On the exotic fruits that can be found on our shelves

How to grow bananas

Homeland bananas are the tropics of Southeast Asia.
As food bananas cultivated in the tropics.
At temperatures below 16 C, the growth slowed down significantly, and at 10 C - stops at all.

Contrary to popular belief, bananas do not grow on the palms.
Banana plant - a grass height of 5 meters, pandanus.
With thick, up to 20 centimeters of grass stem.

In Russia, the bananas grow in the vicinity of Sochi, but the fruit does not ripen to a state of suitability for food.

How to grow olives

Olives - it's the fruit of the cultivated olive tree species - olive.
It is an evergreen subtropical tree height of 4-5 (10-12) m. (Photo by Francesco Quarto):

According to the international terminology, there are black olives -
ripe fruit of the olive tree and green olives
- Unripe fruit of the olive tree. In Russia, called the fruit of olives green (unripe),
called black olives olives (ripe). This division exists only in Russian.

How to grow avocados

The English name of avocado tree and fruit of the same name - alligator pear («alligator pear»).
Avocado - a fast-growing tree, reaching a height of 18 meters. The trunk is usually straight, highly branched.


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