How to store honey — 8 useful tips

Honey is one product that can and should be reserved for the future, because he is able to stay tasty and healthy.

In this article we will give answers to 7 major questions about the storage of honey at home, and can advise on how to decorate the honey as a gift.


Question 1. How long can you store honey?

The shelf life of honey according to GOST – 1 year (at temperature not above 20 degrees). But really, in the right conditions, honey can be stored for years without losing its taste and useful properties.


Question 2. Crystallization is an indicator of poor quality? And what if honey secretariatmolsa?

No, on the contrary, it suggests that you bought not a substitute, but a real honey.

The crystallization process is natural and inevitable, and it begins within 3-6 months after opening the can.

Depending on various factors and special treatment, crystals may form large or small.

If you want to regain the fluidity of thickened honey, you just need to warm it in hot water until the crystals melted. Keep in mind that you need not to warm up the whole jar and only need the number. Because this heat treatment reduces the quality and usefulness of the Goodies.


Question 3. How to store honey at home in a small amount?

If you are buying a healthy treat that small banks and eat it every day, you should know the following rules of storage of honey:

  • Best containers – capacity of glass (even better dark glass) or ceramic with a tight fitting lid. And container and cap should be thoroughly washed and dried.
  • The ideal temperature is slightly cooler room, namely +5 — +15 degrees. The maximum allowable temperature for storing honey is 20 degrees.
  • Suitable locations – dark kitchen Cabinet located away from the stove and oven. It is desirable that it is not too often opened, had no internal illumination, and it is not stored salt and sharp-smelling products. Also for honey storage suitable compartment of the refrigerator designed for vegetables.

The worst tanks you can call the container from alloys of iron, zinc, lead and copper, as in honey oxidizes, deteriorates and even becomes harmful.

Always tightly close the lid and leave the jar open for a long time. Bacteria can easily multiply in honey since it contains very little water, but not tightly closed lids, the honey may begin to absorb moisture from the air, and as a consequence to decompose and then to ferment.


Question 4. Is it possible to store honey in the fridge?

Yes, you can. Cold and even freezing honey will not hurt. However, low temperature can accelerate the crystallization process, besides chilled honey is always a little more complicated to use.

However, the compartment for storing vegetables, where there is a temperature up to 10 degrees, the honey will feel fantastic and stay fresh almost forever. Moreover, some varieties of honey with a moisture content over 21% require storage in the refrigerator.

Remember also that it is impossible to store honey near products with a strong odor (fish, garlic, onions, etc.). Even in a closed jar, it can absorb odors.


Question 5. How to organize long-term storage of honey?

If you have large reserves of honey that you plan to store for a long time (from several months to several years), you can just freeze it.

If you decide to freeze the product, make sure that the selected capacity has a margin space so as honey when freezing increases in volume.

To unfreeze the honey should be at room temperature without opening the container.

 Question 6. How to store the honey in honeycombs?

How to store honey in honeycombs? In fact, exactly the same as normal honey – in the dark, cooled in tightly sealed glass containers. Of course, pre-honeycomb have to be cut into pieces that could fit in your jars or containers.

Question 7. From what honey could spoil or change?

  • From-for sharp temperature drops honey can change the color unevenly "to sugar" and lose some of its flavor. So if you decide to store honey in the refrigerator, store it there until the end.
  • Honey should be protected from light, especially from direct sunlight. If you leave a jar of honey in the light for 48 hours, the antibacterial enzyme inhibin destroyed.
  • If a jar of honey how long to leave open, then the honey will absorb moisture from the air, exfoliate and ferment.
  • Due to the long storage the honey begins to darken, thicken and have a little change in taste. This process, like crystallization, is a natural for honey and not talking about his damage.

Question 8. How to decorate jars of honey?

Honey is useful and always appropriate gift. Recently beautifully packaged jars of honey are even presented to guests at weddings. We have collected some ideas of decor honey gifts and presents that you can easily do with their hands.

1. Traditional decor

Very cute jar of honey, covered with a piece of cloth and tied with rope or tape. Materials for such decoration it is better to use natural cotton, linen, lace, fit and Kraft paper. Banks can tie jute rope, twine or satin ribbon.

2. Bank + spoon-spindle

Honey gift will be not only delicious, but also practical to complement it with a spoon with the spindle. For this it is necessary just to tie the Bank to a beautiful ribbon.

3. The honey cones with cork lid

If you want to make mini-gifts, you will have to pick up the little jars, for example from baby food. However, you can do more original and pour honey in flasks with cork lids, which are sold in stores for needlework.

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4. The jar label or sticker

To make honey a present personalized, just attach to the can beautiful the tag or stick a label and, of course, to sign. Labels and stickers can be printed on the computer, ready to buy, and you can cut and decorate their own hands.

5. Bank bag or pouch

A jar of honey can be wrapped in a beautiful pouch, paper or fabric bag. So you not only beautify your gift, but will also protect it from sunlight.published




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