Cosmetic clay of different colors

Very often in cosmetics uses clay. White, blue, green, rose varieties of cosmetic clay a lot. Clay has the ability to soothe the skin, relieve irritation and redness, exfoliate dead skin cells. However, improper use of clay can harm the skin to dry up or intensify irritation.

The color of the clay depends on the impurity ions of iron, titanium, chromium, cobalt, copper or manganese in its composition. White clay dries and cleanses the skin and pores. White clay improves the antibacterial properties of cosmetic preparations. Great for oily skin, but not dry. Blue clay has a unique composition. Mineral salts and trace elements of blue clay in such concentrations no longer occur anywhere else.

Anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Green clay contains a large amount of silver ions. The use of green clay allows you to slow the aging process of the skin, tighten pores and normalize metabolic processes. Green clay is ideal for oily skin. Pink clay contains high amounts of ions of silicon. This type of clay is ideal for oily skin and great hair.

Yellow clay saturates the skin with oxygen and removes toxins, so it is ideal for aging and skin problem. Red clay is suitable for sensitive skin. It perfectly relieves irritation and reduces the manifestations of allergic reactions. Used as therapy for aging skin. Grey clay has a moisturizing effect, so it is ideal for dry skin. Black clay is the most effective in the fight against cellulite, as it has the properties of the output of leather products of metabolism.

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