How it's done: Pottery

I never thought that the pottery could be so interesting and exciting. But it turned out that this is so. Text from the author:
I was given a piece of clay - just enough to fit in my hands and I could work with her. But before you drop the clay on the potter's wheel - it should be good to recapture in the hands - make a Bun and the opportunity to remove all the air out of clay.

now what I most admire in these classes - it is an opportunity to create something out of nothing. That gave me a piece of clay, and from this I decided to do a vase. Honestly, I was sure that no vase I did not succeed. Not only that, I can not draw, and a vase on my sketch looks more like a trapezoid, and do something your hands - it's not my story ...

But time has come :) Getting started with clay on a potter's wheel. Do not be surprised basin of water :) Water - it is a necessary tool when working with clay.

Upset face and red nose give the fact that I was crying :) I could not get to "calm" the clay and the fact that I did not understand how to do it, I burst into tears :) Here they are creative meal :)

And at some point I even want to get up and leave. But it is worth to pay tribute to the master Angelica - she helped me to believe in themselves and even gave no sign that something is wrong.

Actually, messing around with the clay is very nice!

The most interesting - the first steps to start my future vase.

You know, when to bathe in the waters with muddy bottoms, legs slightly and fail as if draws the? Here a very similar feeling when being introduced into the clay finger.

In a few calls I need to make the extension.

Here begins the excitement - there are glimpses of what clay can really do something.

Here are some thing namutili! Angelica helps to "calm" the clay and then that sometimes as a disperse :)))

Hop, and has a bulge ready!

Begins to form the bottom of the vase.

Once formed the bottom and work on expanding my top vase is almost ready! It remains only to remove excess moisture, which I do with this sponge on a stick.

Now in my hands a thin wire, with which I was "cut off" the finished product from the pottery wheel.

Angelica is letting the water between the bottom of the product range and to be easy to take off my pot.

Voila! A piece of clay, a little tears, basin of water, and pot ready :)

Now, all of who generously shared with me his gift.

The first acquaintance with the clay and the potter's wheel.

Trying to make clay "calm."

The boy at the wheel - immediately clear :)

It seems that men working with clay is heavier than - as in this work does not need power. And probably, a little female grip makes this jewelry work still easier. But rather, it just seems.

However, Ruslan doing great!

In front of him is not an easy task - to make a narrow neck to his pitcher.

But somewhere Ruslanchik little passing clay and narrow it was not possible. Therefore, the pitcher also unsuccessful. But the pot comes out very nice :)

And the bottom is the figure!

Angelica helps remove small crooked.

Stage decoration)

Done! Yeah, not exactly like that, but the pot is fine

Actually, our designs and results. No life would not have believed that I could make such a beauty!

Now, our products over the four days will be dry. Then my will burn in the oven and cover with varnish. And it will look something like this:

Since Ruslana not deprived of artistic talent, he is next Saturday will go a pot of paint. And get something like this beauty:



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