5 things which, it turns out, have an expiration date

We all know that some things do have a strictly limited shelf life, and its violation can cause serious harm to human health.

But there are non-obvious items and products we encounter daily, but do not even think about the fact that they also have limited shelf life.

Running shoes

Taking decision on necessity of purchase of new athletic shoes – we often orientirueshsya that old pair of sneakers are worn out or looks bad.

But few think about the fact that even if the shoes look well preserved – it still could lose its "sports" form. And this is especially important for running shoes.

As the study shows – in average after 500 kilometers running shoes lose their shock-absorbing properties, and hence appears excessive stress on the joints.

Dmitry Krasnoperov, product Manager of the direction "Shoes" company "ANTA RUZ":

Of course, there is a direct effect of wear on the cushioning properties any Shoe, especially sports. At a constant exploitation of any technology lose their original properties. Professional athletes usually have in their stock over the ten pairs. The influence of weather conditions, surface types, as well as many other factors determine the choice of the athlete in favor of the corresponding model.

It is impossible to completely eliminate stress on the joints, but with the help of advanced technology it is possible to significantly reduce. For example, now there are innovative materials that have the durability and wear resistance. Such shoes, if it is used by the layman, can be changed no more frequently than every three years.


At first glance it seems that potatoes are simple and clear: if not deteriorated – so you can eat. But it is actually much harder and more seriously.

The potatoes may contain harmful substance: toxic chemical solanine. Regular potatoes contain a minimum number of no harm and he has not.

But it is quite another potato that's been stored for a long time, began to turn green or sprout. In the "old" potatoes the solanine level grows so much that it is becoming dangerous for human health.

Damir Arlashkin, the expert portal Roskontrol.Russia:

Solanine is an alkaloid of vegetable origin, which forms in potatoes and other plants of the Solanaceae family (eggplant, tomato, veggie pepper, tobacco) together with the chlorophyll in contact with the plant world. Thus, plants are protected from insects and animals. But dangerous solanine can be for people.

If the potatoes are "green" in less than a quarter, from drinking it in food great harm to the body will not, but to peel a potato cutting need a thicker layer of skin, since the concentration of solanine is in it. To the solanine in potatoes is not formed, it must be stored in places protected from light.


Network filters and voltage stabilizers

One of the most surprising things on our list is the network filters and stabilizers. They are designed to work under a certain load, and can skip through only a limited number of Joules, and then begin to fail.

This is especially dangerous because the operation of the network filters, exhaust their service life, may result in a fire.

Ilya Sukhanov, the expert portal Roskontrol.of the Russian Federation, head of test laboratory:

Any surge protector or just an extension cable is designed for transmitting a specific current, which is specified in Amperes. This parameter depends on the wire size and cross section and material of current-carrying plates. When significant (more than 10-20%) and long term (over 5-10 minutes) exceeded the declared value of the product can melt or ignite, creating a fire hazard situation.

In the qualitative network filter limited to the protection against overload. But cheap Chinese filters and extension cords are rarely withstand even the declared value, so they should operate with "underload" of 20-30%, and it is better just not to buy.



All we used for years to store jars of spices and change them only when one or the other seasoning over. And a very good reason!

Spices have a shelf life, which is often not to exceed two years. And ground spices it even shorter. Studies have shown that after 6 months, ground spices lose their flavor and aroma.

Tip: give preference to the spices that are stored whole. You can always grind them yourself. This is especially true of pepper, cinnamon and coriander.


Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a mandatory component of any, even the simplest of kits. And, of course, we do not open a new bottle of peroxide every time, and started using the bottle.

But in vain! After opening the bottle of peroxide retains its medicinal properties no longer than two months, and then turns into ordinary water.

This does not apply to sealed containers: this hydrogen peroxide safely "survive" for a year if stored in a dark place and do not heat.

Damir Arlashkin, the expert portal Roskontrol.Russia:

At home is mainly used bactericidal properties of 3% hydrogen peroxide, which is sold in pharmacies. It is a liquid with the formula H2O2, is water, which is in the process of electrolysis sulfuric acid (and some other ways) add a further oxygen atom. This oxygen atom is the power of hydrogen peroxide. It is called "active" or "atomic" oxygen: it is the component which is in the application of hydrogen peroxide detaches from a molecule and does its work by killing bacteria.

However, the molecule of hydrogen peroxide H2O2 is very unstable, so it should be stored in a dark place and in a tightly closed container. Energy of a quantum of fluorescent light is enough to "ruin" a molecule of peroxide to water and oxygen. But in the open air decomposition occurs even faster than in the light: when exposed to air, atomic oxygen just "evaporates", combines with oxygen of the air, and the bubble remains ordinary water.


The difference between the shelf life, storage, distribution

GOST R 51074-2003 "food Products. Information for the consumer. General requirements" contains a clear and understandable information on this issue. So:

Storage life: the Period during which the food product is in compliance with the established conditions of storage preserves the properties described in the normative or technical document. The expiry does not mean that the product is not suitable for use.


If things are so bad, spit on the significance and stubborn stream of positive energy!

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Shelf life: the Period after which a food product is considered unfit for use.

Implementation period: the Period during which a food product may be offered to the consumer.published


Author: Olga Egorova


Source: roscontrol.com/community/article/5-veshchey-u-kotorih-okazivaetsya-est-srok-godnosti-i-eto-stoit-uchitivat/#popup


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