Treatment of metals in Ayurveda

Metalotherapy in Ayurveda is part of the treatment and restore tridosha balance. The use of compounds of different metals in Ayurveda is unique, for any other systems of healing this does not apply to the same extent. Treatment of metals is known since the times of ancient China and India, but stubbornly rejected by the majority of modern physicians are attributed to metals only poisonous properties. Paracelsus, 16th century physician, said, "the Correct dose is responsible for the difference between poison and medicine." Ayurveda also States "Properly used, the poison acts as nectar and improperly used the nectar as poison."

Rules that must be strictly followed in the use of drugs containing metals (oxide), the following:

Minimum dose: these drugs are prescribed in milligrams and the dose is based on the strength and age of the patient.

Short duration of use: these drugs are not prescribed for a long period, to prevent a cumulative effect.

Anupana (medication guide): honey, ghee, milk, vegetable juices (according to the prescription of an Ayurvedic doctor depending on the patient, disease, etc.), which, among other things, reduce the risk of intoxication.

With great success the ancient Ayurvedic physicians used the special processed metals: mercury, gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper, etc., claiming that all the toxic metals were cleaned with proper treatment and preparation of metal according to the Ayurvedic prescriptions. The benefits of metallotherapy has long been known not only in India. In all countries know always ate and drank from gold, silver, and copper utensils. To store food and water also used containers from different precious metals.

The antibacterial properties of many metals are widely known. During a terrible pestilence in Paris from cholera died out half the population, many in the surrounding area. But, oddly enough, in the area of copper-smelting workshops, did not get sick any one person.

An ancient Ayurvedic recipe to keep water in a copper pot with water over night and drink it in the morning immediately after waking up. Also, upon storage of the metals (gold, silver, copper) in water for a certain time, the water charged with metal ions and becomes much more useful for consumption.

It is recommended to take water, ionized following metals:

Gold people suffering from respiratory diseases, asthma, lung diseases, heart. Gold is good for the brain, relaxes physically and mentally.

Silver people suffering from digestive problems (stomach, intestines, liver), problems of the urinary system. Silver has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. In the old days the milk was kept fresh for a long time, if dishes added silver coins, as silver instantly kill pathogens of all types.

Copper – persons suffering from chronic and complex diseases (diseases of the joints, paralysis, polio), leprosy, high blood pressure, stress and mental strain. Copper needed by the body for various physiological functions (synthesis of different substances of protein metabolism, activity of enzymes). It benefits in maintaining healthy bones, blood formation, normal functioning of the nervous system of the body. (for more on the copper will separate next post).

To obtain ionized water should be used 10-20 grams gold items (rings, bracelets, coins) in 1 l of water; or silver 20 -50 gr. pure silver (coins, dishes, a small silver plate, spoons, forks); or 40 -50 gr. copper (coins, utensils, small plates or pieces of copper).



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