How to remove a double chin using clay and cucumber

A double chin is the accumulation of fatty tissue under the chin. Of course, it concerns us primarily for aesthetic reasons.

Normally, a double chin occurs when we gain excess weight and the skin and muscles in this place lose their elasticity, but sometimes its appearance is due to the presence of some diseases.

In this article we explain what you need to do to solve this problem and will tell you about a great home remedy clay-based and cucumber.

Useful properties of clay

One of the factors of the appearance of double chin is poor drainage of lymph, causing the fats and the toxins accumulate in the "problem." It is desirable to facilitate their excretion through the pores of the skin — this is where clay.

Since ancient times, the placement of the clay used in many health problems. In our time, available different types of purified clay. Most often used green and red clay. Zone double chin can take any of them.

The clay is three main useful properties:

  • It reduces inflammation, if the double chin is associated with the abnormal tension of the jaw muscles.

  • Removes toxins through the pores.

  • Provides the body some of the necessary trace elements.

The beneficial properties of cucumber

The well-known "ability" cucumber tone the skin. Due to this it helps to fight sagging skin that comes with age and as a result of excessive sun exposure.

Cucumber not only makes the skin more elastic, but also contributes to its hydration. It can be used as a cucumber and clean it. We will tell you how to do it better.

How to cook like this?

  • This requires the clay powder and fresh cucumber juice.If not have a juicer, you can chop the cucumber and then strain the liquid. The remains do not throw away, still useful to us.

  • In the preparation of clay from powder, instead of water, use cucumber juice. Thus, we will strengthen useful properties of this mask, which is applied to the area of double chin.

  • That the clay does not lose its useful properties, it is by no means impossible to keep in a pot made of plastic or metal. It should be of glass, clay or wood.

  • The consistency of the clay should be such that it was well spread on the body; it should not be lumps. It should not be too dry, but should not be too thin, must not run from the place to which it is applied.


How to apply it?

  • Apply a layer of clay (thickness approximately half a centimeter) on the double chin and leave it there for about half an hour. Clay during this time completely dry. At this time, will try not to speak and not gesture.

  • Then rinse off the clay with warm water, then rinse your this place cold water to the pores closed.

  • After we dry the skin, apply on the area of double chin the remains of the cucumber. It additionally tones and moisturizes the skin. Additionally, the cucumber will reduce the skin irritation that sometimes occurs after the mask of clay.

  • When the skin is dry, apply the regular moisturizer that we wipe the face.

Do this procedure every two or three days, at least within a month. If the result seems not too impressive, you can extend the use of this mask.

Concluding remarks

To achieve good results, you need to go beyond this home remedy, and to follow the recommendations, which we wrote about in other articles:

  • A balanced diet, rich in antioxidants.

  • Exercises for the muscles in the area of double chin; they help to relax and tone up the place.

  • Treatment natural remedies hypothyroidism, if the appearance of a double chin is associated with this disease.



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  • Protection from excessive sun exposure.

  • Correct posture when we sit (behind a computer, reading, etc.).

  • Treatment natural remedies for bruxism, if we have this abnormal tension of the jaw muscles.

  • If we have excess weight, the diet should be reasonable, without harsh weight loss, which can cause can sagging occur and the increasing problem of double chin.published



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