Basement is 90% of cases the destruction of the family

Continuing the theme of building your own home "Architect Alexander Borodin: Never Your home will not need Your children" published by the charismatic architect tips on how to save money on construction.

1. Build a single storey house

You should be able to indulge in excesses, to build a minimalist building. For example, to abandon the second floor.

All the architects say that one storey house is more expensive, and I say that it is cheaper. If I once built himself a one-storey house, and with the same set of premises, it would have saved 50 thousand dollars. It's a good car! But then I got swept up in the attic... — says Alexander Borodin.

The Foundation for one-storey houses worth 13 thousand dollars, and for two-storey — 10 thousand dollars.

— But still saving! 30 thousand I'll save the rejection of finishing the attic. Climbing frame, metal profiles, technical Board, ceiling, roof insulation... Attic will drink the blood from your body!

The entrance to the house Alexander designs 2.2 meters in height. Customers are frightened: how is it a low ceiling? But the ceiling goes into the roof — it turns out one-storey house covered with a dome.

—Still somehow love the porch in the forty-meter from the ground and the hood, and this greatly increases the cost of construction. Thanks to the roof that has the offsets of 1.5 — 3 meters, I save on the visor, I just don't need.

According to Alexander Borodin, in the house the main thing — the ability to indulge in excesses.

2. Minimal Foundation that complies

Another secret of reducing the cost of construction — minimum Foundation.

— Here is a typical error: the freezing depth of 1.5 meters plus the basement of 1.2 meters. Basement height of 2.7 metres. What we do with the cap? A revetted. What? Dollars!

Porch, it is estimated, costs the customer in 3 — 5 thousand dollars.

—SNIP it is recorded that the house can be without the cap. Even on a site with a slope you can split the house so that you won't notice. Do the Foundation, which leaves 1.5 meters, not 2.7, as it usually happens. But if you build on sand, the Foundation does can be 1.2 m to do. Well, built a hundred years ago as well!

3. Cellar — the basement — no

That a basement costs a lot of money, know everything.

— Customer at the basement gets to 35 thousand dollars — to cover the plates, to warm, to overcome the water and the clay, etc. When you see a house with a basement, laugh to someone's face. He fell! 90% of the time, the basement ends with the destruction of the family. Husband wants a gym or pool room, the wife, utility room or sauna. Scandal! Cellar — Yes, but not the basement. But if you still not finish the basement, it will crack. And builders you offer him to sleep — but it still costs.

— Make a furnace in the basement retorted architects during the lecture.

This additional cost! — outraged Alexander. — Making furnace in the basement, you build the stairs which will take along with the transit routes of 15 square meters and pull on 5 — 10 thousand dollars. The same applies to the house: if it is one story, I don't waste space under the stairs and save money.

4. Garage, barn, bath house under one roof

All structures on the site try to connect to the house-complex. You get about 20 — 25% less money. Because the roof alone, and I save on parts, Foundation one, and the number of walls, outside, becomes smaller. You get a few yards in which to hide from the wind. You invested in the roof, but save on other materials.

5. Refuse to be saved insulation and roof

The roof of the Alexander cover soft roof, which can cut and get ridged element. That is, everything is going to work, there is no waste at the construction site. In addition, the house the architect does not insulates.

— Trade with a straight face convinces you that you need to insulate the house. Yes, if you live in the five story building, it is necessary to insulate. Build thick walls of aerated concrete block: 300-a-Boo stack 625-th party. And the walls are warm. Maybe the boiler will be slightly peretaplivanii, but 20 years of secured savings. The silicate one minus — he gets wet. But not when my roof with the removal of a minimum of 1.5 meters when a single drop of rain does not fall on the wall. And at the bottom do light veneer of residual material — Board, stone.

6.House for two

Don't build a house 10 — 15 years. Let's see what has become of the house along the ring road. People have built mansions, threw the construction due to lack of money. In the end, transferred the house in uninhabited Fund. In a situation with a small plot, of course, need a second floor or loft. Yes, if you have the money and can build a proper wooden house. Or a wireframe. I don't understand people: building a Foundation for a house that will stand for 300 years. Why? You don't have money.

How much will it cost the house is 200 square meters?

Is a disaster, not a house, it is very big.

— What is the optimum value of the house for four?

— And then you'll be alone? The kids will leave. If you have two children, then for the next 15 years — a maximum of four bedrooms. Approximately 140 — 170 square meters. Good price, so everything should fit, about 150 thousand dollars. This turn-key, finished.

Finally, Alexander gave the secret of economy in the construction:

When you have 100 thousand dollars, it is better to build a house for this amount than to bury it in the Foundation, the frame and 10 years to earn a 70 thousand. It is better to live in the house for 100 thousand and waking up in heaven: on your own site, parked next to a car than in an anthill, in which you can't find a place for cars already at 5 PM. published

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