Cat posing in front of camera

Home Gagua cat loves to pose for the camera. And then see how this love to the camera became his hobby ...

Its owner, a Chinese blogger toshiya86 once remarked that his four-legged darling of hates disguises, but without hesitation ready to stick his nose, and together with it and head into something new. Of particular interest were at Gagua cardboard image comics and anime characters, in which the owner prudently cut a hole for the head.

Any fantasy toshiya86, embodied them on paper becomes a scene from the life of his pet. Here we see Gagua confidently holding in the paws of swordfish, and later caught during the holiday, which he spent with a glass of wine, comfortably seated on a lion's skin.

As expected, at Gagua and its owner immediately appeared followers. It turned out that the pose for the camera, having put his head into a hole cardboard figure - perhaps the most favorite activity of domestic cats and cats. And you do not want to check? After all, you need to do - a piece of cardboard and colored pencils.


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