspiration, painters, sculptors and other artists often turn to the creative heritage of the famous Maestro, absorbing their Muse, mood, lyrics. As a result, we speak about strong influence of a master work of contemporary author and sometimes unable to see what exactly the master the author took his teachers. We are talking about imitations of famous masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa that has survived dozens of parodies and recreations. A portfolio of a young Korean artist Kyu-Hak Lee is composed of imitations of famous paintings created from pieces of wood and newsprint.


The most famous paintings by van Gogh, Gauguin and other painters, the artist recreates in the so-called technique of mixed media that combines, mosaic, installation and application, and requires a lot more art materials than conventional painting, installation, mosaic. So to simulate brush strokes, Kyu-Hak Lee uses thin and long wooden pegs, and to give them colour, wind the pegs with colored pages from Newspapers and magazines. And then folds the resulting "jigsaw puzzle", achieving maximum precision with the original.


"Chair" Gauguin, "the Chair" by van Gogh, "Irises" and of course "Starry night", after which Mona Lisa is the second most popular painting for all sorts of parodies and imitations, is just a short list of famous paintings, treated the Korean artist in her own individual style and technique. And these large-scale paintings and installations are so curious and original, the galleries and the salons in which the exhibitions of wood-paper simulations are widely popular.


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