Hardwood floors for home how to transform it into a masterpiece of design

Walk barefoot on natural wood — bliss. Warm rough surface, the beauty of natural pattern, and how many designs you can come up with... Solved: the next repair build a wood floor! And while we will understand what gender is your ideal and how to turn it into a masterpiece of design.

Some hardwood floors betterStart with the basics: what type of outdoor wood coatings will suit you.

1. FlooringReal wood. Plank floors more people like young, but the older generation still unconsciously chooses if the tree — parquet: to be "in decent homes". For people who grew up in the Soviet Union, there is nothing worse than a wooden floor-boards — maroon or red color. Afraid of solid boards and the master, thoroughly discouraged to use it, scaring the likelihood that the wood will "lead", it will crack and will squeak. What the hell is that.

In fact, the floor made of solid wood has huge design variety, and with proper drying, professional styling and adequate care will never create problems!

Where to putIn rooms with moderate humidity in the rooms and hallways of apartments and houses. Have kids? Love the natural beauty, eco-design? Want an expensive floor that can last for many years? Leave your doubts and purchase a Board from solid wood.

Something to love
  • Only natural wood is eco-friendly;
  • the opportunity many times to repair the repair to Polish the surface of the tree, each time giving a new color, changing the type of the decorative coating;
  • real wood floor and nothing else.
Something to fear
  • Requires proper installation, the wood should be previously perfectly dried and heated;
  • may swell in damp conditions — not suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

2. ParquetPractical and most popular solution. Parquet but again is often associated with old apartments from my childhood, where in floors, herringbone, you can scrutinize the cracks. It's time to forget about it. Today, manufacturers offer a huge variety of solutions and a parquet Board, piece, tile, paneling, parquet. And quality flooring are often very pleasing.

The difference of parquet from solid wood — layering. Fiber layers cross each other, are often made of different wood species, so this kind of floor is better resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. Typically, the flooring is still in production is covered with oil, lacquer or other decorative coatings — for the first time enough, and then it will be possible to update the coating.

Where to putthe Flooring looks great in spacious rooms, cluttered with furniture and rugs. This kind of coverage is awkward to use on stairs and in small rooms of irregular shape — difficult to lay out a beautiful picture.

Something to love
  • Choose absolutely any design on the market many types, sizes, shapes, different colors;
  • can you lay flooring, changing the look of the entire room;
  • several times to sand and restore the parquet flooring: not as often as the array, but also good.
Something to fear
  • In fact, for most of the floors are also undesirable high humidity and sharp temperature spikes, though compared to an array, the flooring less susceptible to deformation;
  • a thin layer of good wood can significantly reduce the cost of the product.

3.LaminateYes, we know, laminate flooring is not really wooden floors. Although the wood, but rather wood fibers used in its manufacture. Wood texture simulates a decorative film, which simultaneously protects the plate laminate. But anyway, this material is the most economical solution, and many buyers are considering laminate flooring as an alternative to the floorboard.

Where to putIn dry residential applications. Some manufacturers claim waterproof series laminate flooring suitable for bathrooms and kitchens (please see the indicators of water and moisture resistance).

Something to love
  • The affordable floors "wood";
  • wear-resistant enough;
  • easy installation, you can even perform with his own hands.
Something to fear
  • Damage soshlifovat the top layer will not work — will have to change plates or even the entire floor;
  • even the best laminate won't look and feel like real wood;
  • comparatively noisy treatment: the sound of footsteps quite loud.

How to lay hardwood floorAnd now the magic. The appearance of your apartment can change dramatically depending on how you lay the floor.

Right. Especially advantageous to look straight laying of the floor, flowing from room to room.

Diagonally. Gives the room dynamics — the room looks boring.

From the city centre. Visually expands the space.

Overlap. With a shift of one half, one third or chaotic.

Herringbone or Chevron. Always actual classics

Modules. Manufacturers offer ready-made sets.

Tip: lay the Board is recommended along the line of light. And more custom and aesthetically nice solution is stacking boards of different width mixed together.

How to paint and protect the floor: Remember to Prime the wood before applying the decorative layer (varnish, stain) should be only with the threat of moisture. That is to use a primer-antiseptic for the floor in the living room, but not necessarily. To start the application of tools to wood only after complete drying of wood below the Board does not lead, the moisture content of wood should be reduced to 8-10%. Oiled floors should be updated often enough: as long as the depleted protective layer. published


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