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Lately it has become very fashionable to publish any article on how to make repairs. Having seen and to inspire, we decided that we have a lot of time and a lot of nerves. There was a window in 3 weeks to make repairs in a single apartment in the absence of one person at the time of repair.

~ 30 photos.


Pro repair kopilos :) So long burst, and the need to somehow boast new buns in the form of tools.

We continue the conversation.

Everything is complicated by the fact that the furniture piled cloud and throw it no lights. We have 3-bedroom apartment in Tarusa and 4 persons more than is necessary. Post decided from the room where my grandmother lives. Move all the furniture and the grandmother in a neighboring room, place all three rows. Room 16 squares divide into two uneven parts, one in the future under the plan wardrobe. Ur dreams come true, there is a special room where you can write things to the ceiling, not the endless cabinets. Or will be.

It was:




Working in Safe Mode, saving, that is their own and try to do everything quickly and preferably with minimal cost. From the national parquet decided to get rid of, as it creaks mercilessly and replace it with at least the national laminate. Ties make a dry, Knauf technology, because to wait a month before the usual screed drying is not possible (this will be lower).

We spend a couple of days for the purchase of materials, prepare a light version of the "plan" for the wardrobe and select the 1, 2 m width. Believing that Ikea wardrobe system has a width of 40 cm and a mezzanine select 60 cm from the ceiling. 80 cm is quite comfortable remaining for passage. And in the room is 40 cm to the window opening. We decided to make a partition of the drywall that kind of fast, but now I think that should have been done from the aerated concrete.


about the technology required for dry screed polyethylene damper tape, expanded clay fines and the fact sheets GVL. Sheets of standard size 60 to 120 cm and 2 cm thick.

Buy 50 bags expanded clay, gypsum fiber sheets with a margin of 10 percent, PVA glue for the joints, special screws for gypsum fiber board and begin an epic. With bated breath we reveal floors and ... Damn 10 cm up to the plate, that kills us hope for the minimum cost of expanded clay. "We dance" we are of the concrete ties in the kitchen, which we found out that only 10 cm above the rest rooms. Damn, damn, damn ...


Outdated sockets. From the builders were buns in the form of aluminum wires concreted right on top of the waterproofing lining in the form of combustible roofing felts. You sit, you do not think that at any moment can catch fire floor. Devils.


Armed with pobeditovymi saw teeth, sawing hands opening a door to the dressing room. Wall is not the capital, sawn though with difficulty, but a little but dust.

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Doors ordered with pre-web width of 80 cm, is not brought to remember them with pleasure, since it is the most beautiful part of our future repairs as we think so. Drags and unload the wall the size of a door vtihortsa containers near the house, parallel to grow thin on a couple of kilos. Originally wanted to make the frame for plasterboard for rough sex, but differences appeared to 3 cm and decide to make a frame already finished floor of gypsum fiber board. It's only been two days, but the pride for the work done already interferes with sleep at night.

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When calculating the width of the jamb of the opening forward and add to 5 cm on each side for mounting. Time wallpaper decided not to waste, because no. Carefully put the pictures on each level :)


Part of the card is missed, hurry and pylim throughout the apartment. Diligently fasten corrugated, polyethylene throw on the floor, it serves as a waterproofing to expanded clay does not absorb moisture. Along the perimeter of the damper stretch the tape, but everywhere zasteplerit it does not come out, the main walls resist. So just handed her pre-paving before laying another sheet of gypsum fiber board. All day out, trying to finish the evening in order not to make enemies of the neighbors.


Print the future level of the level-expanded clay. Built of perfectly flat boards and rule guides to align the expanded clay. Why from the boards and rules? Spec. the tool is in the region of 10 million, and we are not a team, and at one time we are spending to anything. Why not directing that the card side? Their oppression and twists at a small effort. The openings nychetsya brother.

