Method of Professor Neumyvakina: healing hydrogen peroxide H2O2


20 years ago the medical community of America is shocked quiet a sensation, studies have confirmed successful inside the use of hydrogen peroxide H2O2. For the treatment of diseases of the brain.

Yes, Yes, that the cheap and accessible peroxide, which treated the wounds in our poor hospitals. Which was cleaned to a dazzling white teeth, blonde ladies have bleached your hair, the cost of the bottle (50ml) which in pharmacy now equal to the price of the tram ticket.

But gradually the passion subsided, and further development of antibiotics almost completely undermined the interest of the medical business to the "three-a" drug of H2O2, not ringing coin.

The idea of "oxygenation"
In the 90-ies it was established that tumours develop rapidly only in anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment, when body tissues experience oxygen starvation (hypoxia). The famous German biochemist Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel prize for the results of studies of the Association of oxygen and cancer. He concluded that the tumors most often appear in areas of the body which are poorly supplied with oxygen, and that in fact normal cells into malignant transformirovalsya due to lack of oxygen. Emerged expensive the idea of "oxygenation", the oxygenation of body tissues. And all of a sudden!

American Dr. Farr in 1998, makes the following discovery: better oxygenation of the tissues occurs by introducing blood... hydrogen peroxide! With the introduction of intravenous H2O2 causes increased speed of exchange processes in 2 — 3 times!

Hydrogen peroxide is a clear liquid without taste and smell. Hydrogen peroxide is also called perhydrol, gidroperita, hyperon,... laparola H2O2 — oxygen-containing drug, discovered the French chemist L. J. thenard in 1818, he called it "oxidized water". Hydrogen peroxide is a strong antiseptic that is widely used around the world as an external, disinfectant and styptic.

Father internal use of hydrogen peroxide H2O2 in Russia became Professor Ivan Pavlovich Neumyvakin, who is called man of the year 2002. He began the study of H2O2 in 1966, engaging in the closed scientific research Institute of medico-biological problems of medical support of space flights. His article in the "Bulletin zozh" (Healthy lifestyle No. 5,209, 2002) was a bombshell. In the newspaper barrage of letters and calls from grateful readers of HLS that is already cured, being almost in a hopeless condition.

Now written more than 6,000 articles on the domestic application of H2O2, which makes a revolution in medicine. What diseases can be treated with the help of hydrogen peroxide H2O2? Diseases of the blood vessels of the brain, Alzheimer's disease, cardiovascular disease, angina, asthma, emphysema, leukemia, herpes, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson's disease, migraine, cancer and even AIDS... this list makes you wince:

Is the "panacea for all diseases"?!

The essence of the opening Neumyvakina.
Our body is constantly attacked by viruses and germs. The role of a killer take on the antibodies and the white blood cells granulocytes: a surrounding "uninvited guests", they develop an aggressive oxidizer of H2O2 from water and atmospheric oxygen. H2O2 interacts with the enzyme of human blood – catalase and turns then into atomic oxygen, which destroys the surrounding tissue makes you look older and destroys all abnormal, and alien in the body, normalizes the redox processes, stimulates the immune system. Atomic oxygen also oxidizes the fats trapped on the walls of the arteries, preventing atherosclerosis.

The restoration and strengthening of the transport conveyor (blood and lymph), protective and supporting functions of the body, that is, cleaning of slagging of the body, helps to cure almost any disease.

The inflated bubble:

Let's start "from the stove". Consider the state of the dormant like a domestic dog or cat. They suddenly stretch out, ridiculous open mouth "wider mittens", dumped the language and yawn all the time. People may yawn in the day dozens of times, especially in a state of sleepiness, fatigue, and stress. Often yawn climbers in the mountains, the pilots before takeoff. Why? Deep breathing training is the most important organ — the lungs. In a sleepy and relaxed state of the lungs are filled fully, about one third in the blood accumulates carbon dioxide. Occurs spasm unsolved, stuck areas of lungs, a signal is sent to the brain, the man makes a deep breath and holds it, puffing a bubble for a few seconds. Yawning is an ancient form of breathing, swallowing close to the movement of reptiles.

