Practical tips: how to make a wooden floor in the house with his own hands

Want to do wooden floors in the house with their hands and don't know how and where to start? Read here basic rules.

Remember: the main thing — the correct calculation, and stick to the instructions.

In order to make the wood floor with their hands first, you need to install beams or logs, which subsequently executes the wooden floor.

Joists or beams are manufactured as hardwood and softwood trees. The beams and joists of the wooden floor can be laid on a concrete base or directly on the ground. But before you lay the beams or joists is necessary to make waterproofing work, namely, to lay on the floor of the membrane or film or roofing felt and soak the joists and beams antiseptic. Antiseptic prevents the appearance of the beetle in wood product and has a water repellent property.

It should be remembered also that the floors need to make well-dried boards. Why? Because if you put raw wooden boards on the floor, they will be "news" until they finally dry out and will not take its final legal form, which will undoubtedly lead to an abundance of cracks in a new hardwood floor made by hand.


Set joists for the wooden floor for a solid base (wood, concrete)


Typically, the average distance between the beams is 80 cm, This distance is relevant if you are using a Board 40-35mm. If the Board is thicker or thinner, the distance increases or decreases, respectively. You have to understand that the distance between the floor beams should be selected in such a way that the Board does not bend under your own weight.

The height and levelness of the lag you can easily adjust with wooden linings. Lining then securely pushed to the floor, when you fix the joists using the anchor bolts. And so, you need to set two joists near two opposite walls, then pull the cord and have him put the rest of the joists.


Photo 25: Pinning of the boards

a) conventional clip b) clip Smolyakova

Photo 26: Lay the Board so that the annual rings were in different directions

a) correctly b) incorrectly

Photo 27: laying the last Board Board in various ways.


How to put logs on the soft earthen ground, on the ground


Option number one is to make a screed for laying a log on a soft base. To make the coupler, it is necessary to level the ground and place the bedding sand and compacted it. The total thickness of the sand bedding course shall not be less than 5-7 cm and Then tamp the gravel, as to a thickness of 5-7cm. After the gravel and sand compacted, fill the booth (broken bricks, stones, pieces of scrap metal and all of it is poured cement and better concrete solution.

Prepare the concrete: the proportion of 1 cement + 3 sand + 3 gravel.

Option number two is to do something like a pier Foundation. Dig a few pits 20х20х40, the bottom of a little sprinkle of sand and gravel, set some iron as reinforcement or rebar and pour concrete in proportions as in option 1. When the concrete will podstine, set on a concrete Foundation brickwork in 2-3 brick and has the right to lay joists.


Plank boards of the wooden floor with their hands


To make the wood floors in my house with his own hands, it is best to use floorboards. In order to most efficiently make the deck, cut the boards to the desired length. For cutting use a square, the corners of the boards should be exactly 90 degrees for smooth docking. Measure the boards so they fit exactly in the middle of the joists.

Flooring planks on the floor start laying the first Board with some distance from the wall of 10-15 mm, for ventilation and a seasonal swelling of wood. For best installation use screws, although you can use nails. The difference is that the nails eventually come back, but no screws. The screw should be 2.5 — 3 times longer than the thickness of the Board. Within each Board, screw in the 2 screws. Hats need to drown for 3-5 in the Board, and then putty filler wood.

After the first Board is fixed, put it next to her for another 2-3 boards. About the planks hammered into the log bracket. Now between lagoi and clip drive a wedge, so the Board will be pressed close to each other. When the Board pressed against each other prikruchivayte them with screws.


Around it's wooden floor with their hands at home.published


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