Treatment with copper or a bit of megatherapy

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Most often used megatherapy, treatment with copper, when copper is used for an application is very quick and completely harmless relieving pain or reducing them.

It is believed that not all trace elements detected in the tissues of the human body, are essential. It is established that the most vital trace elements for humans are magnesium and iron. But copper, manganese, iodine, cobalt, zinc, strontium, molybdenum also apply to essential human minerals.

However, with a shortage in human nutrition for three of the above mentioned elements – copper, zinc, iodine in the human body pathological deviations. Therefore, in the present article you will learn of such minerals as copper, which is extremely necessary for health.

In the same way as iron, copper in maintaining normal blood composition plays a very important role. With a lack of copper reduces the effectiveness of iron which accumulate in the liver, may not participate in the formation of hemoglobin.

Research has shown that the daily requirement of copper is about 2 mg for adults and children older than 4 years. The main sources of copper include cereals, legumes, nuts and liver. But keep in mind that a very important source of replenishment of the body's copper is tap water. But in cow's milk copper too little.

Clinical signs of copper deficiency in the body are usually anemia, osteoporosis (bone thinning), disorders of the Central nervous system, depigmentation of hair and skin. Researchers, for example, came to the conclusion that dark hair contains more copper than in the light. Moreover, as scientists say, gray hair is the result of a deficiency of copper in the body.

To resolve the copper deficiency in the diet is used the sulphate of copper, the introduction of 2 – 3 mg of this drug per day in a 1% solution, which is 0.4–0.6 mg of copper.


If mediteranei, the treatment of copper in some cases is used in conjunction with other methods of treatment. Treatment with copper, for example, compatible with the diet, starvation, and sometimes even with medication. Recently, however, copper began to be used as a standalone tool.

Of course more school readiness we know that the copper on electrical conductivity is the most popular material in electrical engineering. In folk medicine, high conductivity copper tried to put at the service of man for its deliverance from various ailments.

People noticed that if you put a piece of copper to the affected area, then comes relief and the pain may subside within a few minutes. If severe pain does not subside, it can greatly weaken and give the sick person to relax and even sleep.

As noted in the first part of the article, copper as a trace mineral, is included in our biochemical cycle and has a tremendous impact on redox processes. For example, when copper deficiency iron is not excreted from the liver and thus stops the formation of hemoglobin.

People have long known of an application of copper items, copper pennies often, while getting rid of bruises and bumps. The principle of operation of such applicators is that human skin constantly produces through the sweat pores of various salts, which are excellent electrolyte.

When the affected area on the skin, apply copper objects from the copper in the electrolyte of sweat separated ions, which through the sweat pores freely penetrate into the subcutaneous layer. After penetration of copper ions in the subcutaneous layer they have both anti-inflammatory and analgesic action, fight pathogens, and even activate some physiological processes.

The result of overlay applications with copper is that bumps and bruises are absorbed, the inflammation goes away, wounds heal. A particularly effective application in copper with dermatitis, non-healing ulcers or when the skin is infected by bacteria and viruses. Sometimes the treatment with copper is the only and, moreover, indispensable from the point of view of security means getting rid of the disease.


From the practice of fasting established that the implementation period of fasting of copper deficiency in the body starving is never observed. But when a person has something hurts, it is the location of the pain will be the deficiency of copper.

Numerous examples have shown that regardless of the causes of disease, for example, there is discomfort in the liver, or suffered mechanical trauma to the body, or any headache for some inexplicable reason, one should just apply to the sore place a copper object, as the copper will immediately begin to be absorbed by the body.

On copper from the body after application forms a black film of oxide of copper and its actually not recommended to clean. At elevated copper deficiency in the location of the pain changes in any body under the foil usually can not see. But with repeated overlays applications the patient can feel the location of the pain some discomfort. Later there are the sweat and itching.

Afraid of symptoms of itching and sweat should not be, and will even correct a bit to suffer this mild discomfort. Applique copper object, after it is removed, leave on the body spot salad green. The wash is a green spot is not recommended, as it will resolve itself. Increased body's need for copper may only be terminated after full recovery.

When copper green spots resolved, and the symptoms resumed, it will indicate that the body is lacking of copper, we can once again resume an application of copper.

We should recognize the fact that treatment with the copper method of overlay applications is not only harmless, but also very important is the ability of the body to give a hint on the duration of the session megatherapy, and on its repetition in case of need it.


Popularizers of megatherapy, treatment with copper, expressed by so many enthusiastic opinions about this method of getting rid of the pain of various localization, imbued with a confidence in their words. But when really convinced of the effectiveness of treatment with copper, then disappear all sorts of doubts.

Even in his student days our course in the spring of sent to provide ad hoc support to the sponsored enterprise. The work was associated with the movement of soil that requires considerable effort.

In six hours we are so physically exhausted that could barely walk to the dining room, where we were cooked food as payment for our activity at the deadline. Feel hunger dulled our vigilance, none of us during the meal was not concerned that the food (pasta with meat) turned sour.

By evening, some of us have the first symptoms of food poisoning, which (I apologize for details) mercilessly multiply the number of people wishing to quickly get to the toilet. In the hostel there was panic, because the queue has reached the toilets on each floor sizes comparable to those queues that are in peak hours motorists at intersections.

In such a critical situation, I had to dig in memory and to recall the publication in the newspaper, about the treatment of copper, in which, in particular, mentioned about the intake of copper with food poisoning. Managed to find a piece of stranded copper electrical wires.

Freeing it from the insulation and varnish, scissors cut very short (not more than 1 mm) pieces of the beam in the wire, mixed with a slice of bread and swallowed. After an hour decided to err, and swallowed another bread crumb with copper. The measures taken were very necessary and effective, and delivered me from panic fears impatient sitting in the queue to the toilet.

The mechanism of action of copper treatment of gastrointestinal disorders is surprisingly simple. As well as putrefactive bacteria and is fermented by bacteria in reproduction produce a lot of acid, the copper dissolves in the acid, lowers acidity, which leads to the suppression of putrefactive microflora. In this case, even an overdose of copper is not dangerous, as it goes with the feces.

In the twenty-first century people, back to health methods of their ancestors, as if rediscovering the ways and means of healing that were known and widely used in previous generations. This fully applies to the treatment of copper.published 


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