18 MAGICAL and inexpensive means for youth and beauty

There is another way to stay beautiful without spending a lot of money. When you go to the drugstore for nose drops, note simple pharmacy range — often for a modest packing lurk great opportunities. Take note, just before use, consult in any case with the doctor — do you have individual contraindications.

1. Hydrogen peroxide

All known a disinfectant and deodorant, it is absolutely harmless and you can find it in every home. We cleaned her ears and applied to cuts to stop the bleeding, but it turns out for our appearance, it can be useful.


If you remove the black spots in the home, do not forget to properly moisten the skin with hydrogen peroxide. It is well loosens the Horny layer of the skin, and they will be very easy to come to the surface when pressed together with the whole rod.

After removal of this evil from the skin, again wipe these places – thus, you will close down and cleans the pores, and next day on face there will be no trace.

You suddenly ran out of deodorant? – wipe underarms with hydrogen peroxide, sweating is certainly not reduce, but the smell a long time will not be exact. By the way, if you want to extend for a couple of hours the action of the deodorant, for example, if it's a long journey, and surely to stay fresh, this advice will also help. Only apply deodorant already dried on the skin.

And if you don't have any makeup, peroxide will rescue you. Hydrogen peroxide can replace lotion and tonic, because it cleans, tightens and whitens the pores. Suitable for all skin types and for oily – just perfect because reduces fat separation, and can be used daily.

2. Badyaga

Of all the masks with the addition of hydrogen peroxide, mask pain is the best known.

Freshwater sponge named badyaga, in powder form is sold in almost every pharmacy. Many believe that exfoliation using badyagi, is not much inferior to the effect of salon procedures. In principle, it is, but there is one drawback – the pain, long-term use causes hair growth. If the facial hair you already have, then mask the pain you are not suitable.

Agree, the defect is minor. And if no contraindications you do not, then the pain magically able to change your skin. The top layer of dead cells, after several masks almost completely removed. And in this layer and blackheads, comedones and pimples are different. To make such a mask is better, if you know what the next 12 hours will go nowhere, as the face will be red like an Indian.

In short, just dilute the powder with peroxide, and apply to wet skin. To redness faster sleep, you can then apply zinc ointment. After that within 3 – 4 days the skin may peel off, and once they all recover, you can make a mask and peeling again. The course of masks is always better than one. But here you are, skin condition decide how much you want them to do.

3. Calendula tincture

Calendula tincture is absolutely necessary in every medicine Cabinet. It is proved that it is more effective than iodine for the treatment of wounds and cuts, as marigold has a unique ability to accelerate tissue regeneration, reduce inflammation and induce wound healing.

If this medicine helps to cure boils and ulcers, acne will definitely deliver. I do believe the tincture of calendula to be the best lotion. If you are afraid of alcohol, then dilute it with water in proportion 1 to 1.

Yet, the tincture of calendula is great dries the scalp, and if you will periodically RUB it to the hair will zhirnet considerably less. Hair can be added to the tincture of calendula castor oil. To RUB need throughout the month, and it helps seborrhea.

4. Levomekol

Domestic ointment "Levomekol", has a fairly strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity and active against various microorganisms (Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas and E. coli).

If you are injured, burned, you boil, you have scratched your face or feel begins to break the pimple can help you with this ointment. Apply a thick layer to the affected area until. And runs after her fast enough.

5. Salicylic alcohol and salicylic ointment

Component of almost all against acne and against seborrheic means, salicylic acid, dissolved in alcohol, sold in every pharmacy. If you have acne, blackheads, back acne, very oily skin, or problems with certainaly is the vehicle for you.

I read recently that in America conducted a study on the topic of the most effective remedy against acne and pimples. The Americans came to the conclusion that salicylic acid is the best known, and consider it almost a panacea for all skin problems.

One of my friends very effectively fights with black dots, applying every night, salicylic ointment after wiping with hydrogen peroxide. Salicylic ointment is softer than alcohol, and good exfoliate dead skin cells.

I warn you – salicylic alcohol is very drying, so apply it point. By the way, salicyl dissolves only in alcohol, so it is unclear where it comes from without alcohol in lotions. And salicylic acid prevents the appearance of calluses and roughness of the skin, so after a pedicure, apply it on your heels and other problem areas.

6. Zinc ointment

Zinc ointment is an anti-inflammatory agent that has a drying, absorbent, astringent and antiseptic action. After cleaning the face with acne and any inflammation, apply zinc ointment.

Again, if the pimple starts once it's place for the night and in the morning, most likely, it will not be a trace. No wonder zinc is part of the widely advertised remedies for problem skin. Only they are expensive, and ointment penny.

Next to you there was no irritation after depilation in the bikini area, apply for a few hours the zinc ointment. Usually, only one application to forget about this trouble until the next procedure.

Did you do a pedicure at home or in the salon, and want longer to keep the effect? Just periodically apply on the forefoot and heel zinc ointment. Checked.

7. Apilak (issued in the form of ointments, candles, Bud)

Apilak is a patented one of Tallinn pharmaceutical plant, the trade name of the product based on Royal jelly. Manufactured since Soviet times and helped this tool is not one generation of people. Apilak – General tonic, adaptogen, biogenic stimulator of metabolic processes, and the source of amino acids, heaps of vitamins and macro elements.

