Buckwheat in folk medicine!

Buckwheat is a pretty popular product. All know from childhood that this porridge is very healthy. But as it is used in folk medicine and what healing properties does it have?

So fresh crushed leaves of buckwheat are used for the treatment of boils and festering wounds, and the juice of this plant to treat conjunctivitis.

In various skin diseases, and malignant tumors, make different ointments and poultices made from buckwheat. Thanks to the flavonoids contained in buckwheat, it prevents the development of cancer.

Also another way of treatment with the help of buckwheat honey with this cereal. So, buckwheat honey helps people who suffer from anemia, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and also atherosclerosis.

In addition, buckwheat is prized for the ability to maintain sight and brain blood circulation, and also, it is recommended to people with diabetes, obesity and liver diseases.

By the way, for those who follow the figure. buckwheat — a real find: rutin, which is a lot in buckwheat, helps vyvedenie water from the body. But we must consider the fact that 100 grams raw buckwheat is 300 grams of boiled porridge. So you should expect, when you cook a certain quantity of buckwheat.

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