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That in Moscow there is a workshop "Remeslo 937" where do brutal oak cutting boards, we found out in the winter. Of course, we immediately wanted to go there and visit, but it so happened that the visit had to be postponed until spring — and in the end one Sunny day in may we went to visit is not in the workshop "crafts", and the production of brand FUGA. About how the project has outgrown the scope of a traditional workshop, why Russian design comes to Russian consumers via the West, and the new has yet to be presented brand sculptural furniture in our report.


Production departments FUGA is located in Lyubertsy. When I was in the company PR Manager of the brand Ksenia come back, there is truly country mood: on the green grass of the local dogs running around, birds sing, the sun shines. We were met by Natalia, the head of the promotion Department.


  From the workshop production of"At some point we realized that the format of a small craft workshop does not meet our ambitions," explains Natalia, why "Remeslo 937" turned into FUGA. Oak utensils, produce invented by the designer Denis Milovanov, gained popularity, there were orders from restaurants, the opportunity to work on the European market — all this required streamlined processes, which in the framework of the workshop to achieve was impossible.

"Very often people dream of: turn hobby into their job, will be earning a lot of money! And then he is with the realities, and they are that, first, you need to do a lot of accompanying work, and secondly, a good profit can only go on a large volume. The master can do one, two things to order, but then the burnout, missed deadlines..."Therefore, in FUGA functions were divided: the masters-founders came to realize that they are not interested to work in production format and separated, all creativity left on the side of the management company and production on the side of the industrial partner.


"Often people are afraid of the word "production", but it can be very small," says Natalia. And really, I was expecting to see a huge plant with conveyors, but found a few small hangars that on the creation of cutting boards, dishes and plates are just four people — and mostly hand tools. So the point here is not about the size.

Craft a campaign aimed at the creation, the "birth" of each piece as in the first and last time, and production campaign does not tolerate interruptions for inspiration – a well-organized, optimized process chain.


Oil and water Production does not mean the abandonment of traditional technologies. Feature FUGA — using only natural methods the final finish things. Bright utensil is obtained by impregnation with linseed oil — it polymerizes and covers the product with a dense protective film. Dark color — from brown to blue-black — are seeking re-staining, that is, by keeping the tree in water. To accelerate this natural process, only increase above the normal concentration of salts dissolved in water — by the way, according to the recipe found in the book of 1931.

The beauty of staining that color impossible to guess in advance: in each tree in its amount of tannins, depending on where it grew.

    Unique professional thingsBoard FUGA, who can buy one, and those who go to restaurants, are made on exactly the same technology, says Natalia.

Cooperation with enterprises requires things to be as ergonomic as possible, so the size range, the weight of the item, the length of the handle and other technical details thought out together with the production. Then test the prototypes.

It is important that the utensils, in particular, withstand the steaming or washing in the dishwasher.While we're talking about functionality, I think that, despite this businesslike approach, each Board still seems unique. Natalia nods: though the brand is now a list of base textures and patterns, but they are cut manually. In addition, the wood pattern is never repeated, and sometimes in the tree are even knots and cracks. Wizards take it into account when laying out patterns, but sometimes buyers want that is "defective" thing. "All boards are very individual, and we really like it when people pick out of the pack as if the same boards the one that looks at them."

More than FUGA

When I was going to trade, intrigued me: to be able to see the object created in the framework of a new direction. And here he is in front of me — a massive, Golden-brown front, as if cut from a single piece of a giant oak. Commissioned by the London architects who are drawing up the club. After a few hours it will start its way to England.

"There were no drawings, only, dimensions, and everything else is spontaneous wizard". "This furniture is like a sculpture: it is born in the process," says Natalia about the idea. For example, the stand explains how exactly are such things: the bar is cut and adjusted manually, sealed with glue and dowels, then saws a large texture is applied and the tip — finishing touches designed to highlight the natural beauty of wood. Finally, the product is treated with flax oil.

For this sculpture, piece of furniture and has created a new brand More than FUGA.

    Course through the West,a New brand focused on Europe, where the idea of such exclusive things. Russian customers for this are still not quite ready.

"In Russia there is an idea of three types of furniture: it is the pure concept that cannot be used or something superutilities a La IKEA, or the segment of "expensive-rich": that gilded, carved and mahogany. And we've shown that beautiful, expensive things can be natural. This wood is all there, its beauty only needs a small identify and underline".In addition, only through Europe, paradoxically, can come with an exclusive product on the Russian market: it is abroad various professional exhibitions which attracts inspiration designers from around the world, including from Russia.

Orders from London were the result of such trips — participation in September 2014 at Maison & Objet fair. There is team production center, now developing brand FUGА and More than FUGA, represented the direction of sculptural furniture, however, at that time with other brands. The exhibition presented his own wooden furniture designer Denis Milovanov, a joint collection Milovanova and Yaroslav Rassadin "Oak&Copper: Industrial Meets Crafts" and the brand "Remeslo 937".

Recognition by professional community as evidenced by the participation in exhibitions allows also to convince as the ultimate subjects of the Russian consumer.

"If Russia will see some of our cool brand, the less the likelihood that it will pay attention than if you see our cool brand at the European exhibition".It is significant that if in the European market advantage More than FUGA — in the original aesthetics, the Russian — is simply that they can become reliable partners for architects.

"Our furniture market, unfortunately, not very professional. You can work with individual craftsmen, who know how to do cool stuff under the order, but first, go find the master, and secondly, this craftsman can drink, indulge in a creative crisis, and for the architect who needs to design the interior in time, it is completely unacceptable."


    Made in Russia"We believe that in Russia it is possible with the right approach to do cool things. We have all the resources: people with arms, material," say FUGA. Overseas they did that of the saw. But the collection of textures that these tools cut, refer to our familiar childhood characters: "North", "Bread", "Ice", and "Armor". And that nice, there's no hint of the splint. The patterns are similar, rather, on metaphors, so that objects with them perfectly embedded in the context of modern interior design — at least swap rooms with IKEA furniture, even a luxurious living room with marble and gilding. And this is also the reason why the FUGA has gone from a brutal aesthetics of "Remeslo 937".

"We want our vessels were in every home. To the subject worked for a man, and not man thought he for this item needs repair, and best of all a new house."


"Research suggests that in uncertain times, when people are very anxious, they want to appeal to something permanent, lasting", — says Natalia. This is a strong, solid, making from generation to generation and cluttered family history — and try to make FUGA the furniture and utensils. published

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