How is a glass mosaic

This mosaic - laid out a picture of the tens, hundreds and even thousands of tiny pieces.
How to create such pictures, you are about to see - it is a work of art.
It takes perseverance, attention and desire to create.

When you create a stained glass window is used very different - from transparent to dense. Over time, the remains of a dense, opaque glass accumulated quite a lot, and in the studio decided to try to put them in business - to begin to lay out the mosaic. From that moment has passed six years, and now the mosaic can be called the second main specialization of the studio. For such important work had been trained and equipped with the master workshops.

In one of these shops - a spacious room with high ceilings collect mosaic.
Light rained from high windows lit up a huge table on which were laid out pictures of various stages of readiness. The edges of each table among the scattered pieces of glass were all kinds of tools: pliers, wire cutters tricky shapes, glass cutters, knives and markers. Over the two mosaics, bending, worked as a foreman.


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