Spectrum of diseases for which it is prescribed is huge. Often Apilak prescribed to children for lack of appetite, people in recovery period after surgery and stress as an additional tool in the treatment of infertility. Ointment in combination with Bud included in the treatment of seborrhea and atopic dermatitis, and after a month of use reduces oiliness, reduces the number of inflammatory cells, reduces itching.

For oily, problematic skin, useful at least once in a week apply Apilak on the skin thick layer. If you have chronic fatigue syndrome, high physical or mental stress, or just want to cheer up the reception "Apilak" this is one of the safest ways to do it. Sold in every pharmacy, is cheap.

8. St. John's wort oil, chamomile, nettle, burdock oil, castor oil.

All these oil is not the deficit, is affordable and very well nourish and regenerate hair. I suggest to buy everything and alternately do hot wraps with them. Typically, the oil is packaged in small glass bottles, I just put them in a Cup of boiling water, and in a minute already heated oil on your hair. Do this twice a week.

9. Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate or magnesium)

The drug is known to all hypertensive patients and people with liver disease. As far as I know, the ambulance magnesia in ampoules used for the rapid decompression. But for our purposes – gaining of grooming and health – we need magnesium powder. It is Packed in bags of 100 grams.

If you need it urgent, just for 1 day to lose weight, you will help bath with the addition of 1 kg of magnesia. The effect is based on the removal of excess water from the body. Bath and useful for people suffering from edema, it helps the kidneys to cope with the load.

Patients with psoriasis this bath is also really make life easier as well-clears the skin. Bath with Epsom salts will be useful to people with problem skin on the body, acne on back and chest and just wishing to cleanse the body. Just don't overdo it, a tub of chalk can be used a maximum of once a month, so it is very powerful.

10. Cosmetic clay

About clay (white, green, blue, etc.) and the like so everyone knows. And that clay masks, baths and wraps really act, I think, too. Be sure to buy a couple of packs, if you have not tried.White clay is better suited for dry skin and hair, green for oily skin and oily hair, and blue, in principle, suitable for all.
Of course, simple cosmetic clay is not as effective as, for example, Moroccan, or one that is sold in Indian stores. But the price is different.

11. Pasta "SULSENA"

Known to our parents means to care for hair paste "SULSENA" is an emulsion based selenium disulfide. This disulfide is subregulation, and has anti-dandruff action.

Pasta "SULSENA" will help you, if you have dandruff, dull hair and oily quickly if they split or fall out. Sulphur, part of the paste strengthens and thickens hair from within, so that after application they seem to be thicker.

It really helps, if you want to increase the time between shampooing. Personally can attest – hair longer remain fresh and amazing Shine.

12. Romazulan

"Romazulan" it's antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory drug consisting of an extract of chamomile and essential oil of chamomile (azulene live). Those who, like me, is a fan of chamomile smell – I think that will come from this drug in delight.

The beauty of "Romazulan" that you can add it everywhere: in the bath, in shampoo, handmade Soaps, shower gel, masks. It can be used as a lotion for oily, problem skin, and generally any skin inflammation, in diseases of the gums and even as deodorant.
Just imagine that when in the cosmetics add just one gram azulene, she already has a therapeutic effect, and there's a lot of it in 100 ml packaging. I think that "Romazulan" should each care about their beauty.

13. Cubes with herbs.

Daisy series jojoba oil olive oil! And all in the freezer! Dice and in the morning wipe the face! It becomes fresh, rosy and soft! And generally during the day if the person is tired, should to wipe, and facial fatigue disappears!

14. Aevitum

From wrinkles super funds. Apply to the skin around the eyes. Capsules cost 34 rubles. This vitamin "A and "E" together, apply morning and evening under eyes. Or, you can smear only 1 time a day, hold 2 hours, then it is absorbed, or wet cloth. If at home, so all day you can walk! Good effect.Use 2 weeks, then a break.

15. Bluefroger No. 1

— there hyaluronic-TA. From the "bags" under the eyes. Apply a thick layer 3 times a day and always at night the bad fat in a few days the swelling should go and the wrinkles to escape. You can also try castor oil. In the morning on 2 hours to apply after the gel (lifting effect). You can go even further, and buy pure hyaluronic acid capsules (on the website or in shop cosmetologists) and a vial to inject into the vial leveragein. Every time before applying shake well and apply.

16. A solution of calcium chloride

Peeling — Hollywood cleaning:

To clean, dry face is applied a solution of calcium chloride (35 rubles), wait until dry, then applied a second coat, and again waiting for drying. Lather hands with baby soap and gently massage the skin, rolling up coils. The mechanism here is the following: calcium chloride interacts with soap (sodium or potassium salt of higher carboxylic acids) formed potassium chloride or sodium and insoluble calcium salt of higher carboxylic acids, which rolls, simultaneously grasping a part of the top layer of keratin scales. It turns out surface gentle exfoliation.

The use of calcium chloride for skin cleansing is possible in the absence of inflammatory cells. Very effective. Tested!!!

17. Heparin ointment (from edema if the morning... terrible bags under my eyes)

18. Retinoic ointment

A storehouse of vitamin A. Ointment is positioned against acne, but is also an excellent prevention of aging, improves skin, removes redness.
Make a mask for 20-30 minutes, longer. Someone leaves for the night. I heard that in USA, cosmetologists equivalent (reticula) prescribed as the only proven way to combat wrinkles.

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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