Wooden porch for eco house with his own hands

Human meet "on clothes", and the owner of the house tells it, or rather the visible part – the porch. Often this important detail is paid little attention, so the structure looks unfinished, while the house is hard to come by. You still think about the device a nice porch, but it is better to do it once – at the stage of construction of the house. In this case, you get a durable monolithic structure that is tied to the construction of the house. To make the porch can be made of different materials, but the project of a porch of a wooden house – a phenomenon most common.

Choose a porch designPorch modern houses is often a true monument of architecture, and his device is sometimes put that amount of money which would suffice for the construction of baths or commercial buildings. Need to find a middle ground, because the background of a small house a huge porch will look illogical, but if the house has a large size, it is necessary to make the porch not lost. If we talk about material selection, it all depends on your imagination and financial possibilities. Made of metal porch, often equipped with a brick or concrete porch with a strong Foundation – a symbol of success and reliability of the owner, and for the porch of a wooden house it is better to do wood. In this case, will not hurt the overall design of the project, and the porch will look appropriate.

After choosing the material for porch and hardwood construction is perfect for any type of structure, it is possible to go to the selection form. Wooden porch in a private house can have a area of rectangular shape, square, trapezoidal, or rounded shape. Than the more intricate the design, the harder it will be to make a porch to a wooden house with his own hands and cost this porch will be more expensive. If the house has a classic shape and standard sizes, you can equip a simple porch veranda of a wooden house, rectangular shape. It may lie on the Foundation, making the design more durable, but you can make the design easier.

The sequence of works on the wooden porchto build a porch to a wooden house with your own hands, you must have experience in construction works, preferably to have skills in carpentry. It is needed in any case: for the manufacture of formwork (if we are talking about a porch with a Foundation) as well as for the construction of stairs and wooden platforms. It is also important to make the correct measurements and buy a suitable material. You can use for building wooden porch a tree of any variety, but it was solid wood. This is particularly important given that whatever a beautiful porch to a wooden house may be, it is constantly exposed to atmospheric precipitation and temperature extremes.

Better to use oak, ash or larch, although other varieties of wood suitable, if equipped with a visor porch of a wooden house. From the side you can equip the railing, and on the sides of the porch you can sheathe any modern material to do the porch in a wooden house with his hands can even be glazed, but it will be more of a veranda or covered terrace.

Equipment wooden porch four main rulesby Asking the question of how to build a porch to a wooden house, many do not understand that to give a definite answer to this question, as it all depends on your personal preferences, the home's features and financial capabilities in the end. If we are talking about wooden porch standard design, then you only need to learn four rules concerning the basic dimensions:

  • The width of the stairs shall not be less than 30 cm, as in this case stepping on it will have an incomplete foot, and it is unsafe and fraught with injuries.
  • Height pristupa must be between 15-17 inches, otherwise you will have a whole number of inconveniences, and to attain such step-child or person of advanced age would be difficult.
  • Note the height of handrails to be comfortable for a person of any growth, they should not be less than 90 centimeters.
  • The size of the visor along the perimeter to exceed the size of the working surface of the porch (no steps).

If all the conditions you observed, the porch is comfortable, at least. Everything else depends on your talents and skills. This applies, in particular, the decoration of the porch, and it doesn't have to fit perfectly into the façade design. published


Source: www.workerstroy.ru/derevyannoe-krylco-dlya-doma-sdelat-prosto/


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