23 Original ways to decorate the house with flowers

presence of live or potted flowers in the house - a positive sign. They are pleasing to the eye and improve mood at times. Gloomy weather or fatigue is not as scary, if the room is something in bloom and smells.

In addition to the usual options, there are many ways to create an original flower arrangement and place it in the house. Try on the role of a florist, you can catch the inspiration and dream.

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decor of shells and sea pebbles

Glass jars and containers for the storage of sugar and cereals - an unusual and affordable alternative to the usual vase. And if put into seashells, pebbles or aquarium decorations, get the whole work of art.

Unbanal vase of rubber boots

Rainy day you can do a little bit brighter, decorating the hall solar tulips. Perfectly suited for the role of a vase waterproof rubber boots. And in the well-worn, but pretty shoes can be put houseplants.

New life of the old watering can

Old dishes can be used creatively. To return end-of-life watering can or pitcher to life, enough to pick up the matching colored plants. Great solution!

Miniature vases eggshell

Desktop composition of eggshell and flowers in spring looks fun and fresh. It's great to make such miniature holiday with the children for Easter. For the flowers, you can add green twigs, stones, dried flowers and any decorative elements. Instead of eggs as well look seashells different sizes.

Color instead of soup

If tureen gathering dust in the closet just so, it's time to put it into action. Using a flat bowl or tureen as a basis, you can create a very festive bouquet suitable for special days.

Collection of vases from old bottles

If you want to decorate the interior, but the time is not too much, you can start simple. Single flowers in glass bottles high of wine or soda attract the eye and fits in almost any interior. Exquisitely bottles look the same and different forms, with similar or uniform color. It's time to start saving packaging!

Shelf for flowers in a wooden box

Turning crate or pallet in Hanging shelves does not require much effort. These wooden shelves with flowers in pots on the wall perfectly fit into the interior of the cottage or the kitchen in the style of Provence.

Spectacular flower basket

Any grass or medium-sized flowers, planted in a basket, create a cozy and homely atmosphere. For fresh flowers placed inside a special spongy material impregnated to preserve their freshness.

Sweet bowl with his hands

Bouquet in white and red tones combined with interesting vase of sweet candy or similar colors. Sweets are mounted inside or outside. The main difficulty - to keep the safety of the children. Instead of candy, you can use a brush or colored pencils to draw.

Second Life bouquet

Broken or withering flowers can prolong life by placing their flower buds in a shallow glass or ceramic bowl with water. Floating blossoms of roses, chrysanthemums and gerberas will long maintain an attractive appearance and a pleasant smell.

Cute vase of tin

From cans are rather cute bowls. They are easy to fasten to the wall, or simply to place in the kitchen. You can paint the outside of the monochrome paint under color of the interior. It is also good to decorate them to your taste available materials.

Vase needlewomen

Knitted with love things bring an atmosphere of warmth and care in the home, and tied with pots always interesting detail of the interior. It is urgent to learn to knit!

Flowers in a teacup

Bright colors, arranged in tea or coffee cups, are able to lift your mood and decorate a small tea party. It turns out practical and romantic. In a small bowl, is also convenient to grow herbs, cacti, or house plants.

Board composition

Desktop composition of succulents or low color cool refreshing dining table. Brighter lush plants and flowers, arranged in a line in the middle, will fall by the way for a formal dinner.

Another non-standard use of empty bottles

Another embodiment unusual use glass bottles and the blank wall. It takes men's help to fix construction allows. Then, to packaging is not empty, there will be motivation to keep flowers in the house.

Flowering branches of trees

Branches of flowering apricot and cherry in a simple glass container bring flavors of spring directly into the house. You can take the branches with buds just swollen, and after some time they will be opened and will give the green leaves directly into the apartment.

Vases improvised

Various flowers, planted in a pot custom positively stand out against the background of the room. As a pot or vase can be used absolutely the right thing at first quite complete - a gift box, ice bucket or children's sand molds for

in style alchemists <. br>

Empty bottles of spirits or tubes can be decorated with buds and put in the bathroom or bedroom. Nice to look several of these floral designs together, arranged in a chaotic manner.

Delicate white flowers in a white vase for fresh

Monochrome in different textures looks very elegant. Especially if it is perfectly white. It attracts with its ease and gives many opportunities to use. White flowers in a white vase freshen the interior of any home.

Decor glass vase

If an ordinary glass jar already tired, you can turn it into a new thing. Suffice it to wrap the base burlap or another textured fabric and decorate the top of their own accord. On the neck wound string or twine - such containers can even hang

Colorful colored water

Another way to spice up a glass vase with flowers - add food coloring to the water. Some colors, such as white roses, over time, may even change its color under the influence of colorant. The occasion experiment.

Gentle solution for the bedroom

Tiny bouquets in tiny glasses contribute to the emergence of a romantic mood and air of skirts in the wardrobe. In drawing it is better not to overload the composition of colors. One large flower and a little smaller or greens are the best option.

Flower arrangements in a cage

Birdcage can beat differently. Vase of flowers inside a cell or a bouquet on her top looks equally luxurious. Such decoration can be hung or set in the center of the table.

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