Apnea, swallowing and breathing occur when sudden physical stress: heavy lifting, walking stairs, running, swimming, bending, awkward positions, working with tools, axe, hammer, saw, screwdriver, etc. Physical activity was a natural human condition for millions of years. Replacing physical labor, machine, man moves further and further away from the delays breathing, deep breathing, comes to inactivity. Very important and useful biological rhythm of powerful excitation light (heavy — light breath) gradually disappears. Now exercises on deep breathing, exercise, respiratory muscles included in any modern gymnastics, aerobics, fitness, bodybuilding, occupy an important place and yogis. Here you could insert examples of paradoxical evidence of the insidious chains: (the Means of comfort and coziness --> relaxation --> shallow breathing --> atrophy of the lungs --> hypoxia --> cancer!)

Show more oxygen paradox?
The paradox of the last floor In the industrial city could accumulate in low-lying areas. It would seem that the higher the floor, the cleaner the air! Not at all. From observations of fire: the higher the floor, the lower spreading smoke in the apartment. From the logs, Ambulance and primary care physicians: 1 call the patient from the first floor have 10 calls with the latest. As in a giant pipe in an apartment building, crammed with hundreds of heating devices, creates a powerful thrust, the warm stale post exhaust air goes to the vents to the upper floors. Together with kitchen and bath gases, tobacco smoke, and breath of patients around the entrance. And smog is harmful suspended matter. From fumes and scents from below do not save any ventilation or Elevator wells, no superheronie door. Slightly opening the door of the apartment on the ground floor, make sure using thin strips of paper: the air goes out of the apartment. And the last — enters the apartment. Any cold air vents to the upper floors are wide open, but the fresh oxygen inside the room is not received, that is the law of vertical pipe — the law of nature. So, the first floors of this oxygen trap, the last exhaust pipe.

The same effect is observed even in the same room, stale air and smoke will accumulate under the ceiling. And Khrushchev, and in high-end apartments. Remember the loft in the old village huts to Sleep on the floor cold under the ceiling stuffy. From the earliest times of the Church, the Royal Palace, the Royal castles were built with high arches. All public spaces — railway stations, theaters, clubs, restaurants, schools, hospitals should strive to perfect health — below floor and above ceiling. The architects of the future: do not connect the apartment to the total air pillar, lifts and stairs are only on the outside of a skyscraper, each apartment has its own ventilation. "The connection between oxygen and disease is now firmly established" - W. Spencer way.

And the paradox of the highlanders, long-lived, living at altitudes up to 3000m above sea level? High in the mountains, thin air, hard to breathe. Why is oxygen starvation, leading to cancer and life-shortening, the body often feels not in the mountains, and in large industrial centers, Metropolitan cities, located at the bottom? Boiled, canned food. It has no oxygen, and for its processing/burning the body needs more than normal to deliver oxygen through the lungs, the skin, thereby impoverishing the blood and tissues. The highlanders frequently eat raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, drink raw spring water, they rarely reach canned civilization. Yes, and firewood in the mountains hard to get, have to save.

"Normal life is unthinkable without a rhythmic combustion and oxidation" - said the great master of medicine Zalmanov. The body is a continuous process of combustion, combustion of food and waste cells, which is impossible without oxygen. But, it turns out, the lion's share of the oxygen goes to the digestion of food, and the body is much more important to get oxygen along with food and water, than through the lungs. Harder to breathe? But Highlander shepherds have powerful lungs and strong muscles, not accustomed to comfort.
... . And food, enriched with oxygen.


So, hydrogen peroxide H2O2 is needed for the additional paging to the atomic oxygen, which the body is never enough. And especially when physical inactivity, high-rise buildings, cooked food and boiled water. Being fond of cooked food, we often forget a simple truth: in order To adapt our body to the rough, raw foods, nature spent millions of years, and need millions of years to rebuild the body on canned food, pills, and enemas. Instead of every possible way to enrich the food with oxygen, we have been innovating and improving heating apparatus that removes oxygen from food. And the body requires either raw food wildlife, or boiled, but! With oxygen additives.

Professor Neumyvakin advises to take into normal 3% H2O2, starting 2-3 drops in a spoonful of water on an empty stomach 3 times a day. Daily add a spoonful of 1 drop (to get used). On the 7th day will be 10 drops in a spoonful of water. So, the full course of 10 days of fasting, 10 drops 3 times a day, 2-3 days break.

Taking these courses can be a lifetime. As carbonated mineral water or kvass, as iodized salt, as chlorine, which are always in tap water. In fact, this proposal to transfer from H2O2 cures painful conditions of the body in a group of daily oxygen and food additives, used as oxygen cocktails. Contraindications to reception of hydrogen peroxide H2O2 no.

Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 without smell and taste, can make "by eye", without the equipment, tools and technologies, trends and recipes. No long lines and special classrooms, without strict regimes and uncomfortable procedures. Harmless bubble so spoon water — cheaper and easier does not happen!

I. P. Neumyvakin:
"I'm as sick and healthy, make it a rule: take hydrogen peroxide daily, from tomorrow until the end of life."

Everything is a poison...

Response to sceptics:
In ancient Sparta, the sick dropped from a cliff. And our medicine works on the principle: "the Patient is always right and the doctor is always required." (Add in a whisper: If the patient is rich, and the doctor — poor...). As a result of ache were not ashamed and even fashionable, patients are becoming more and doctors less. The doctor is forced to balance on the blade of the scalpel, on the verge of life and death, between the shortage / too much doses of anesthesia, between the patient and the pharmaceutical industry, between the Prosecutor's office and the insurance company. Experimenting on people is dangerous. When adverse effects and fatal outcomes with H2O2 for the experiments all doctors would jail. (Now with cliffs dropping doctors. For the error). And you need the doctor? To keep it doctor (and to stay sick!) The most convenient is to monitor the application of the peroxide with alternatives at home. In the case of the first death — ban. And Neumyvakina to defame and extinguish... it's Not working, Lord shark the oxygen-medical business and others like them! People will not give.

"Everything is poison and everything is medicine, Only the dose makes a substance a poison or a drug, No harmful substances, there is a harmful concentration" is the catch phrase of Paracelsus, father of pharmacology, the great physician of the Renaissance. This is the basis of medicine of all times and peoples. Why not found of contraindications to the peroxide? The secret is simple: Oxygen is one of the few chemical elements that are consumed by the body in large quantities. Always needed and any body involved in crucial metabolic and Bioorganic processes. The man — child of the plant world and have to bathe in the oxygen. In an unequal battle joined "cheap bottle" with the mighty medical machine. Got the throat, he all of a sudden tycoons, shearers "loot" on human suffering. But expensive antibiotics were started once with the mold. And the effectiveness of the H2O2 will try to judge by the letters.

A letter to the "Herald HLS":

— I removed a cancerous tumor in the stomach, relatives said will not live long. After 3 weeks of taking peroxide H2O2 I'm alive, the stomach was completely clean.
— I had cancer of the esophagus, fed through the catheter. After taking H2O2 stomach and intestines earned, on examination, metastases were not detected.
— The husband – the invalid of the 1st group, brain contusion, memory loss, speech. After taking peroxide H2O2 began to speak, remember stop, stopped falling out of his mouth food.
The son, a student, fell ill with leukemia, turned into a skeleton, did not get up. Started taking H2O2 together with infusions of nettle, and celandine. Son started to walk, passes the tests.
The wife suffered from Parkinson's disease, couldn't walk, falling. After 7 months of rubbing and intake peroxide H2O2 began to walk, recovered it like he is 10 years younger.
— I the invalid of the 2nd group suffered a heart attack, suffered from angina. After a few weeks of receiving H2O2 if the heart is replaced, drive the car, easily walk 5 km.
— A husband with a stroke and was paralyzed. Conducted 2 courses of H2O2, the results exceeded all expectations. Now he walks, runs right hand.
— I suffered from IBS, arthritis: living on the 2nd floor, could not get out of the house. After 3 months of receiving peroxide H2O2 heart pain stopped, the swelling gone, I began to swim, she swam across the river 400 m.
I have a cerebrovascular accident, atherosclerosis, brought under the hand of the wife. Spent 1 rate of H2O2, walk began, the condition has improved markedly.
— I have Lyme disease – 9 months did not get up, swollen joints, atrophied muscles. After six months of receiving H2O2 began to move, as the young, all the tumors of the joints disappeared.
— My mother is 90 years old, stomach cancer, constantly sick, vomited. Was to drink hydrogen peroxide H2O2, her appetite became normal to eat, gone irregular, darkened hair.
— I had rheumatism, arthritis and arthrosis of the knee, pain when walking, felt sentenced to death. After 9 months of receiving H2O2 walk normally, began to work.
— I had chronic cholecystitis, polyps in the intestine, the pressure of 180/100, high cholesterol. After 5 months. receive peroxide cholecystitis is gone, HELL 130/90 keeps cholesterol normal.
— What a pity that we did not know before about hydrogen peroxide H2O2, how many people could have been saved!


Doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Ivan Pavlovich Neumyvakin, laureate of the state prize with the title "the Best healer of Russia". Author of over 200 scientific papers and 85 patents. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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