Treatment of diseases as described by Professor Neumyvakina

Methodology Professor Neumyvakina the subject of many books and articles. Doctor advises published many books, however, Neumyvakin does not stop at the achieved results, and working more and more with each passing year. Health doctor Neumyvakina techniques have been successfully applied in his own health centers.

Hearth health

The so-called Professor health centers in which only a few nurses and knowledgeable technology doctor who can cure all for a week for about thirty patients.

Ivan Pavlovich says that the majority of patients after three weeks stop taking drugs, of course, there are exceptions, such as patients with a diagnosis of Type II diabetes, and others. Who use drugs, but moving to the minimum dose.

In fact, all the current drugs merely bind us to himself in spite of the prices and the effects of, and after rehabilitation in such "centers of health," people are starting to realize that their health is in their own hands, rather than the pharmacy shelves.

His methods of healing the body professor divided not only in health centers, they can learn from Neumyvakina books. For example, "Endoecology health" tells you about the possibility of maintaining the health of its own body, the practical recommendations of the treatment and prevention of various ailments.

Principles of rehabilitation

Special treatments doctors Neumyvakina based on the idea to make the body strong and healthy. But how, you ask?

It's very simple - to cleanse the body, to conduct a correct way of life and to carry out a few simple recommendations

. The first recommendation of professor is that a person needs to drink at least half liters of clean water per day.

And the second - a moderate exercise

. As you can see, everything is really simple. Taking care of their own health and should not be complicated, but there is one condition - so care must be systematically

. Professor Neumyvakin sure that all depends on the patient's understanding that medicine only eliminates the symptoms of the disease, rather than treat it. If the patient does not want to fight for their own health, and let him go to the drugstore and struggling with the symptoms of the disease.

Secrets of health professor Neumyvakina

1. Observe the acid-alkaline balance. Alkaline conditions is absolutely necessary for the organism, because 99% of people suffering from acidification. The acidification pathogens are becoming active, including cancer cells. The known method of increasing the alkali Professor Neumyvakina body with baking soda is described in detail in his book "Soda. Myths and reality. ยป

2. The second secret is based on the fact that food is necessary to drink. This means that food should be chewed carefully so that it has become almost liquid. But to wash down the food, drink immediately after eating the food, or to - do, because the liquid will reduce the concentration of gastric acid, which reduces the strength of the body to digest food

. 3. It is necessary to drink plenty of water. Tea, coffee, juice and other beverages, is not water, is fluid. You need to drink clean water, and at least one and a half liters a day, and it is possible and more. Why not less than half a liter? Just our with you organism displays per day of recycled liquid in the amount of about one and a half liters.

And most importantly, no one and no medication will not help improve your body, as it can do yourself, while respecting a few simple rules. In this and all based methods of treatment and prevention of Professor Neumyvakina. The disease is easier to prevent than to get rid of it.


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