Here is what can create a plane meeting with a flock of birds!

The photos posted on Twitter Airline Flight-Report. They depicted the fuselage of the airplane after a meeting with a flock of birds, and it looks scary! Received Site These photos are very impressed.

passenger airliner Boeing 737-800, owned by Turkish Turkish Airlines Airlines, during the execution of the internal flight landed with strange dents on the fuselage. Nobody knows what went through the crew and passengers of this flight, but after landing ship looked like him "treated" with a heavy sledgehammer.

As it turned out, the plane was hit by a "feathered impact." On the way the ship was a large flock of birds that left many dents and damage to the aircraft. And badly battered ship were wings and its nose - surprising that the glass remains in the cockpit by a


In spite of the damage received, airplane pilots were able to go to the land and land successfully. Almost like in the song is sung:. "On parole and on one wing»



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