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GVL actively shed PVA and do not spare screws for their ties with each other. Oh, I forgot, we decided in the wall separating the bathroom and dressing room to make outlets for lamps to the wall is not fun wires dangling from them. It was decided to set checkpoints switches, so do not forget proshtrobit in the wall of the old channel and switch to ripple stretch 3-wire cable.


Special difficulties for us as professionals, but there is no experience just those samami wires under the bra. Expanded clay loose and a little wild hitting him even tape it gets damaged on a perfectly flat surface. But it seems to have coped. We try not to swear, brother sometimes cut out of GVL form mirrored correct.


Completed by the end of the day. Satisfied an incredible hour and a half just admire your work. Then we check the level of how exactly happened. Damn, proud then another 2 hours, drops no more than 1 mm. We fucking krutatoshki.


The time is gone, and you ought to hurry. The next stage - the design of the guide under the drywall. Here we can say that for the sake of all and was started because in the hands of a cool tool from the Frogs - prosekatel. This is not some garbage there, he bends Prosek guide tendrils to break this connection is impossible. The screws do not have to twist, everything is very fast, though expensive. Trat could not be avoided. Super stray-cost 6000 rubles, but the pleasure is available. :)


Putting the framework of the guide only, thus avoiding additional costs to the profiles and expensive crab. Rivet cell 60 by 60 cm.


Do not forget about the mortgage, the cost in time of 5 minutes. Why do it? Exclusively for natazhnogo ceiling. Just plasterboard not survive - that's for sure. Why do we steal from the wall 20 cm for the false wall, it's blasphemy? First, we get rid of the nightmare of pipes do sane windowsill where you can dance to. In fact, we only sacrifice the space of 140 cm by 20 cm. But this wall will still be standing wardrobe and chest of drawers, clear across the width of the room. But the result will be human. Well, I think so.


'Brother on TV with ultrathin bezel. Plasma hell.

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The wall in the next dressing room wildly curve, and there will be a system of shelves on the tires, it was decided to align.

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Putting the frame around the radiator reserve box 90h60sm plus 5mm, otherwise the screen will go down. The frame is further reinforced corners of the guide, now he does not drebezdit. Corners are collected per minute, cut, bend and prosekayut. Now, do not break down and design a running


The result is like himself, decided to tear off the wallpaper. Like, so much effort, we will make our way by Brazilian. Under all the layers of old wallpaper caught snatches from our childhood. Again, a satisfied and increasingly admire the result of their work, which slows down the process.

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In general, we are increasingly proud of ourselves. Not to good. Do not forget to put in the room a few sheets of drywall until stitched wall wardrobe. Then it makes it very difficult because of the narrow corridor.


The view from the other side.


Brother increasingly irritated at the chandelier. Irritating.
The frame is ready. All sewn up smartly and plasterers all over the room. In the partition, do not forget to lay insulation for noise isolation, so that visitors do not interfere with dressing pochevat located in the bedroom.



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Switch sink to the level of the belt, as to wave harder.


The farther, the more you want to put a door that has finally arrived. And here it is necessary to lay laminate. I'm impatient, 'brother surprised my enthusiasm.


In parallel playing around the material that has to constantly rearrange the apartment. My wife lost all hope of a life without a dust deep into the English scores on us.


Too, I had gone into the details, right? Tongues.
We get up early and put laminate. Uncle Fyodor excited, constantly running past us and keeps everything under control.


Bratovets experiencing an upswing mental strength, posing with obvious pleasure. I said, this builder, here I have even overalls.


The evening and we ended up with the floor. Ahead of us the 8 hour journey in a night OBI and buying wallpaper, about which no one thought to glue them because no one was going.


About parquet I will readily answer, before I go away, ignoring insults. People parquet flooring and normal - they are different things. You know what the parquet for the poor in Soviet times? This is not a parquet floor and parquet-wise they parketinkami that fly away from the board, as the light from the mirror. Yes, and the creak level, and for add-stacked logs so that all goes to shake and creak. And in our time is a good flooring is a very decent money.



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