How to make a wooden porch with their hands

The front door of the house properly staged by a Foundation constructed in accordance with all rules of construction must be built porch. A stairway needs to be at least two steps. Many were probably interested in how to make a porch out of wood?

Despite the fact that, at first glance, the porch may seem rather complex designs, it is simple enough to build with his hands. Even if a person has the first time to undertake such work, most likely, he will cope with it, and quite successfully.

If you are going to learn how to make a wooden porch, it is important not to make common errors made by Amateurs − flow of excess material, errors in the basic measurements, before the construction of the porch carefully examine some of the rules (see How to build a wooden porch).

If you have decided to build a wooden porch with their hands, you need to know − with the construction of the porch in most cases still arise some problems. For example, when erecting a building, few people think about what will be the porch.

Besides, even if the house is ready, it is difficult to make a correct drawing and imagine how it will look in the porch. And, of course, not a professional technician to need more time to build wooden porch.

Tip: Building a porch with their hands out tree should be considered that this construction should be very durable, as it is likely to have to withstand the daily stress and it will wear out much faster than the house.Preparatory stage the Porch with their hands, wooden you can do when prepared the drawing. Drawing of the porch should be based on two major factors — the General form and size of the area, and staircases. It is highly desirable to consider the design in advance so that it has been exclusively operating the load. This means that the porch wood with their hands will succeed only if you plan your construction so that it is minimally exposed to the external environment. When planning the design of the porch first need to pay attention to the main element. It should be spacious enough not to discourage the use of doors and freedom of movement. Rules and regulations limiting the size of the porch does not exist. Its shape and size depends entirely on the taste and abilities of the home owner who wants to build a porch with their hands from wood. Installation of wooden porch — the main stages ofthe Council: From the construction it is necessary to know the pad of the porch must be at least 3-5 inches below the door threshold. If this recommendation is not followed. When exposed to moisture, the pad may be deformed, the door will either open hard or will be blocked. The construction of such elements as, for example, a rustic porch, can be a pretty expensive pastime, so you will need to acquire diverse materials round the pillars or profiled timber, boards of various thickness, sticks and so on.

But you can go more simple (and less costly) way. The whole structure can be made of planks thickness of 5 cm. Of boards of such diameter can be manufactured and a support for the porch, and a Playground.

How to strengthen the Foundation and the base of the wooden porch Supports can be fabricated using a Board 50×150 mm. The support is made of two boards fastened together with nails or screws. According to the dimensions of a porch in the ground dug pit, in which is arranged the "sole" support. As the soles you can use large flat stones. If there is not at hand, it is quite suitable another way: the coin can be filled with mortar of sand and cement, with budowaniem pebbles or gravel.

General view of the elements of wooden stairs
  • On the finished stone (or cement) coin set wooden support. Support fashionable not to seal, but antiseptic to cover them must.
  • The supports are impregnated with antiseptic to a height of 15-20 centimeters from the ground.
  • As an antiseptic possible to use such available material as waste motor oil. Suitable for this purpose and linseed oil (and not drying).

    Illustration of the installation of the supports, dimes, joists and flooring


Important: the liquid asphalt use is undesirable (although this option is fairly common). Roofing and impermeable films are also not very suitable for protection against decay.The reason is simple — all of the above materials and tools hinder the access of air, forming an impenetrable film. Thus, the wood is deprived of the possibility to "breathe", and the process of decay starts from the inside. If the interior of the porch (under the porch area) is planned to be used for household needs, the side and the front side of the porch is better to sheathe inch Board.

If this space is not used, and it is to be left open, it should install a bunch of additional supports. They should be set at any level below the middle of the supports.

The rules of mounting platforms of the porch stairs − one flight of several stairs between the two levels (there may be multiple depending on the shape and height of the porch).

The pad is attached by means of nails or screws directly to the wall. But due to the bundles platform with a flight of stairs is achieved with reliability, durability and structural stability. Once installed and secured platform to move to the next stage — the construction of stairs.

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Building stairs for wooden porch String is carrier slant Board the flight of stairs, designed for installation on her stairs. It is the most difficult element of the stairs. Greatly facilitate the task of making the string possible, having made a template. Make it from cardboard or hardboard.

Use the template

Is the template the following way: the strip of hardboard (cardboard) with a width of approximately 40 cm is applied to the end supports a horizontal platform at one end. And the other end is simply placed on the base plate. Educated them on the corner of the drawn pattern string, the unnecessary parts are cut hardboard

Making the string

At this stage of construction, you can face one more difficulty is needed for the construction of a porch the width of the string may be much greater than the size of an edging Board.

In this case you can apply one of the methods listed below:

  • To use the docks instead of edging edging (using it, you can make a bow with a width of 40 centimeters or more);
  • You can also extend the carrier a sloping Board, screwed with screws from the bottom bars, the width of which shall be equal to the width of the string;
  • You can use one or several external boards, attach them to the stringer (the Board will close the carrier Board, and strengthen the design as a whole).
  • Width of a ladder March, usually scheduled based on the number of people who will travel on it at the same time. The calculations are made on the basis of rules a minimum of 70 inches per person.How much will be made of stringers depends on the size of the porch and what it is supposed to.

    The wooden staircase. Assembly diagram


  • After you have determined the final sizes of closed, should prepare a support pad of concrete where it is desirable to make the cushion for removal of moisture. Horizontal position and size are determined using ready-made bowstrings.Building a wooden porch — the process responsible, so it is advisable to follow basic recommendations. Recommended width between stringers — no more than five feet.

  • When the supporting base dries, it sets the string that are attached with screws to the supporting pillars of the platform. Under the bowstrings set supporting plates, which must rest on supporting the coin.
  • Assembly of the high porch, always starts on the bottom rung. The riser is fastened to boards of the degree, must be satree less than 20 millimeters.Board steps and risers can be fastened with screws with big heads, or ordinary screws, which then will have to drown in the Board to a depth of 5 millimeters.
Important: In some cases, it is also allowed to manufacture countersunk fasteners with bars that are installed under the treads. Optionally, you can install a wooden railing for porch. After all parts are installed and secured, you can begin the decoration on the wooden porch.


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